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The Whisper of the Night Wind.

This is a closed thread for choklatekoneko and cgraven read along and enjoy.

He lifted his eyes to the stormy night sky, to the virgin moon in her flight, and the misty clawing tendrils of clouds that grasped and tore at her in her flight across that black void of the night. He looked on in envy as those misty fingers clawed at the moon’s chaste virginal light caressed her innocence. How long had it been sense he had tasted innocence? Too long he sighed to himself as he wrapped his leathery wings closer to his body and he looked out on the chill night.

The hustle and bustle of the modern world in its never ending cacophony of discourse harmony assaulted his senses. The flashing of gaudy neon signs depicting the alluring seductive charms of the seven deadly sins called the willing to their dens of iniquity and their fall from grace. How did one seduce the willing? For that is what gave him his pleasure his reason for being the seduction of innocence the corruption of the pure of body and soul. He had been known by many names sense the dawning of time yet the one he most enjoyed was the angel of light .

Suddenly his nostrils flared his golden serpent eyes gleamed and grew wide with excitement. Could it be? He inhaled deeply and his nostrils were filled with the teasing intoxicating fragrance of innocence.

“Where is she? “

His voice dark and rich, sweet as honey called to the night wind and it answered him in a dark sensual whisper as old as time its self. He spread his wings to that dark whisper and let the breath of the night wind lift him till he soared over the city and the petty works of man as he slipped from shadow to shadow in search of that sweet young virginal innocence.
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