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Was wondering where I posted this stuff but looks like I found it

Gender: I like and prefer playing Male as thatís what I am in RealLife

Age: Iíll play any type of age that so fits the story but generally will stick to 18-early 30ís
Orientation: Strictly straight

Power Exchange: Tend to play a more sensitive caring type or a well balanced type but can also play pro dominant/submissive type if story calls for it.

Race: Human or if itís something out there I can be creative 

Body-Type: Somewhere between 5í6 to 6 feet with an average build/lean body ;Generally a strong character.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: This is a tough one but my mind is open.

Settings: Can range from a more present day realistic to futuristic or fantasy like settings. Donít do well with the past.

Like/Kinks: I like a well thought out RP the more detailed the better and a few paragraphs can go a long way. Iím not asking to do like a full on page but a paragraph or three is great.

Dislikes: Not into anything like scat,piss,vomit or gore. Also I know other RPerís have a life outside of Literotica but please donít just up and leave the thread. If things arenít working out a simple PM is greatful.

Availability: Working nightís I have plenty time during the day to post. At most I post once a day but also depends on how often the other posts, also it may take me time to post as I like my posts to be thoughtful and detailed.

SideNotes: I feel communication is key so if you have suggestions or ideas to the thread let me know also any feedback I will accept with open arms if somethingís wrong with my writing let me know I always look for improvement. Also Iíll do the same with said partner(itís not often) for everyone has their own writing style I know this but if one were to make any suggestions I would hope they could accept some of my own.
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New to Lit and thought this would be a good place to start <3

Gender: I'm female and only play female characters. I have tried playing male characters in the past and failed miserably. I wouldn't want to put anyone through the horror of reading my failed attempts, so ladies all the way, darlings.

Age: I'll happily play a character between about 18 or 19 and 30-ish. Of course, I'll tailor my characters to suit the scene and the person/people I'm writing with, so don't take these as concrete restrictions.

Orientation: I'm a bisexual female, so I'm happy to write straight, bisexual or lesbian characters. I don't really have a preference, just as long as I get to write and have some fun.

Power Exchange: It varies depending on the scene I'm writing in. I'm more of an equal oppotunities girl, I guess. I seduction, some romance, etc. On the same note, I'm interested in exploring my submissive side too, so if you have an idea, feel free to PM me. I would be the world's worst dominant character, because I have such a submissive person.

Race: I tend to play white/caucasian characters, because I am white and I wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable trying to portray someone from other backgrounds because I wouldn't want to insult anyone.

Bodytype: I'm pretty flexible here, tell me what you want and I'll oblige. My characters tend to be slim, pretty girls but as I said, if you want something in particular, just let me know.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm pretty much willing to try anything at least once. I have played Elves, Vampires, Hamadryads and Naiads in the past and enjoyed it, so I'd happily play any of those again. I also enjoy mutants of the X-Men variet; humans with abilities and the like. Empaths are terribly fun to play in sexual situaations. being driven by the sexual desires of both yourself and the others around you can be very intense. (; I'm not really into playing furries,just in warning. They just don't do it for me.

Settings: Modern and fantasy amd sci-fi are my favourites, but I'm willing to try new things! I'm not brilliant at specific historical settings, because I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to things like that, but I'm still willing to try.

Likes/kinks: First, let me say that I like writing, so I like to be able to put detail and effort into my posts rather than just slapping a few sentences together and leaving it at that. Anyway, I like the build-up, I like seduction and teasing. Well-played vampires and demons can be very arousing (as in, vampires that don't sparkle or eat bunnies and do play with their food and demons who aren't ashamed and trying to be human, etc etc). Throw me a sexually charged vampire to play with or indeed play myself and I'll be weak at the knees. I like a little light bondage every now and then, some dirty talk, my characters with older partners, etc etc. I like trying new things, so just refer to my hard limits below, keep away from those things and I'll most likely be willing to try!

Hard limits: Anything involving scat, vomit or other bodily functions, minors, severe torture and humiliation. These things are just not my cup of tea.

Availability: I'm in Australia, so I tend to be on at odd times where many of you are concerned! That said, however, I am online quite a bit, usually for a few hours each day. If I can't be on for that long, I am always online and available to post on my threads at least once a day. If I'm going away or going to be unavailable for some reason, I'll make sure to let you know <3

Notes: Before you bother asking, I don't give out photos of myself so you'll be wasting your time asking. Also, I have AIM and YIM, so if you're the sort of person that likes communication and such, I can certainly oblige <3
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Gender: I'm female and only play female characters.

Age: I'll happily play a character 18 on up. I'll tailor my characters to suit the scene and the person/people I'm writing with, so don't take these as concrete restrictions.

Orientation: I am straight, i have tried writing bi characters but i'm just not that good at it.

Collaborators Qualifications: Never write for my characters thoughts, or actions. That is the biggest pet peeve I have. If my character doesn't do what you expected or react how you wished her to. Then i'm doing it correctly as individuals should never be accurately predictable. If you throw a hissy fit, then you can just go. If your descriptions are simple and one directional, please don't bother me. Example 'he kissed her and stuck his finger in her pussy and she came.' I will virtually stab you.

Power Exchange: I have written both dominant and submissive characters. Most of my characters are strong willed independent minded women that need a strong counter part. For some reason i normally write virgins.

Race: I tend to play white/Caucasian characters, but it would be challenging to learn another persons background and try to portray them accurately.

Body type: I'm pretty flexible here, tell me what you want and I'll oblige. My characters tend to be short petite females. As for the males give me Thor and I'll give you a submissive. Give me Eric Northman, and I'll give you whatever the fuck you want lol

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm pretty much willing to try anything at least once. I really enjoy RPs with Vampires, But not the shiny ones. I was fucking vampires before vampires were cool. I don't really know a lot about the xmen mutants, but the idea is arousing. I'm pretty much open. But i don't care for the incest. There never seems to be much of a story.

Settings:Historical is my favorite. Modern, Fantasy, and sci-fi are ok too. But I'm willing to try new things as long as it's presented with a story.

Likes/kinks: First, let me say that I like writing, so I like to be able to put detail and effort into my posts rather than just slapping a few sentences together and leaving it at that. Anyway, I like the build-up, I like seduction and teasing. Well-played vampires and demons can be very arousing (as in, vampires that don't sparkle or eat bunnies and do play with their food and demons who aren't ashamed and trying to be human, etc etc). Throw me a sexually charged vampire to play with or indeed play myself and I'll be weak at the knees. I like a little light bondage every now and then, some dirty talk, my characters with older partners, etc etc. I like trying new things, so just refer to my hard limits below, keep away from those things and I'll most likely be willing to try! (this was so well written i stole it from Talathiel)

Hard limits: No bodily functions period, no blood (with the exception Vampire Bites or injuries no sex related) , no humiliation etc.

Availability: I'm in Florida, and normally write multiple posts a day if i'm available. I also work nights so i tend to write while at work.

Notes:I write stories with sex, not about sex. Always interested in writing with new people. As well as multiple threads with some writers.

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Gender: Male characters

Age: 18-30

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Dominant

Race: Typically white, open to others

Bodytype: Whatever is desired

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Perhaps the classic fantasy races; not fan fiction

Settings: Historical, modern, fantasy, sci-fi

Likes/kinks: Try me

Hard limits: No scat/blood

Availability: At the very minimum weekly, at the most daily
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Gender: Female only

Age: 18+ I can pull off any age as long as its over 18

Orientation: Any

Power Exchange: I don't have a preference here. I am in the lifestyle and a masochist in life so I can go as extreme as you want.

Race: What does race have to do with writing. I don't get this so I will say any.

Body Type: I tend to make myself shapely without being large in my stories

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not really my thing but I can play human in one of these types of stories.

Settings: No real preference, though I tend to stick with the Dominant/slave scenerio

Likes/Kinks: There isn't anything too taboo for me. However I don't do anything involving scat, urine or blood

Hard Limits: no incest please

Availability: I'm usually able to check on everything on a daily basis, depends whats happening in real life though. PM me and I WILL respond relatively quickly
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Gender: -I am a girl and haven't tried any real male characters at all. (Except a Gnome crossdresser to hide her femaleness in D&D play)

Age: -I am 21 and can do anything except really elderly characters. I don't have any experience there.

Orientation: -Lesbian, but I can do bi and straight.

Power Exchange: -I am a sub and into quite a bit of pain and all the stories I tried so far reflect this

Race: -I have written caucasian, asian and hispanic charaters in stories. All the black and other races I don't think I get depth enough to do them justice

Body Type: -Mostly petite characters (I am a peewee)

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: -I have several ideas for furry stories, Sci-Fi, and fantasy species. Now that I think about it the one furry story is a mutant.

Settings: -Most of my stories so far have been D/s BDSM, hardcore S/M but I am hopefully adaptable

Likes/Kinks: -It's easier to list the no-nos than all the kinks I like or actually do

Hard Limits: -Scat, vomit, killing... All I can think of at the moment

Availability: -I am on every 2 or 3 days and late at night after the babies are asleep and Mistress is not home. Lots of times I read stories to pass the waiting for the twins to want feeding.

Personal note: I am not real good at writing. My grammar is bad a t best. But I do want to improve myself to the point where I write and (hopefully) post a story here just because I am that good or getting that good.
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Gender: Open. I'm female, but I have no problems playing as male, female, or herm/futa.

Age: 18+

Orientation: Open. I'm straight, but I have no problems playing as bisexual or gay.

Power Exchange: I prefer to be dominant, but depending on the story I might play submissive. I do have moods where that dynamic appeals to me but, again, dominant is where my strengths lie.

Race: Open. I have no problem playing outside of my skin color.

Bodytype: Open except for extremes. I'm not willing to play as either anorexic or morbidly obese, but everything in between is fine. My default body type is usually plump.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Open. I like the non-human stories a great deal, and I'm not just talking about vampires and ghosts. So don't feel scared to pitch me an idea based on this.

Settings: Open, but please avoid basing it on a television program, a book series, or other established fictional universe because chances are I won't know anything about it.

Likes/kinks: Incest, impregnation, lactation, orgy/multiple, non-human, cheating, cross-dressing (and cross-dressers), feminization, humiliation, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. I like D/s but almost always prefer to be the dominant half of the equation. I will play submissive but the idea has to be a good one. On that note, I am very one-sided on non-consent. I don't like playing the victim, but I have no qualms playing the aggressor.

Hard limits: No underage. No feces. No urine. No vomit. No blood, gore, or snuff. I will not swap pictures, talk on the phone, or cam with you- ever.

Availability: My clock runs on east coast US time. I'll usually be able to post at least once everyday if not more. I prefer to either stick to PMs or post in a thread so please no AIM or YIM requests.

Notes: I hate god-modding. That's where one person writes actions and/or feelings for the other person's character in their post. If it's something little like my character sighing or nodding, I don't mind. But don't cross that line. If you don't know or can't tell where the line is, then don't even think of coming near it.
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Gender: Male, only interested in playing males

Age: 24, played age-range can vary

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange
: Extremely dominant. Never had a woman successfully dominate me before. (Perhaps a challenge? )

Race: White. Play races of any kind.

Bodytype: Tall, muscular with a lil bit of fluff (at the time of posting)

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Humans, demons, aliens, honestly whatever it takes to make the RP interesting.

Settings: Honestly doesn't matter. So long as the story is good

Likes/kinks: I am really up for absolutely anything. My favorite kinks are demons, vampires, S&M, BDSM, humiliation, bondage (Not the same as BDSM, mind you), dom/sub, brutality, breeding, group, incest, ageplay ... (cutting it short here since it will just keep going. honestly just bring up your deepest, darkest fantasies and chances are I will try them)

Hard limits: Scat.

: I go to school full time as well as working weekends, so my availability varies considerably. I am always connected to the net, however, and if you are willing to use MSN or email, I can get back to you any time. On lit, however, my replies may be far between.
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Gender: I'm male, so i'll be playing male characters.

Age: Erm... 18 up to 40, I would say. That could be stretched upwards slightly, depending on the scene involved.

Orientation: I'm straight, so that's going to be what I do.

Power Exchange: Heh. I can write both dominant and submissive. I've been told I have a submissive personality, so perhaps that will be more what i'm comfortable with. All this is currently up for exploration, as i've not really explored this in detail.

Race: I'm white/caucasian. I could try writing other races if that's something that would be liked. A lot of my characters end up being my own nationality (Scottish).

Bodytype: Perfectly open on this. I tend to choose dark-haired/pale-skinned, tall characters if left to my own devices. If you have a particular type in mind, please let me know.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'll try anything once. Vampires, demons or other humanoid fantasy beings are explorable. In fact, there's something quite hot about that >.>

Settings: Modern, historical, fantasy or sci-fi. Again, i'll try anything once.

Likes/kinks: I tend to write stories with sex, instead of stories about sex. Detail and a story can be just as good as the sexual content itself. As for actual sexual likes... oh boy, open book. I'm turned on by a woman who knows what she wants, stockings (yeah, I know, common one), and generally... curves and confidence.

Hard limits: Incest is a no. Bodily functions or underage also. Rape stories or violence roleplay would need a really good story to it to get me interested.

Availability: I'm on GMT time. I tend to be more available during the week, as I work the weekend, but this may change. I can write multiple posts during the day.

I'm always looking for new writers
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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New to Lit, but I have a long history of writing erotica and engaging in roleplays in a variety of media.

Gender: Male characters only.

Age: Theoretically 18-59, but 25-50 probably works best for me. We can discuss it figure out what age works best for story at hand.

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: I'm interested in anything from equal (no power exchange) to complete domination (total power exchange). My personal sexual taste runs strongly to being sexually dominant, so I think I write those characters best, but I'm flexible. Equality has it's place, but I really do enjoy taking charge, being the aggressor, being in control (both physically and mentally). There's a lot of flexibility here, tailoring the nature of the power exchange (if any) to a given story. When in the appropriate story, I don't shy away from the rough stuff and giving pain. I quite like it.

Race: Any, but I suppose I prefer to play white/caucasian characters because I'm white.

Body type and appearance: I'm very flexible with regard to the appearance of my characters. As long as the story interests me and the appearance/body of the character fits the story, I'm good with it.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm interested in more realistic human-on-human stories, so characters of other species, etc. don't hold much interest for me.

Settings: With regard to timing, my preference is the present day, but historical settings can be fun if both writers are genuinely familiar with the historical setting (both time and place) involved. The relatively near future would be fine too.

  • Detailed and very descriptive writing.
  • Good imagery (as with most men, I'm very visual, so creating well drawn word pictures is important to me)
  • Longer, multi-paragraph posts. I enjoy both writing and reading long posts. If there's a dedicated time when I know I can go back and forth with another writer, then shorter posts are ok, but in general I think more content is better than less content. And if one is being detailed in his/her writing, including good imagery and what the characters are thinking and feeling, as well as doing, then the posts will naturally be longer.
  • Open communication between the writers (in PM) as to where we want the story to go and to some extent how we'll get there. Both writers need to be on the same page from the outset, and I like really discussing a story idea first and both parties figuring out what they want the story to be.
  • Both lots of good, intense build up and lots of good, intense sex. Both are extremely important and neither should be downplayed.
Limits: Scat, vomit, cutting, burning, blood, serious injury.

Availability: Usually 7 nights a week. I would almost always be able to make at least one post a day and often more than one, provided that my partner is posting at night as well. For the most part, my writing window will be 8pm - 1am easter time, but I won't be online during all of that window.
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Gender: Male

Age: Any appropriate age for a Daddy, older relative or just an older man

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: I usually like to be in charge, but I don't mind being seduced by my sexy girl. Me being "in charge" can range anywhere from merely being more assertive to completely being in charge and requiring total obedience.

Race: I prefer to play white/caucasian characters because I'm white.

Body type and appearance: I'm flexible, within reason. This isn't a big deal to me.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Human only.

Settings: I prefer very realistic stories, so that means present day, very normal everyday settings.

Likes/kinks: Good writing is obviously important here. You have to make a good effort at being detailed and very descriptive. Good imagery and detailed physical descriptions are also big pluses. I prefer longer posts with multiple paragraphs. Short little blurbs are good writing and they aren't particularly erotic or arousing.

These stories need a lot of good build up in which sexual tension is built to a breaking point in which passions boil over. Sure you can write a story where all of the sudden Daddy and daughter are having sex, but that's a pretty boring, blah story. How do they get from a normal father-daughter relationship into a sexual relationship? Getting there really is half the fun. But of course the sex is extremely important too. I don't like it when writers spend all of their effort on building to the sex and then give the actual sexual act short shrift. It's all important and should be treated as such.

I like stories involving fathers and daughters, uncles and nieces or any good incest story. I'd also potentially be interested in stories without incest that involve say a man in his 40's with a much younger woman in her late teens or early 20's. I enjoy the power dynamic. I like the foribbeden aspect. I like teaching and training my girl how to please me.

Limits: Scat, vomit, blood, injuries, etc.

Availability: Pretty much every day of the week, with few exceptions. This means probably at least one post a day. Some days I could do a few or several, depending on my schedule. I'm usually going to be available in the evening/night U.S. east coast time. Sometimes I'll have more availability on weekends.
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Gender: I am a female and I only like to write female characters.

Age: I have written everything from 18 to late 40's, although my real age is somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

Orientation: Heterosexual, bisexual, or lesbian; my preference is in that order.

Power Exchange: Yes, please. Most of my chracters tend to be involved in some sort of power exchange relationship. I like playing a submissive, but I also have played a more Dominant type and it was a lot of fun. I can also play vanilla characters.

Race: As a white girl I only feel comfortable playing white.

Bodytype: Typically my girls are in good shape and healthy, but I am in no way tied to making every character of mine look exactly the same. Tall, short, waifish, athletic; I decide on those traits when I am coming up with the character in my mind. Typically clean cut, sometimes mousy, sometimes vixen, with varied hair colors and eye colors.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I only want to play a human.

Settings: I pretty much limit myself to contemporary settings. I have tried historical, but my perfectionist side was constantly having to research so many things to make sure the story was historically accurate that it became very trying and not enjoyable.

Likes/kinks: I like BDSM, but my interest in that is more into the D/s and B/D aspects than the S/m. Canes, floggers and whips don't make me hot. If you want to use something on me, rope or restraints is about the only thing I'm interested in. The rest you can do with your hands. I like rougher stuff, but it needs to be tasteful. It's hard to explain. Into humiliation, bimbofication, dollification, behavior modification, etc. I like writing complex characters. Intelligence and good writing are my biggest kinks/likes.

Hard limits: Kids, animals, furries, anime, cartoons, scat, stupidity, one-liners, some incest/age play (but not all.)

Availability: I am busy with life, but I like to write. So I'm not terribly prolific. Also, my posts tend to be lengthy and I put a lot of thought/time into them. I'm a slow writer. It doesn't mean I'm not interested, but sometimes I just need to string the words together the correct way. If you are desperate for a post daily I'm not your girl.
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Gender: I am a male and I typically stick to playing such with one notable exception in the past. IF the right role came along I could make that exception again I suppose, but I don't for see that happening ANYTIME soon.

Age: I will play pretty much any age as long as it's tied to the role. I won't simply play an age because you want me to. If you want me to play a specific age, make the role fit it appropriately, or else I'll play the age I feel in the mood to play.

Orientation: I am bi, but generally stick to straight roleplays these days. Oh, I dabbled in the past, but I didn't find it as interesting as I do in real life for whatever reason.

Power Exchange: I usually try to stick to more equal roles if you know what I mean. However, if I think the role has potential and it requires a certain amount of power play I can still go for it. Just like age, if you're tossing it in simply because you can, meh. If you're making it tie into the role on the other hand, weaving it into the story, then I just might love it. I can go dom or sub depending on my mood and have played roles that involved me being both within the same story.

Race: I have been known to dabble among races to play as. Here, I find it interesting to sometimes have to explore a culture I might not know very well in order to accurately play a particular role.

Body Type: there isn't a single body type that I will only play as. I myself, am an EXTREMELY fit individual so I usually play as that. But again, if there is a good explanation given for other body types, I will be more than glad to incorporate them into my roleplays.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furies/mutations: I play as a human 95% of the time, though I did make an exception once or twice for roles that just seemed awesome in every other way that it seemed quite worth it.

Settings: I tend to prefer modern settings, although as a recovering sic-fi addict that can sometimes include modern with a sci-fi twist. I have done the occasional "space opera" roleplay as well.

Likes/kinks: I tend to be pretty open-minded. If you don't see it among my limits then I will at least consider it. Some things that I particularly like however, are writers that use good grammar, spelling, and are very descriptive. Remember, being a great writer can turn an otherwise mediocre role into an AMAZING one.

Also, while I agree with a lot of others that the build-up is important, it is important not to neglect the sex scenes as well. I mean, why build-up to such a fantastic moment and then decide to kill it after a post or two? The sex is PART of the build-up being used to solidify the emotional and physical aspects of the relationship between the characters.

I also enjoy individuals who talk about roles over PMs. If something isn't going how they planned it, instead of just getting angry and frustrated or leaving without a trace and leaving me high and dry, talking about it with me over PMs can allow us to find a new direction for the story that is pleasing to both partners and make us both feel satisfied with the role.

Hard limits:Animals, furries, scat, vomit, blood, permanent injuries, kids, piss, one line replies.

Availability: I'm not likely to be on EVERY night. But several times a week at least I would imagine. I might have to go away for a long period, but if so, I would try to make all of the people I was roleplaying with aware of this fact. This, however, is not likely to happen anytime soon. If writing slow is a big problem for you it is only because I like to think before I leap.
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The following may be added to at any time and my interests may change on occasion, so watch for edits to this thread.

Gender: I've played males, females, she-males, and gay male cross-dressers. I'm not really picky here, though my mood at the time might determine what I enter an RP with.

Age: I typically play characters in their twenties or thirties. Actually, I've played characters of all ages, but not for SRP.

Orientation: Bi; Iíll play men or women in straight, gay, or bi relationships. I have one cross-dressing character currently available for RP (see My Plots link in sig for characters).

Power Exchange: I play mostly submissive chars, though my female chars typically like it rough (giving & receiving); my females also tend to be tomboyish or Ďtoughí, the ďone of the guysĒ type. I otherwise have little experience in playing dominant characters.

Race: White. I have played black, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Native American girls.

Body Type: Average to athletic.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Sorry, but this kind of thing just doesn't turn me on. I've played all kinds of races for non-SRPs and loved 'em, but for me to get into an SRP, I have to be attracted to them. Coolness/awesomeness ends for me when the clothes come off as far as this is concerned.

Settings: Modernís okay; I like futuristic/space-age settings. High fantasy settings are case by case. I have a plotting thread linked to in my sig that has ideas as well as other settings that interest me.

Likes/kinks: Lesbianism, she-males (straight, lez, or bi), light bondage, occasional romance, occasional cosplay; anything else, ask. S&M are turn-offs, though vampirism is acceptable. Rough sex can be fun, depending on the character. I also like unique settings, such as the camp mentioned in Devonís profile (see Characters). I have a relatively open mind so let me know if you want to do something out of the ordinary.

Hard limits: Minors (i.e. 17 or younger), furries, non-humanoid races.

Availability: Iím on at least a couple times a week, more if Iím in an RP. I rarely go more than a week without replying; send me a PM if that happens.
My SRP Profile
My Plots

About Me: Male, 31, Flexible Redhead; see SRP profile (above) for more details.
My Genres: 1920s-1940s, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Dark Fantasy (ask)

My Stories (all fiction):
Horror/Mythology: The Vampire's Goddess
Masturbation/Non-Consent: And she cried, "Oh!" (CHI)
Lesbian Sex: And she cried, "Oh!" (CHII), The Sex Doctor (CHI), The Sex Doctor (CHII)
Gay Male: Bi the Way (CHI), Bi the Way (CHII), Long Hair & Lace Panties
BDSM/Lezdom: The Architectís Girl (CHI)
Trans/Cross-dressing: Party Favors

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Renaissance Nerd.
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Location: Between worlds.
Posts: 4,253
Gender:Is always female as it is true to me and my heart an those who really know me.

Age: is a number and subject to whim and folly.

Orientation: Bisexual with a leaning to females.

Power Exchange: I am a submissive by nature, but most would never know this at all.
But I am not the roll over and beg like a doggy type, I think an feel and I want my Mistress/Master to be worthy of my attentions and devotions. I will never play the Instant pet, you must earn me if you really want me.

Race: Human, Elf, Drow, Tiefling, Halfling... all the world is but a stage..

Body type: my preference is to play healthy girls/women of moderate bust size and shapely behind, overly large bust are not something I am used to in the real world, so I am not sure I could do justice in a fantasy.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: This is a redundant question addressed by Race, I would wish to avoid furry, but I am not against it completely either.

Settings: Almost anywhen and where will do, though my heart belongs to the fantasy past and the distant future. I rarely linger in the present.

Likes/kinks: BDSM, Submissive, Non-consent, Creative and intelligent people, women, Futa/she-males.
I like men, but prefer women.

Hard limits: Scat, Guro, some blood can be used for the hungry vampire, but will gain my ire.

Availability: Pretty much everyday, but I do have health issues. I enjoy a rich online life as I cannot really go anywhere offline without help.*

Notes: I am not perfect, no one is. So if you want perfect writing and style, maybe you should seek someone else.
But I have been told I am a great role player an might be a great writer, so take a chance.
*My personal life is just that, personal, I will share what I want with whom I want and only when I really think it is ok. So DO NOT send me a private message asking me and don't introduce yourself with "Hi, I'm Xx an I am XX years old and Do XX." I don't CARE!*


As I lay in my bed last night, looking up at the stars,I wondered... where the hell is my ceiling?

I'm not alone,
You're not alone.
You see me,
You hear me,
There are millions think just like me!-Chumbawumba. "outsider."

I have a tumblr

"Cheska, I think the phrase she used was 'cumming herself stupid'.
God, I love that phrase!" -Annisthyrienne 12/20/2011

"Luna's Wenchlette."

Member of Plexie's Girls club.

My links and things you should know in my House of Random.

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Netflix and chill
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Posts: 1,557
Gender: I'm male, and I only play male characters.

Age: Pretty much 18 - 35. I'm not much a stickler on age, normally my chars tend to be 18 to late 30's

Orientation: Straight, no iff's ands or butts.

Power Exchange: I'm pretty laid back and easy going, even though I have a very dominate personality. I have what you might call a jekyll and hyde persona. I can switch back and forth (Hyde seems to come out when things are getting pretty hot and heavy). Yet I can be quite the romantic. I'm quite the paradox.

Race: I tend to play white/caucasian characters, because I am white. They tend to have Irish, Scottish or Italian backgrounds.

Bodytype: My characters tend to be either average, or lean and muscled, or bulky. If the SL needs something in particular, just let me know.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm pretty much willing to try anything at least once. I have played Elves, Vampires, Orcs, Werewolves (Lyncans), Demons etc.

Settings: Modern, fantasy, sci-fi, medieval. I'm kind of on a noir kick lately, as well as modern with a supernatural twist. Think Cast a Deadly Spell or Tru Detective. Really big into the lovecraftian settings lately. I've also been on a sci-fi kick too, similar setting to firefly.

Likes/kinks: Details are simply awesome, Example, I don't want to know just that she's wearing underwear I want to know style and color ect. I like writing, so I like to be able to put detail and effort into my posts rather than just slapping a few sentences together and leaving it at that. I like the build-up, I like seduction and teasing.

I do have a kink for cuckolding RP (aka me NOT being the cuckold, but doing it to another man). I enjoy play that involves women that are displeased with their man, and are looking for other options. Size queens, cheating mothers, wives girlfriends (not cheating on me of course). I tend to play my characters packing in the loins department (only because its true to life with the mun).

Slight kink of impregnation (aka my char knocking your char up), hey we all have our kinks.

Plain old one on one sex is fine by me too! Never can go wrong with romance either.

I have a thing for redheads and brunettes, as well as goth and emo chicks. Also enjoy older women / younger man situations.

I enjoy building a story then enjoying my just deserts. I like trying new things, so just refer to my hard limits below, keep away from those things and I'll most likely be willing to try! Most of all, I like fun. So I want myself and who I RP with to have it. IF things are not fun, dull etc, let me know and we can look into spicing it up some.

Hard limits: Anything involving scat, vomit or other bodily functions, minors, severe torture. I can play the forced thing a bit, but I tend to like my women a bit more willing (or at least becoming willing as the SL progresses). Not really big into incest, but I wonít mind playing a step father/son having relations with step mother/sister.

Availability: I'd say maybe 2 + times a week, I like to make my post worthwhile. I also tend to post 3-4 paragraphs (good ones), but if your not putting effort in it, I'm not either.

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Really Really Experienced
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This might be edited and added to while I get more experience and understanding of my own kinks.

Gender: I predominantly play female characters, but can write males if I need to do so.

Age: 18-30 is my preferred age range

Orientation: I can play heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian female characters, and heterosexual males.

Power Exchange: I prefer to play a strong female with secretly more submissive tendencies in bed. They often have to be strong in their working lives, so they like to be dominated in bed. I do not do BDSM, though.

Race: I'm Latina, so I usually play Latina(o)s, though I've also played Mediterranean backgrounds, and Spaniards.

Bodytype: I am on the short side, so I play women who are a little taller, generally around 5'3" to 5'6". I like an athletic build (read rather slim, or muscular, like a dancer) on a woman with generous curves, so I portray those in roleplay. I can do busty women, since I am rather gifted in that department. If I play males, they are usually tall, broad-shouldered and broad-chested, tapering to slim hips, and strong legs.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I will play elves. I don't like furries and mutations are a little on my weird-o-meter, unless their mutations are in powers and not in physical features.

Settings: I love midieval, fantasy, or sci-fi settings. I can do modern world, but I prefer something a little in the future or in the past, so I can use my imagination.

Likes/kinks: I like some rough sexual play between characters. I enjoy characters getting spanked, light hair pulling. I also really enjoy RPs featuring some light bondage. I like dominance in a male partner, being sprayed with cum. I also like to read, and write threesoms and group sex, so FFM, FFMM, MMF, FF, FM.

I do like sex scenes, romance scenes, romantic encounters, and even angry sex (it's fun), but I also enjoy plot and storyline, and if a thread is just sex without plot I feel it might go nowhere fast (unless it's a one-shot agreed to beforehand by all parties involved).

Hard limits: Minors, animals/beastiality, water sports, anal, scat, vomit , blood, body kinks (like feet), hardcore BDSM, bad spelling, switching, rape, domestic violence (I work with victims, so it's a major turn-off for me), one-line replies, netspeak.

Availability: I'm a grad student and I work in non-profit during night-shift, so I might disappear due to projects or school, but I'm on often.

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Really Experienced
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Gender: I only play male characters.

Age: 18 - 35 or so.

Orientation: Hetero sexual, open to transgender

Power exchange: I'm not really one for overly romantic roleplays unless I really, really know a person well. I have mostly submissive leanings, and enjoy my women assertive.

Race: I am white, and don't feel I could do other races justice in playing them

Body type: Fairly average in most senses. Somewhere between skinny and chubby, with a fairly average set of muscles. I don't mind playing other body types, though could probably not pull them off as well.

Mutations: Though it's not a sort of "I want this", so long as the creature is intelligent I am quite open to the idea playing non-human characters. I haven't role played fantasy settings much, however I do very much enjoy the genre for reading... Not a fan of vampires.

Settings: I prefer futuristic over historical, however frankly this is not a very strong preference. So long as we're not talking pre-historic I really don't mind one way or another.

Likes/Kinks: As said above, I am primarily submissive; I don't mind neutral a lot, but I do not enjoy being dominant at all. Non-consent is fantastic id we can make it work. I am mildly masochistic, that is to say; getting whipped because I am being difficult is great. Being whipped to show who's in charge is good- being whipped randomly? Not a big fan. Toys are great, plugs/dildo/leash/handcuffs anything really- I quite love that stuff. Generally, I am very open to ideas not in my short list of hard limits.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, vomit, gore, mutilation, burning.

Availability: I'm from Europe. Most of the time I should have time for at least ~3 posts per day often more than 3 if our schedules line up reasonably. However some weeks are especially busy, some are not at all busy. I'll be sure to let you know if I have little time at some point.
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Lusty Sinner
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Posts: 1,254

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Gender: I play only female characters, with the occasional talk as a male when needed in a story.

Age: 18 to 40.

Orientation: Open (bi-sexual, hetero)

Power exchange: This would have to depend on the story. I'm really not an assertive person but that doesn't mean I won't play the part.

Race: Open, I am Native American IRL, but I feel I can pull off most races *shrugs* Just gonna have to find out

Body type: Decent height, between 5'2"-5'6", in shape to curvacious. Again, this will depend on the story.

Mutations: This is one aspect I'm not sure about. I feel I can play another species but I have never tried. Not that I'm not afraid to try, just don't expect me to be an expert over night.

Settings: Modern, Sci-fi, Apocolyptic. I would have to say, generally I'm open in this field. Again, don't expect me to be an expert in ALL settings.

Likes/Kinks: Story wise, it would depend. If it's a dark story line then the range could be submissive to dominating, perhaps gory, perhaps not. Which is true in all settings but I like a good story and will not always immediately jump into a sex scene. Other than that, here's a list:
first time/romantic/casual encounters/forced orgasms/pain/blood (not gore)/tears (sad and happy)/innocence/incest (father/daughter or brother/sister)/over stimulation/teasing/edging/domination of almost any kind/Verbal/Physical/emotional/ mental/ humiliation/objectification/psychological torture/coercion/blackmail/non-consent /rough sex/rape/sexual violence, domestic violence/battery/torture/knives/cutting/implements/spanking/knife play/tattoos/branding/marks/collars/bondage/choking/asphyxia/abduction/slavery/captivity/Pet play/gang bangs /orgies /group sex
hair pulling/whipping/objectification(sometimes)/fear play /rough play (rough sex and rape)/being used by several men while my Master watches (in D/s scenarios)/forced impregnation/impregnation/drugged sex/forced to do drugs/drinking/drunk sex

Hard limits: Minors, scat, vomit, gore, mutilation, burning. One-liner responses or just a paragraph response.

Availability: A few times a day. But the story would have to be going really, really good in order for me to post more than twice a day.

Notes: This is a simple outline of what I like and what I'm into. As said before, as long as you're nice to me then I'll be nice to you. If a story we're doing doesn't hold your interest, please tell me so we can find a solution AND just don't drop out of it.

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Gender: Male myself, so I'd like to play males.

Age: 18 - 30. I'm only 21 myself, so I'd be a little out of my depth playing a 60 something year old :P

Orientation: Straight. Can play bi.

Power Exchange: I love to be both. Dependent on the story. I will admit I have more experience playing the dominant type with my fiance, but I do like to explore sub.

Race: No restrictions. White myself.

Bodytype: No restrictions.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Open to most things. Not just vampires and werewolves, but further things such as elves, skeletal, ghost, etc.

Settings: Anything really, but I don't really want to do something based off of a pre-existing series (Harry Potter, example).

Likes/kinks: Cheating/cuckolding, humiliation, incest, orgy/multi-partner, gang bang, domination, rape, rough sex, and much more. Can play both dom and sub for this.

Hard limits: Nothing underage, scat play, vomit play, extreme gore, one liners.

Availability: Available daily. Send me a PM.

Notes: I am quite in-depth with my writing. I do like to build up a scene. While I'm happy to do a sex orientated roleplay, I would prefer to have a bigger storyline.

I'm also Aussie for anyone into the accents :P
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Really Experienced
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Gender: I play male characters; but as I’ve never tried playing a female I won’t say I absolutely won’t do it but it would have to be one hell of a pitch for me to try it.

Age: Any age as long as it follows the forum rules.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Power exchange: I tend to play as a dominant sadistic man though I prefer psychological domination over pure physical domination. I like giving my counterpart a reason to submit rather than just expecting submission right out of the gate.

Race: No preference

Body type: Tall athletic build, strong enough to subdue any prey that tries to fight back or escape.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I’m pretty open minded and flexible so I can adapt to any premise as long as it makes sense and I can imagine it in my mind.

Settings: I prefer contemporary settings as I can be much more detailed, but I do have a soft spot for historical and fantasy settings. I have not tried one but I think I might be a little weaker with futuristic settings as that’s outside my comfort zone. I find too much tech stuff detracts from the story I’m trying to spin.

Likes/kinks: I love non consent and revel in forcing my female counterpart’s body to enjoy the things I do to her all the while having her plead, whimper and beg me to stop. I relish taking her through the transformation from hapless prey to wanton slut.

Hard limits: Scat, vomit, blood – not a hard limit but I’m not too keen on incest.

Availability: Fluctuates a lot but I am usually able to post multiple times throughout the day with limited availability on the weekends.
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Naughty and Nice
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Location: US, North Carolina
Posts: 6,460
Gender: I usually only p0lay female characters. I've never really tried playing a male... hmmm don't know how well I'd do so lets just stick with what know, okay

Age: Well I'm 21 so I like play anything form 18- 28. If you ask nicely I'll play over 28, but only if your nice to me.

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Power exchage: I tend to play as a sub. Not that I don't like being dominant I just love being dominanted more. I have a thing for being told what to do. I just makes me all wet. Oops sorry getting off topic. Yeah so I'm a sub kind a gal.

Race: Anything. I'm a carmel myself ((white/black))

Body type: I usually play a curvy girl with D knockers ((haha knockers, funny word... anyway)) I tend to make my characters look like myself except for the hair and the eye color.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutantions: I'm pretty opened minded, but I love to play a demon... or in my case a demoness. I usually play a human girl though. I enjoy playing fantasy creatures like fairies and elves, its just so fun. Incest turns me on.

Settings: I'm good with almost aything but like fanfic like twilight or Harry potter. I really enjoy playing in the past and fantasy worlds

Likes/kinks: I adore being taught how to be a slut and pain, pain just really turns me on. Being tied down or forced to please a man. Having him force me to do things. ((don't judge me)) Please if you RP with me don't just go straight to the sex. I like to build up to that first, thank you.

Hard limits: lots of blood, vomit, complete no loveand or like rape, humilation,

Availability: I'm walking on becoming a vet and in college so mostly at night, sometime in the afternoon
TrEat Me Right

Timer_Makers little slut!
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Lusty Sinner
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Location: Somewhere nice :)
Posts: 1,254
Gender: I'm male and can and did play female roles very well. Its all in the creative use for words as its a text-based medium, you can play anything you want as long as your creative juices are flowing, and mine are usually flowing

Age: I am twenty seven, but I am willing to play any age over 18, as high as the character needs to be. I can adjust my style to suit the age of the character I play.

Orientation: I am totally straight.

Power Exchange: I almost always play dominant characters. However, I do like the idea of romance and seduction as well, but I do have major dominant tendencies even when its a romantic or seduction story, those tendencies do show up in the background portraying my character as strong and in control of himself and the situation. I did play submissive roles occasionally so will do it again if there is a good idea and a good dominant partner.

Race: I don't mind any race and any color as it usually doesn't affect the story unless the theme is racism, and I would prefer to not engage in that sort of story... I am mostly Hispanic though.

Bodytype: I am slim, athletic, but not muscular. However, as its a role-play, any body type can be used, from the very muscular human to the very slim, to large demons, to mutants and mythical creatures and anything in-between. It is a story so what I look like in real life is irrelevant.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I make it a habit to try anything at least once. I like vampires, demons, incubus, mythical monsters, super mutants, and of course can always play the trusty human race, but I am willing to try any species really and will try to research about anything I am not familiar with

Settings: Anything from the old ages to the future, and anything from fantasy to sci-fi... Alternate history, and of course apocalyptic future being a very interesting setting to play in that it offers limitless possibilities that the modern times simply can't. Same goes for fantasy and the use of magic in creative ways. However, the comfort of living in and knowing a lot more about the modern world than any of those worlds we didn't live in, makes it easier and probably more safe to use it as the playground.

Likes/kinks: My main interest is detail. I like almost every post to be long and detailed, and by long, I do mean looooooong!!!! Good grammar, spelling and punctuation go a long way in selling the illusion that you are actually living the story not just writing something and then reading a response. They say 'A picture is worth a thousand words' so if one wants to paint a believable picture, plenty of words are needed.

I like to have multiple short paragraphs per post, or even long ones........... Short posts are ok sometimes, but too many short posts and the mood and the thread are both ruined. I also like scenes to build up slowly and evolve into a story, more than just a quick sex scene which gets old rather fast and is very predictable.

I love the dark and erotic places a creative mind can take me. I also love the creative and wicked minds capable of weaving together a lush believable world.

The kinks include, but are not limited to; dominance, blackmail, kidnap, slavery, discipline, training, spanking, bondage, slavery, romance, seduction, authority abuse, rough sex, torture (Physical and psychological) and teasing. I am also inclined to try anything at least once. For the full list of kinks, likes and dislikes please check my My F-List...

Hard limits: I always respect my partner's limits, but for me, I am not fond of scat and anything that falls under the gross category really, but limits are made to be pushed if I am convinced it will be good fun.

Availability: I am mostly totally free when I get home from work, so I do spend lot's of time using the internet. I am usually on daily for multiple hours.

Notes: I've been doing roleplays for the past four years so don't let my post count fool you into thinking I am inexperienced. Have also wrote some erotica, but kept that to myself, perhaps I will publish it here now that I've made an account.

Most importantly, let's have lot's of fun!!!

Always looking for new partners ~ PM's, comments and critique are always welcome.......

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