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My parents had 8 mm movies and dad had a ton of magazines. I had a good friend and I showed him the magazines - some of them were just hardcore mags. We were 15 or so. *We talked about jacking off - where we did it, how often, and where we shot (mostly the shower). I snuck out one of my parents movies and we watched. *After we talked about fucking a girl - we were both virgins - would we turn a girl down if she offered and then we started talking girls we knew and wanted to play around with. Then I asked him if he would let a guy suck him. He said maybe. I suggested we swap bjs. *He left saying he would think about it.*

He called the next day and we talked about how it would work. I went to his house and We got naked - talk about nervous and hard! *He was skinny and I was bigger and our cocks were like our bodies. Mine was thick and straight and his was thin and curved.*and he really just jerked me and sucked on the underside of my cock until I came on my chest. He never really put his cock into his mouth. *He really only wanted his you know? *So he got naked and I sucked him like I saw the girls do in dad's 8mm's. I played with his balls and took him all the way in my mouth bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I wasn't really jerking him, mostly I sucked him. His precum started flowing pretty quick and I got scared and took my mouth away...not in time tho. His first squirt went to the roof of my mouth and then I had his cock pointed towards his stomach. *But I was hooked. I've loved the taste of cum ever since. I sucked his cock a bunch of times after that. He only returned the favor every now and then. *I swallowed his load a couple times on purpose because I had read about it in dad's magazines (dear Penthouse forum lol). *We had a falling out and stopped. It got to the point where I was taking care of him and I couldn't even get a hand job.
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After reading replies here, I wish I had found how good it is to suck a cock when I was younger. I was 48 when I sucked my first cock. My only regret was that I had not done it sooner in life. I loved the feeling of having a cock in my mouth. When he came, I loved the taste of his cum and swallowed all of it. That was 16 years ago and I still love sucking cock. I also have found I love getting fucked.
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First time

I was in high school. Had gotten a little interested in lingerie and had a little stash hidden in my closet. My best friend was spending the weekend at the house and we were up late one night and of course the conversation turned to sex. I whipped out a few Playboys that I had "borrowed" from an uncle and we both got hard pretty quickly. We started talking and he asked if I had ever thought about jacking off or sucking another guy. I told him I had and showed him my lingerie stash. He asked me to wear some of it and let's fool around so I put on some panties, thigh highs, and a nightie. We spent a good portion of the night jacking each other off, sucking each other, and even tried anal a little bit. It was a pretty invigoration night to say the least. If you'd like more details about that night or more details about my dressing since then, PM me or send me a message on Yahoo: nccdgurlfriend .
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I was younger

I was around 16 and a 18 yr old step cousin had come to stay with us for the summer. We were horsing around wrestling when he got the better of me and pinned my arms under his legs. He pulled out his cock and was smearing it on my lips taunting me. Well he got hard and told me if I didn't suck it he would not let me up. He then face fucked me until he was close and when I begged him to not tell anyone he said he wouldn't if i swallowed his load while he was buried in my mouth.

Let's just say I got "blackmailed" into sucking him off the whole summer LOL.
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i was 18, met the guy on a website called 'squirt', he was 35. I finished work and he picked me up and we drove to his house.

once inside he stripped me, i was so nervous i was struggling to get hard! he got on his knees and sucked my cock for a while to help things along!

he then stripped for me and his big cock was hard as a rock! he asked me to get onto his bed, i complied. He moved into a 69 position and that was the first time i sucked a cock!

He was so horny he was pouring pre-cum into my mouth, he fingered my virgin ass for a while before he flipped me over and rimmed me for what seemed like an eternity of bliss

He then got out some of his toys.....ranging in size and lubed them up. Starting with the smallest, a little butt plug he used them on me untill he had a massive dildo in me to the hilt! (this thing was easily 10 inches by 2 at the base and i loved the expert way he used it on me!

After stretching me out he then bent me over the side of his bed and slid his warm cock into my ass, he grabbed me by the hips and fucked me like there was no tomorrow! He came inside me and i could feel him pulsing as he shot his load.

He flipped me over and poured his cum out of the condom over my now once again hard cock and then gave me some of the best head i have had!

Once i came in his mouth he kissed me and we snowballed the combination of our cum for a little while. He then swallowed it all and drove me back to work!

Horny times
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I was 48. I had stopped at a bar that I thought was a sports bar. A guy sat next to me and we started talking. After about 15 min, he asked me if I was bi or gay. The question took me by surprise and I said I was straight. He then told me he asked because I was in a gay bar. I told him I thought it was a sports bar. He then asked if it bothered me and I told him it did not. He then asked me if I had ever had a guy suck my cock. I told him no and had never even thought about it.
I found that I was becoming aroused by the conversation and I guessed he sensed it. He put his hand on my crotch and began rubbing me. I did nothing to stop him and was enjoying it. He then told me he wanted to show me what it was like ti be sucked by a man. I do not know why, but I said okay.
I followed him to his house. We sat in his living room and he again started rubbing my crotch. He then leaned in and kissed me. At first, I did not kiss him back. He then kussed me again, and this time I kissed him back. By this time, I was rock hard. He then said we ought to go to the bed room. Once there, he tild me to strip which I did. He also stripped. I had seen naked men before, but never had seen a guy with a hardon. We got into bed. He kisaed me and then I felt his hand on my cock. He then moved down and took my cick into his mouth. It was a wonderful feeling. I had never had the feeling that I was experiencing before. I did not last long before I came. I had never had an orgasum like that before. He kept me in his mouth until I was soft. He asked me if I liked it and I told him it was the best bj I had ever had.
We were laying next to eachother and he began stroking himself. As I said before, I had seen men naked before, but never like this. I could not take my eyes off his cock. He asked if I wanted to touch him. With no hesitation, I wrapped my hand around his cock. It felt great. I then began stroking it. He then asked if I wanted to suck it. He did not have to ask twice. I went diwn and took him in my mouth. I could not believe how it felt. I took him as deep as I could. I loved it. After about 10 min, I could feel him starting to pulse and knew he was going to cum. I jyst kept sycking and the he started shoiting his cum in my mouth. It tasted wonderful and I swallowed all of it. I kept his cock in my mouth until he was soft.
He asked me if I liked it. I told him it was great. He then asked if I had any regrets. I said just one-----that I had not done it sooner in my life. He asked me if I thought I would do it again. All I could say was I sure hope so and as soin as possible. He told me to come back the next night. I went back and sucked him again. I have been a cocksucker ever since then. I live it.
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Very sexy stories
Originally Posted by Richard Nixon View Post
"There are times when abortion is necessary, for example when you have a black and a white or a rape."
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so many firsts ,so many memories ,my first ever ,my first cut, my first un-cut,my first pierced ,my first black one , my first older one ,my first married one , my first really big one ,and all special to me .
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Originally Posted by bluesky496 View Post
so many firsts ,so many memories ,my first ever ,my first cut, my first un-cut,my first pierced ,my first black one , my first older one ,my first married one , my first really big one ,and all special to me .
ooh...tells us about your first cut...and the really big one...
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Hope to be your first with your new Av
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waiting and dreaming about my first cock

looking for first cock to play with
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Hot stories. I loved the aroused feeling I felt, the am I really going to do it apprehension, feeling dirty and then feeling like the most natural thing in the world as his cock slid in my mouth.
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Can't discuss it here - forum rules (which some here need to re-read...hint: the number 18 is very important). However...there are always PM's and Yahoo chat.
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First Cock

So, I am in my forties, happily married for over 20 years, and I had my first cock yesterday.

I have been searching for years. Found a married guy online and we met in a park. We talked for an hour and really connected. I asked him to move to my side of the table and my hand found its way up the leg of his shorts. Before I knew it, I was fondling his manhood, stopping when every time a car drove by. We finally decided to drive somewhere quieter in my car.

We never did find a place, but I was able to get my mouth around him a couple of times before he had to go.

I have dreamed on playing with someone else's cock for years. Even though it was short and limited it was better then I ever dreamed. For the most part it was because he had such a great attitude about it all.

I hope, and am excited, that I will get to see him again in a more private setting. But whatever happens it was a great first cock experience.
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I remember, i was 15, an older boy took me into the woods, showed me his porn mags and wanked me off to them. It didn't take long.

He then showed me how to wank his dick off till he came. His was much bigger than mine at that time.

Within a few 'visits' he had put his cock in my mouth and made me suck it.
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Romand...please read the forum rules. As I noted before, the number 18 is very important.
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My first dick was with my best friend when I was young. He used to stay the night with me often and one day we were playing (innocent) truth or dare. Well, started off innocent. Then he dared me to take my clothes off. I did. Then I dared him to do the same and he did. Then he dared me to suck his dick. I didn't hesitate. I went right for it. I had been sucking his dick for 10 minutes and he said, "Oh god that feels good. I'm ready to take my dare." So I dared him to suck me at the same time.

After that first night, every sleep over he would ask if we could play truth or dare. It was just code for getting naked and fooling around. We skipped the formality of asking "truth or dare." We sucked each other off every weekend for over a year. We had just started having sex about a year after that first encounter (me on bottom) and had done it like 3-4 times when he had to move away. If it wasn't for him moving away I would most definitely be gay right now and not bisexual.
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I love these first cock stories.
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i would love telling someone about it
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My first experience was when I visited Black Poole. Handsome bloke with a Hugh Grant type accent.
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When I was in my teens, my best friend slept over.

We were both at that age when you are uncontrollably horny. Instead of staying in my room, we slept in the guest room, because we tended to stay up late, and the room was further away from my parents. The fact that the guest room had one full bed (versus two twins) was lost on us at the time.

Waking up Sunday morning, my parents went to church. Still in bed, we were talking about the hot girls that we saw the night before while out skateboarding. We both mentioned how horny we were, and that we may have to go rub one out. He mentioned that one of the girls had stroked him a few weeks earlier.

I cannot remember which of us started rubbing themselves first. At one point, I took hold of john's cock, and stroked him. He moaned, and laid back. He then reached for my rock hard cock, which was the first time anyone had touched me.

I found it very hot that I could cause someone to moan in such pleasure. So, I decided to raise the stakes, and offered to suck him. He was pleasantly surprised, and agreed. So, I proceeded to suck my first cock, holding the base at first. Then, cupping his balls with one hand, and rubbing his lower abs with the other. He was fighting the urge to be loud, even though we were alone in the house. We both sensed the need for quiet. After trying various techniques, I felt his dick jump suddenly, and get even harder. I knew he was about to shot his load. I pulled my mouth off, and rubbed his slick cock, watching roped of cum shoot all over the sheets, and my hands & arms.

This was the first of many encounters with my friend over the next three years.
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I love reading these stories !!!! One day I will post my first time !!!!
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First Time

I was twelve. My 'same age' buddy and I spent the night in a tent in my backyard. WE had a playboy magazine.
I can not possibly remember the inspiration but looking progressed to playing with our own peters to touching each others to sucking.
I don't remember my friend even producing pre-cum. He refused to suck me long enough to tell if I could even produce pre-cum.
He went home in the middle of the night and we were friends no longer.
a few months later I was visited by an older cousin. He was around 22. He got me on the sofa and with all the, now recognized, usual bull crap, he talked me into letting him touch me and me touch him.
We graduated to him sucking me and me sucking him. He helped me produce my first real ejaculation. He was considerate enough to pull my head off his huge penis and finish himself by using my hand with his over it to jerk him off.
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A soldier's cock

The boyfriend of a fellow church member asked me to help him to prepare a mailing for a social organization of which he was secretary. His make shift office was in the basement of his parent's home. I was typing envelopes, he was folding inserts then announced he had to piss and asked me if I also needed to do so. I said I didn't have to go. He walked over to the other side of the unfinished basement where there was a drain and relieved himself. When he returned to our work area, he had his cock out, it was hard and he was massaging it. This is the first time I ever saw another man's cock and it was hard and so big (it measured 8.1" uncut). He stood beside me stroking this cock and I could not help but stare at it. He said "touch it, go ahead and touch it". I hesitated. He asked me to stand up then he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. "Now stroke as I was doing." I started to slide my hand over it, it was so hard and it was leaking something out the head which was now exposed. Then he quickly opened my zipper and slid his hand inside and stated to rub over my briefs. I instantly got hard and he fished my cock out and started to massage it. We were silent but stroking each other's cock, then I said I "feel funny". He said, "that's ok". We continued stroking and soon my legs started to tremble and I felt this rush go thru my body and I shot my first load of cum all over his cock. As soon as that happened that sent him off and my cock was dripping with his big load. We had
many j/o sessions after that.
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As a teen my step-brother and I started getting into looking at porn and stuff together, before too long we openly masturbated in front of each other. For me I wanted more so I talked him into letting me jack him off, his cock was smaller than mine but I still loved the way it felt in my hand. Eventually I got up the nerve to ask to suck his dick, he would never reciprocate but it never mattered to me, for me it was always about feeling him and tasting him. We went on long that into our late teens and then it just ended.
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