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Summer (closed for pipper)


Luke Hamilton - 19 yo, college freshman at Princeton
6-2, blue eyes, medium length casually scruffy blonde hair, high cheekbones
Lean but athletic physique, but broad shoulders and a muscular chest and torso from lots of sports

I'd known the Davidson family for most of my life. Samuel, their eldest boy, had been my best friend at pre-school and we had been sent to the same boarding school in Connecticut. Samuel had ended up focussing on math and ending up at Berkeley while I was at Princeton, unsure about where I wanted to end up. Right now, I was more interested in girls and my walk on spot on the football team than I was about grades; there'd be time for that later.

Sam's parents had divorced a few years back. It had been pretty hard on him and I hadn't enjoyed seeing him that way. Still, he was a strong kid and came out of it ok, and I'd been impressed with the way he'd looked after his younger brother and sister and managed to stay on good terms with both his parents after the split. Although I hadn't seen Sam since the winter break, we'd been in text and email contact a lot, although neither of us really enjoyed long phone calls. I'd known for a while that his dad had been seeing a new woman - a younger woman - but I was surprised to learn that he had remarried. Sam's dad was a wealthy New York partner at an accounting firm and I never really thought of him as having a personal life. I always remembered him being stressed and permanently working even when at home. Sam's mom used to push him around. I wouldnt've guessed that he'd gotten hitched to a younger second wife, but I didn't give it much thought.

Anyway, Sam and I couldn't hook up during Spring Break so he was pretty insistent that I spend the summer with him and his dad at their lake house. I'd been there a few times before and it was a pretty tempting proposition. The place was magnificent and we always had a lot of fun down there lazing around by the incredible pool or messing around on the boat. My own folks were in Europe for the summer visiting my sister who was studying in Paris and I'd decided not to go as I couldn't face a long family vacation - my folks drove me crazy in anything more than short doses and I was able to get home easily enough during term times so I didn't feel like I needed to spend all summer with them. I was happy to agree to Sam's invitation; it would be just like old times.... minus Sam's mom.

My folks had given me a Chevy truck for my 19th birthday and I enjoyed the drive from my folks house to Sam's lake house. The last couple of days with my folks had been nice but they were really getting on my nerves. When my cell buzzed and I saw Sam's name, I cheerfully answered him, telling him I was only about 45 minutes away. He laughed and said, "Ha that's great dude, but dad and I are stuck in NYC still. He is working late and we've only got one car left at the house. So I guess we will be there later tonight. But the girls went up early to set up, so they should be there when you arrive." The girls? Oh, yeah - he must mean his sister Daisy and his new stepmom. "OK, that's cool. See you when I see you. Later."

I pull up to the house a little before lunch and it's just how I remember it: enormous with a beautifully manicured garden and right on the lake shore. There is a car I don't recognise in the drive, a sweet Mercedes convertible. I jump out of the truck and grab my bag and stretch out my long legs. There is no response when I ring the bell but I can hear female voices around the back. I know the way around the side of the house so I clang through the gates loudly, being sure to make enough noise not to surprise anyone, and find my way to the pool deck. I see Sam's little sister Daisy first. She's 17 now and is till the plain, slightly overweight but sweet-natured girl I remember. "Hey Daze!" I say with a smile, happy to see her, holding out my fist for the fist bump we've been doing ever since I can remember. "BOOM!" she says with a laugh as she says hello and gives me a sisterly hug. "This is our new step mom," she says, pointing at a woman in an expensive looking white one piece swimsuit lying on a deck chair, her skin glistening from the heat and sun oil. I can't help but stare a little. The woman is a flat out babe. "Uh.... hi Mrs... Davidson". It felt weird calling her that.... Sam's mom was Mrs Davidson. "My name's Luke... Pleased to meet you. Don't get up" I walk over and hold out my hand a little awkwardly as you look up at me from the deck chair.

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Emily Davidson –-27 - former fashion model – now the second wife of Jonathon Davidson
5-8, green eyes, shoulder length brunette hair
35-25-35, hour glass figure

Life has been good to me, a private education courtesy of loving parents. A profitable occupation as a successful model, and to top it off, I was now the wife of a very successful business man, well actually his second wife. Jonathon’s first marriage ended in divorce, which now meant that I was a step mom to a 20 year old son, Sam, and a 17 year old daughter, Daisy. At first I wasn’t sure if they would accept me, but we quickly bonded. Though they were lovely and successful children, I wanted one of my own.

I first met Jonathon at a party that was held after a fashion show for dealers of high-end evening gowns, or should I say, that he first laid his eyes on me, rather than mine on him. His firm, being the accountancy for the agency where I worked, allowed him to visit me frequently me after that, either at the agency, the show, or shoot, where I was modelling.

It wasn’t long before he asked for my hand in marriage, though he told me, that if I accepted, I would have to give up modelling. At first that was a bit of a shock, but knowing that the working life of a model wasn’t long, and that he was financially sound to support me, I accepted his proposal.

After our wedding, Jon as I preferred to call him, asked me to wear conservative clothing. Having been brought up by parents, not to wear skimpy outfits, this was nothing new to me, though some of the outfits I wore as a model could have been described as ‘skimpy’.

Summer was now upon us, and as it was usual for the Davidson brood, it was my first time to spend it at the family’s lake house. As Jon and Sam were detained in New York, I drove Daisy to the house in my Mercedes, a wedding gift from Jon. My gift to him was a sensual striptease out of my multi-layered wedding gown, followed by a night of endless love making, surrendering my virginity in the process.

Once we arrived, we quickly stored our luggage in our respected rooms, and began to get the house ready for the season, and for Luke, Sam’s close friend, who would be staying with us. After treating Daisy and myself to a small salad, I changed into my swimsuit, and headed to the pool. Having been taught by my parents not to swim just after eating, I decided to lie back in a deck chair, and put some oil on my skin.

Daisy joined me, five minutes later wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I knew that her father wouldn’t say anything about her attire, which did upset me a bit, due to Jon’s request of me, but he was their father, and I wasn’t their mother, in the real sense of things. Then I noticed a sad look on her face.

“Anything the matter?”

"I wished I could look as beautiful as you. I’m a bit ugly.” I couldn’t believe what she had just said.

“Daisy, you are beautiful, and I’m not saying that because you’re my step daughter, I’m saying it because it’s the truth. Now, put those silly thoughts in the garbage bag, and relax.”

Then the noise of the side gate opening got our attention. “I think that’s Luke,” proclaimed Daisy.

Knowing that this would be the first time I would meet him, because for one reason or another, he couldn’t make it to our wedding, I decided to let Daisy do the introductions.

I continued to lie there, as Daisy and Luke greeted each other in their own way. Then I heard Daisy say, "This is our new step mom."

That was my cue to look. Luke was handsome in every sense of the word. A good catch for Daisy, I thought.

"Uh.... hi Mrs... Davidson…"My name's Luke... Pleased to meet you. Don't get up.”

I felt sorry for him, as he walked over to me. It was obvious that he was either nervous, or shocked to see Daisy’s step mom who was only 10 years older than her. I decided to stand up to put him at ease.

“I’m pleased to meet you at last, Luke,” I said as I shook his hand. “Why don’t you get yourself settled in, and then maybe entice Daisy to join us for a swim in the pool?”
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