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OOC -- The Cul-de-sac

"The Cul-de-sac"

(Note: This is not yet fully edited. If you are interested in hearing more, subscribe and, when I post the next reply, you'll know that this is ready to read.

You'll find them in cities dating back thousands of years. While today they are designed primarily to limit automobile traffic, in days of old they were often build with security for their residents in mind, sometimes with walls around them and a gate at the entrance.

Baxter Court could use walls and a gate ... to keep its own residents out! The 11 home cul-de-sac is home to liars, cheats ... and other fun people: a politician who will do anything to get reelected, a banker caught up in a money laundering scheme, a drug dealer looking for pushers amongst the neighbor kids...

...but the most fun people of all are those who simply can't seem to keep their clothes on while in the presence of others. Sex within marriages, outside of marriages, between marriages: it's all here, and threatening to tear this neighborhood apart to the sounds of ecstatic screams.

Come Create a Character or Two:
  • Residents: married, single, cohabiting; with and without families.
  • Friends and family.
  • Commercial folk, from delivery drivers to bible thumpers to meter readers.
  • One time NPCs playing a single scene, or long term PCs who post for the long run.

Don't like Group Role Plays...? This isn't one ... not really, anyway: Many people don't like to get involved in "group" role plays because -- once they get enough people to be considered a group -- they are so hard to follow, they get confusing, and there is so much reading that doesn't affect your own characters.

So, this one will operate as a kind of cross between a group role play, conducted in the "In Character" (IC) thread; and a bunch of one-to-ones in what I will call the Personal Threads (PT), simply because they need a name.
(I saw this on another role play site and it seemed to make writing, reading, and enjoying much more fun. They had over 50 writers with over 200 characters, yet I was able to catch up on the part of the story that applied to me within about 20 minutes. Cool.)
This is how it will work:
  • All characters will be introduced in the IC. Actions and activities that are "public" -- working in the yard, attending the Community BBQ, throwing a fit at the kids' soccer game -- will be posted in the IC.
  • When a pair (or more ) of characters goes off for some "alone time", they will start a PT and link it to the IC where it begins. They will finish their scene -- be it a conversation, sex, a fight, a private discussion, what ever -- and then, once finished, link it back to the IC. It sounds difficult, but trust me, there's nothing to it.
  • The nice thing about doing this is that an individual character can be in two places at one time. Example:
    • Bob and Sally -- two writers -- are in a personal thread having sex while on a business trip on (game time) Wednesday.
    • While that PT is being written, back in the IC where it is Thursday, Bob can be having a fight with his wife -- who is NOT Sally and who is written by a third writer.
    • This allows Bob's writer to be writing with two different writers, two different characters, two different (RP) times, and not be held up with nothing to do because he is waiting for either of the other writers to post.
    • Make sense...?
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