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Did Any Other Literotica Author Get This Email?

Hi All,

I received the following feedback in my email and I am wondering
what other Literotica authors have received this or similiar messages?

IF so, did the guy send you the link to his web page?



Message received below:

From: Feedback <feedback@literotica.com>
Subject: Literotica: Feedback for
To: [personal info prohibited per our forum guidelines]
Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 6:50 AM

This message contains feedback for:
This feedback was sent by:[personal info prohibited per our forum guidelines]



Last week I emailed you after I read and enjoyed two of your stories,
and I was hoping to hear from you. I am not sure if you received my
email since I mentioned the website where I wanted to add your stories.
I have a feeling the email was not passed along to you.

During the past two months, 43 authors on Lit have given me permission
to post their stories in separate categories so they can get more exposure
and readers.

Oh, I am a webmaster that has a large erotic story library. With respect
to your story copyright, I would like your permission.

If you did not receive my email from a few days ago, let me know and I
will send you info and a link to see where they will be placed. I think you
are a great writer and our visitors would love reading them.

I hope to hear back from you.


*DO NOT hit the REPLY button to respond to this email.*

Please Note: This feedback was sent by a visitor to the Literotica.com
website without revealing any information about you to the person who
wrote it. If you do not wish to receive anonymous feedback, you can log
into the member area at Literotica.com and turn the option off for your
account. If you have questions, please contact
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Yes, I got it about a month ago. I didn't bite. There are some stories on his site with Literotica author names on them, though. If you ask in the Author's Hangout (this topic has little to do with editing), you might receive responses from authors who signed up with him. Or you could look at the website, get author's names, and PM them to find out what their experience has been with the site.
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I thought I had clicked on the Author's Hangout - and just realized I was in the
wrong place.

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I did. All he asks is that he posts your stories on a different website, and your name will still be attached to them, so he's not stealing credit.
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I didn't receive that particular email but I have had a few others, maybe a couple of years ago, where webmasters wanted to add my stories to their erotic libraries. They said they'd give me full credit and I didn't see the harm in it so I gave them a "yes".
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