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Rental House

Our landlord jusy sold the house we rent to a new owner, whom we met when he was looking at it as an investment.

Then my husband ran off with a girl from his office leaving me there with two tiny babies and no money. With what child care costs I cant earn enough to make ends meet, let alone pay the rent.

What can I do?
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The lease I inherited in buying the house was written on a napkin in a bar or something. But I was told it involved the tenant paying the monthly mortgage payment directly to the lender.

I received notice that the monthly payment hadnt been made as required so I called the tenant. He wasnt home and the third time I called, I talked to Joyce and she told me her husband had left her and didnt giver her any money to pay the rent.

I sent a check to cover the late payment, and went by the house to talk to her. I couldnt bear to kick them out on the street with no money and two little kids.

So, there were two possibilities. One would be to get her a baby sitter and have her work the streets and the other to collect the rent in her bed.

Not surprisingly, she chose the latter and I told her it included her accomodating anyone I sent there. She agreed and I toldher I would be back later after she had her babies to bed.
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