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GENDER: Always Male

AGE: 19 - 25


POWER EXCHANGE: Almost always submissive, sometimes balanced

RACE: White

BODY TYPE/APPEARENCE: Thin and gangly appearences. Characters average around 5'11" in height and 145 lb in weight. Have straight black hair. Light blue eyes.

ALTERNATE SPECIES/FANTASY RACES/ETC: Usually play human (In space settings). Supernatural (Werewolf and/or Vampire)

SETTINGS: Historical, Modern, Future, Fantasy (D&D). Best at space settings (Mass Effect or Star Wars), post-apocalyptic (Fallout), WWII.

LIKES/KINKS: Female Domination, light bondage, oral, romance, foreplay, mild non-concent, flirting, non-human [Aliens (Mass Effect), fantasy creatures (D&D)].

NEUTRAL/CURIOUS: Group (M/F/F), erotic horror, furry.

HARD LIMITS: Anal, rape, violence, underage, beastiality, scat, snuff, heavy bondage.

AVAILABILITY: Almost every day.
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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Orientation: Bi

Power Exchange: Yes

Race: White

Bodytype: Athletic, yet curvy. 37D, 6' 1", 140 lbs.

Likes/kinks: Bondage, D/S play, sub/master, hard sex, torture, FFM, FMM, FF.

Hard limits: Something that could cause my death/ harm
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Gender: Female, but have been toying with the idea of playing a male character. I'venot done it, but I would be open to the possibility.

Age: 18-27, but I prefer playing characters within the 21-25 range.

Orientation: Bisexual with a definite leaning towards lesbian. I love the ladies.

Power Exchange: I'm not terribly into power-play; I prefer for it to be a mutual thing. I don't mind some light domination and I can either be the dominate or submissive one. I like handcuffs and blindfolds as much as the next girl, but once we get into whips, chains and full-body leather suits, I'm out.

Race: I prefer to play white characters because that is what I know. I could try to play other races, but would be nervous about being offensive or stereotypical. I've not done much fantasy role playing, but would be open to most fantasy races, such as elf, vampire, werewolf, witch, etc.

Bodytype: I tend to play brunette or red haired characters with porcelain skin who range in height from 5'5'' to 5'7'' and have a slim, athletic build. My characters also tend to have tattoos and piercings, but I am willing to alter that based on my partner's preferences. I like to tailor my roles to my partner.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm good with fantasy races and, although I've never played a furry, I'd be willing to try it.

Settings: I tend to like modern, though I'm always willing to try a fantasy or futuristic world. I also like the idea of doing an Alternate Universe in one of my favorite shows, movies or book series, like Buffy, Angel, or Harry Potter.

Likes/Kinks: I'm really into tattoos and piercings, freckles, romance, flirting and foreplay. I also quite enjoy oral, both giving and receiving, and playing with toys and food (ice cream, whipped cream, ice cubes, popsicles...anything i can dribble on a body and the lick off is fine by me. ).

Neutrals: I'm not that into incest, but might be able to be persuaded. Same with anal sex and hard domination.

Hard limits: The usual. Anything really gross involving excess amounts of violence, blood, or things that need to be done in a toilet.

Writing: I generally write in 3rd person past tense; however, I can also write in the 1st person. As long as it's consistent, I really don't mind. I enjoy writing in story format with dialogue, complete sentences, proper grammar, and more than one or two lines to a post. One of my biggest pet peeves is a post that has a multitude of spelling and grammar mistakes; I'm not going to go into a rage over a few typos or misspelled words, but please be conscious about what you're writing. If it takes a little longer to type up, that's fine. Trust me, it'll be worth it.

Availability: I am usually online every day, but since I am a student, I might not always have time to respond to threads every day. At times I am online for hours on end and can role play into the wee hours of the night, but these nights are few and far between. I generally try to post at least once a day, but please give me some leeway for my hectic schedule.

PM me for questions, further details, and possible threads.
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Hello. Name is DetectiveSama, and for convenience sake, I've decided to make my own profile as well.

Gender: Male, as I'm also male. I find it an easier role to play then the female in RP situations, though I have done both for plot purposes.

Age: 18-Whatever is necessary for plot.

Orientation: Completely straight

Power Exchange: Dom.

Race: Anything really. Though I tend to favor my own bloods.

Body type- Medium, 5'11 IRL.

Alternate species- No problem at all.

Settings- Present day, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, western....I love em all.

Likes/Kinks: Storylines, plot development, romance, shyness, humor, strong women, good writing.

Hard Limits: One-liner sentences amongst others. I'm a writer-lover. I crave detail.

Availability: Most of the time.

Hey, diddle, diddle....Time for a Riddle.

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AGE: 30
GENDER: Female
NICKNAMES: Kuu, Kuuppon, Kuumachi
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
NATIONALITY: African American


GENDER: Female is preferred but I don't mind playing males.

AGE: Between 21 - 35 of age, I can go older if required but I generally like to keep within the limits of the age group I understand.

ORIENTATION: I can play a bi-sexual female and gay male easily but I prefer heterosexual roles in both gender.

NATIONALITY: Discrimination is not here, I can play from African American to Asian, Italian, Dominican and so on. I do prefer my own nationality or Asian to most others.

BODY TYPE: From the curvy to the skinny whatever is required I'm all for it but I'm a curvy girl myself so I generally stick with what I know. Brunettes and redheads are my preferred choice, I'm sorry but I am really against blonds but I can play one if need be.

SPECIES: Cat-girls, aliens, demons, vampires (loosely), magicians, etc. Anything is open so long as they don't have tentacles. Just let me know before hand what is required, I'll do research and let you know if I'm comfortable with it.

SETTINGS: Not very picky though I like sci-fi, present settings, or futuristic settings. I also like fantasy on par with a fairytale as apposed to dungeons and dragons. I'm alright with medieval settings just takes me a little longer to get a feel for it once started.

LIKES/KINKS: Power play, rape, anal, oral, missionary, just about anything so long as it doesn't deal with my dislikes or taboos. I prefer playing a female who "thinks" she's in control but can easily loose that power with a more dominate male. Romance is really fun, leading up to the sex gets me going better than just starting off with it (though if there's a need we can start with sex too). I like characters that tease my girls (or guys), they string them along making them beg for attention. I'm also big on the shy male characters playing them myself or my partner playing them. Shy guys are so fun to break, because they tend to be wild animals under the exterior. My females are juicy girls so if my partner is good with bringing out the kinky in me, my girls will ejaculate making the bed quite wet. Rough play is go, so let your imagination run wild, I'll give you a heads up before things get out of control otherwise run with the fantasies you got.

DREAM PLAY: I love playing women from age 21-25 traveling or dating older men from age 40-47. I think older men are sexy and have way more experience in handling a woman. I'm also big on guys with a jealous attitude or over protective of their close female friend. Maybe even being too stubborn to admit they love the girl outside of friendship. Exploring these kinds of stories are what gets me going. Not big on vampires unless done right, so I'll leave that open to my partner but pitching the story itself will be hard. I'm also big on sly male characters, the type that are shrouded in mystery and keep me guessing. Silver tongued devils are always fun to unravel bit by bit. Speaking of devils, I like demon characters coming to torment my otherwise innocent young girls, lets see what you got! XD

DISLIKES/TABOOS: Incest I just can't do it, I've tried but it's kinda disturbing for me. So please don't ask. A friend that my character calls "daddy or brother" is fine but having them actually related, no, just no. And please keep the bodily fluids simple, no pissing in or defecating on my characters; ejaculating is fine but outside of that... NO.

WRITING STYLE: I write in 3rd person past tense, 1st person is used if preferred. It generally depends on the mood of the story created. Grammar is big but I'm not going to flip out. I use a lot of slang in my writing style due to the attitude of my characters so keep that in mind when I type. As for what I expect in return, full sentences, at least a paragraph or two. NO ONE-LINERS! I will step out of that thread in a heart beat. If you're style of writing is childish I'm going to point that out and leave. I'm blunt so deal, if you want honesty you'll get it I only expect the same in return. As a side note, my characters curse a lot, so if you don't that, don't come looking for me. My girls (and guys) are vulgar, harsh and rough around the corners, they only soften up based on their experience. I only ever play softer characters depending on the plot/setting or my partner.

AVAILABILITY: I'm on as often as I can be with my work allowing. I'm part of the Navy so I tend to be gone for long stretches at a time but I'll definitely give a heads up before that happens. Expect posts on a bi-daily to weekly pace if time allows. Otherwise weekends are your biggest bet for a post. If my creative juices run short I tend to take needed breaks to get that creativity back, this is just how I work so don't bug me too much asking for a reply. You'll get it when I give it.
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I'll add to this as I think of things.

Call me Dark, DW, Caitlin or Cait. Take your pick.

Gender: Female

Age: Whatever is needed for the role

Orientation: Straight. Strictly a man's woman.

Power Exchange: I'm a strong female looking for a good fight to lose and darlin' do I love to lose.

Race: Usually Irish, Asian, Caucasian, Pacific Islander

Body Type: My characters are petite, well endowed, slim waist, rounded hips. But whatever the role calls for, I'm willing to do.

Alternate Species: Fantasy. Elves or Faes. (Give me a sexy, hard driving male Sidhe any day to play with... of if I want to walk on the darker side, one of those gorgeous Unseelie males). I'm willing to discuss it. A "species" I have played with before and enjoyed is probably one you've never heard of.

Settings: I lean toward medieval-fantasy, fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, modern day. Again, whatever is needed, I love to try and write.

Likes/kinks: Hunters, primal males, being hunted, force (though not to the extreme), restraints, intensity. Non-con (will discuss first), romance. If you can't find it on my hard limits, it's probably okay with me, but if you're not sure, PM me and ask. I don't bite...hard. Most of the time.

Hard limits: Anything excessive (edit: depending on the requirements, this one is negotiable), diaper/age play, humiliation, scat, water sports, vore, snuff, no cum shots on the face. Ick.

Availability: As much as I can be. Sometimes that's more, sometimes it's less. It all depends on the demands of the RW. If I'm going to be away for an extended time, I will notify my co-writer(s).

Personal Note: If all you’re looking for is a quick wham, bam, thank you slut, think again. If you’re looking to notch your bed post, get a knife, it’s quicker. I’m looking to write something with some substance to it.

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Gender: Female

Age: 18. I may play women aged from 40-50, or anyone between 20 and 40, depending on the story; but I prefer to play the role of an 18 year old

Orientation: Heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian

Power Exchange: I prefer to be a sexual innocent - an inexperienced virgin getting her first taste of sex. I'm not exactly submissive; but more passive.

Race: white or Hispanic. I'm not racist, but this goes for my partners too: I strongly prefer them to be white or Hispanic too

Bodytype: large breasts and a tight, flat stomach; curvy, but with enough muscle to still be slim and slender. I usually have jet black hair done in a ponytail. As an 18 year old, I am weak and delicate. older, and I am strong and sturdy, sometimes even stronger than my partner

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: elves, vampires, witches, sorceresses. I do not like furries or lycans, but I am fine with dragons and aliens (particularly greys, and some tentacles).

Settings: I prefer modern, but I am open to some fantasy settings and sci-fi stuff

Likes/kinks: I like stories that are well developed and have a storyline other than just a quick fuck. I like groping, father/daughter, roomates, encounters with random strangers that evolve into romance, kissing, hugging, older men, innocent virgins, neighbors, office sex, teacher/student, first times, and cuddling. If I'm going to play as an 18 year old, my partner must play the part of a 40-50 year old. If I'm going to be older, then I prefer my partner to be younger than me (18 or 19) and be inexperienced and/or underdeveloped (e.g. scrawny, lanky, awkward, ect. but not chubby). Age is not an issue for female partners in lesbian roleplays. I may disregard my age requirements if I like the characters and the scenarios enough

Hard limits: Anything having to do with the butt, including anal penetration and scat; furries, necro, vomit, ingesting anything that comes out of the body (the only exception being blood, if I'm in the role of a vampire; and while I will suck a cock, don't expect me to enjoy the taste of that hot sticky stuff it shoots out); foot worship, cunnilingus, graphic gore, atrocious SPG, rushed/unedited posts and finally, taking control of my character to move the plot along to a certain point. I cannot stress this last one enough. Let the characters write thier own actions, even if it takes several posts to get them doing something besides small talk. Taking control of another author's characters is impolite and rude, and I won't tolerate it!

Availability: I try to be on every day from 8 AM to 10 PM, sometimes later or earlier. I do have a life, however, so if I disappear for several hours, days, or (in rare cases) weeks, know it's not personal. Otherwise, I can be on for several hours straight. Also, I only do forums. PMs crowd my inbox, and I like to reread for pleasure or reference.
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Gender: Male

Age: 18-40ish.

Orientation: Straight. Can play female if it is a lesbian setting.

Power Exchange: Never understood power play. I prefer men and women to be equal. Depends on how mentally strong the characters are though.

Race: Caucasian but can try my hand at other races.

Bodytype: I prefer slender and athletic bodies, but can be what is required for the story.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: As long as it is remotely similar to humans i think i can pull it of. I like Vampires and Lycans as well as Elves and Faeries.

Settings: Modern stories as well as historical stories. The Wild West have always fascinated me. I like Fantasy and Sci-fi as well. The supernatural. Can also like more non romantic stories and the occasional cheating story.

Likes/Kinks: Pretty open minded. I like sex

Hard limits: To much to write about. What most people think is disgusting. Have never been into incest. Stepbrother-Stepsister, Stepmom-Stepson is alright.

Writing: I can write in both third and first person. I do not write one-liners.

Availability: Hard to say. Depend on my work schedule and personal life.

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(female part of the couple)

Gender: I play female characters usually, but I am able to play male characters as NPC.

Age: anything from twenties to late forties. I have a preference for early forties. No teenagers.

Orientation: Hetero

Power Exchange: I love nonconsent. Although submissive, I don't want to show it, but being shown.

Race: White, middle-eastern and black. Not so much into asian.

Bodytype: All types.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Although I have really grown to like my gorgon, I prefer normal humans.
Settings: Modern day, and swords & sorcery for my gorgon.

Likes/kinks: As mentioned, i am really into nonconsent, including bondage, abduction, rough sex, etc. I do like brother/sister. I want my males to be white. (not because of racism, just my taste.)

Hard limits: Never ever dare to suggest anything underage!! I also don't like scat, furries, gay (male), mindcontrol, any incest except brother-sister. I absolutely hate god-modding!!! (This has stopped two threads by now already.)
We are a straight couple - male dom and a female switch.
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Been lurking for a while, so I thought I'd join in the fun

Gender: As I'm a female, I really only feel comfortable playing female characters. I've never really tried to play a male character, so I don't think I would be very good, but if you really want it, I will try my hand at it for you.

Age: I'm 21, so I'll play any age-group from about 18 years old to maybe 30 or so? I am willing to play slightly older characters too, if you let me know what you want <3

Orientation: I'm a bisexual and thus am happy to play heterosexual, bisexual and lesbian characters alike, just tell me what you want. My preference tends to be lesbian, but as I said, I'm more than willing to do other things.

Power Exchange: If anything, I'm a submissive. I like equal partners or being dominated. Being dominated by someone is particularly arousing to me. My characters tend to be shy/quiet virgins or feisty, flirty, confidant vixens.

Race: I prefer to play caucasian/white girls, because I am a caucasian myself and don't know if I could do other cultures justice. As for other races, providing they're humanoid, I'm willing to play them. May favourites are humans, elves, vampires, etc. I don't particularly like furies, either. Sorry.

Bodytype: I vary my characters to fit each scenario. Usually they're tall and slender. Brunettes and redheads in particular. I will make the character that you need, just so long as you tell me what that is ^^

Settings: My favourites are modern and fantasy. That said, however, I will try my hand at pretty much anything. Some of the more specific timeframes, however, like wild wild west or such like, I may be unsure of and I will have to research.

Likes/Kinks: flirting, foreplay, having my younger characters with older partners, lesbian threads, sex games, teasing, romance, light bondage, dirty talk, rough & hard sex, certain incest like brother/sister, sister/sister and daddy/daughter. Got something else in mind, let me know and I'll more than likely give it a go!

Hard limits: I'm not really into non consent/rape. I will not do anything involving pee or scat and blood isn't my thing unless at least one of the characters is a vampire. Beating my characters in any major way is not something I like to see, either. Oh, and when you're writing with me, please don't control what my characters do in any major way, because I like to control what they do.

Writing: I like threads with some sort of story and I really like getting my characters into some sort of ongoing scenario, even over a few threads. I write in third person, past tense because it's my preference and I prefer to write with people who also write in third person, but I won't refuse to thread with you if you don't. I really enjoy role playing so if you have an idea or you'd just like a thread and want to play with me, please feel free to let me know! I never write one-liners, so you don't have to worry about that!

Availability: I'm in quite a bit but I might be on at strange times as I am an Aussie girl. I don't tend to give out my IM details unless I've spoken to you a bit/role played with you a bit and before you have a chance to ask, I don't give out photos of myself because I'm not quite that comfortable with myself at the the moment. (:

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Gender: female or futa

Age: Between 18-40 years of age

Orientation: straight, bi or lesbian

Power Exchange: I'm a switch

Race: To be honest, I never actually put the race my character is. I might make references to the skin color but that's about as close as it'll get.

Bodytype: My characters are usually athletic in build, a bust size ranging from 34C to 48DD, and a height ranging from 5'1 to 5'11

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I will do furries, demons, angels and witches, sometimes aliens. Every now and then I'm up for a tentacle rp

Settings: modern day, futuristic, sci-fi and the Harry Potter, Sailor Moon or TMNT universe, might do some crossovers with these or other universes.

Likes/kinks: Light bondage, dirty talk, filthy name calling (slut, whore, etc), being seduced or doing the seducing.

Hard limits: no bleeding, body modifications (unless it's to a futa), underage, nothing involving human waste. no vore

Dislikes: Celeb roleplay, can't stand it. When people take control of my character in their posts by saying stuff like my character did this or that instead of letting me decide to mention that in my post, can't stand that either so don't do it.

Availability: I'm online pretty often

Extra: Only RP through thread. If you only RP in PM, Yim or anything else but never in threads, don't waste your time contacting me. No longer doing incest plots either
The Kinky Lunarian Princess.......
............see if you can make me scream

- Please read this first before you PM me.

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Dominant/Switch Male

Gender: I usually only play male characters.(although have played female NPCs to further plot)

Age: I can do anything from 18-50.

Orientation: Hetero

Power Exchange: I feel can play almost anything. I usually play the dominant partner, but would enjoy an opportunity to experience things from ’the other side of the coin’.

Race: I'm white, but I like ladies of all colours, shapes & sizes, 'cos you're all beautiful in your own way .

Bodytype: Average Height / Tall but usually fairly athletic.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I would consider anything. Each situation on its own merits.

Settings: Modern day preferred, but anything from mediaeval onwards, including swords & sorcery settings.

Likes/kinks: My sexual nature is dominant/switch.
I also really enjoy RPs featuring uniforms and bondage storylines.
My kinks include rough sex, bondage, humiliation, objectification, dirty talk and name calling.
I also enjoy lingerie and costumes. I am open to new things.

Click here for my Full Kink List

Other notes: I particularly like playing an authority / power figure who can take advantage of another – i.e. a Doctor, Teacher, Police Officer. I'd also consider a demon or vampire.

Hard limits: Minors, necro, bathroom stuff.

Availability: Usually not quite daily, mostly 2-3 times weekly - UK timezone.

SPECIAL NOTE: While I prefer a build up in plot, it doesn't mean that I'm happy with spending days/weeks waiting for a post, while a writing partner posts for all their other partners multiple times, and our thread is left ignored.
That's just plain rude and very unfair.
So, please don't abuse my patience.
If you're not interested, say so. Everyone has a favorite thread, a favorite partner, it's normal. Just don't expect me to wait more than a week, unless, you've had the courtesy of warning me that you're going to be away.
And that works both ways - I'll tell you too, if something in RL comes up!

If you want a quick sex fix, please be up front and tell me before we start!
Current Threads:


Groundhog Bride with DeliciousMaiden

Corporate Change with Tanned_babe

Seraph of Desire with barefootgirl69

Accidental Alliance with DeliciousMaiden


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Please forgive me, I'm not quite used to forum roleplay, so I'll give this my best...

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Body-type: Slender, elegant, but not weak. About average in terms of muscle build, not too strong or too weak, overall, just an elegant normal guy.

Position: "Special"; I LIKE to think of myself as being rather special. I am neither submissive nor am I dominant. I simply play however I need to play, deceive whoever I need to, and use whatever means I have to in order to get what I want to get. And I KNOW what I want.

I have a LOT of dominant tendencies, which come out with women moreso than men, or whenever I see something/someone feminine.

I enjoy being a flirt as well, and will almost seem submissive if I flirt with a guy. Make no mistake, however. Acting is a natural skill, after all.

I've never done a forum rp before, so I'm looking forward to learning from all of you.

Setting: I will do any setting, as long as it is contemporary. My character is rather open-minded and could be in nearly any place, but is still restricted by the laws of time and space(unlike SOME characters I've seen in my life). I prefer a suburbian setting, but I'm more than willing to negotiate.

Kinks(?): Now, as for what I most enjoy.... I would say that I enjoy teasing and bringing pleasure to others, as their responses dictate whether or not I decide that they should be given pleasure or punishment. I enjoy being in control completely, and wouldn't mind raping someone else. But it is impossible for me to be raped. After all, if you constantly long for sex with nearly anyone, no matter how violent it is, it can't really be considered rape. Body-type does little more than affect the methods with which I'd use to satisfy you and actions with which I would indulge myself. I MIGHT force myself onto you... If I do that, the best thing to do is just lose yourself in pleasure and drown in my insatiable lust.~

Hard Limits(?): I will NOT fulfill your fantasy of being dominated completely and utterly, and being turned into a groveling whore. I want my women to have more class, and for any men who want to try me to have some level of tact. I am a satirical, witty, sarcastic piece of shit, and I demand to be treated as if I were human and had all of those qualities. Moving on.
I AM NOT A MASOCHIST. GET THAT THOUGHT OUT OF YOUR HEAD. I don't mind my partner(s) getting into the moment and losing control of themselves, but deliberately trying to hurt me will bring my little inner rage demon (he looks like a mini-devil) and my inner sadist (she looks like a latex-clad goddess) to fuse into one overpowering, non-sexual being (I call it Ragist! I think it's a hermaphrodite, and I'm pretty sure that it looks like the devil except that it's wearing latex).

I would LOVE to do a romantic storyline, or a bitter and violent storyline. I'm willing to give nearly anything a shot at least once.

Availability: I'm pretty much always open to nearly anything.
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"Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk in front of me, for I may not follow. Don't walk beside me either, just get the hell away."

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Smile Sasha25's SRP Profile

SRP profile for: Sasha25

Gender: As a female, I have only felt comfortable playing a female. I am willing to try a male role, but please don't judge me if it comes out terrible!

Age: 18 and above. No upper limit. Reasonable age play is welcome.

Orientation: I consider myself homo-flexible (a new term I've found here) and prefer women, but fantasy is about keeping an open mind, so I could be tempted to try a bisexual scene, with the right person.

Settings: I range from the simple to the wild. A story could be set in a small town, simple characters, or a vacation scene with lots of travel. Variety is the key for me. The best stories focus so much more about the setting and situation, rather than the body type, or looks of the characters.

Power Exchange: I've realized my true submissive nature lately, so that is what I'm most comfortable with. I have switched on occasion, with the right person.

Race: Caucasian, but I'm flexible.

Body type: I'm tall, slender and a little gangly, but I will play and enjoy women of any size, shape, and eye color.

Likes/kinks: Seduction, romance, Dominance and submission (see above for my side of that), mild non-consent and coercion, light bondage, reasonable age-play, oral, anal, toys.

Hard limits: No toilet play, violence, pain, death, aggressive men, angry people, animals, and textspeak.

Examples: Here are some examples of ideas that I've had, or would explore:
1. A simple scene involving new lovers, taking a shower together for the first time. A little awkward, very
sensual, starting gentle but getting wild.
2. A young woman, new to a large city, is looking for a club to meet people, but also let loose. Not knowing the city, she chooses a club that happens to be a BDSM club, and gets involved with some of the characters there.
3. A woman, in her late 20's recently divorced, decides to take a trip to clear her head, to a Carribean island, and find an older woman in her early 40's, also divorced. They are both heterorosexual, but find that have an attraction that they cannot deny.

Availability: I'm generally around to write a few times a week, but my schedule is flexible, so my friends and partners should be flexible too. I'm new to the community here, so I'm still learning about it. I'm sure I'll be updating this profile as time goes on. I'm very friendly and low key, so feel free to say hello and pick my brain. However, I won't suffer fool, so if you don't respect me and turn me on, I'll be waving goodbye.

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Sweet_Secrets' SPR Profile (Occasionally Updated).

Hello, nice to meet you everyone! I’m Sweet_Secrets and I hope we get along with each other. I’ve been RPing for quite some time and I’ve been looking for a good forum RP as of late. After taking a break from RPing here due to a family emergency, I'll like to get back into the swing of things and jump into some delicious fun again! Here's the following information you can get from me in regards to the types of characters I play and the types of kinks I'll do.

Gender: I can play both male and female characters. I usually like playing female characters but I’m comfortable with male characters too.

Age: I usually play my characters at around late teens to mid-40s. Usually, mid-twenties is the age I play the most often but long as it hits my preferred range, I'll swing with it.

Orientation: I can play gay, heterosexual, and bisexual characters.

Power Exchange: Okay with both submissive and dominant roles. I often play the submissive but I like being dominant just as much if I’m given the role for our possible roleplay.

Race: Usually play Asian, Spanish, or Caucasian.

Body type: My characters are usually of two varieties: Slender but Toned and Full and Curvy. I don’t have a preference to my partners’ characters bodytype at all though I am a sucker for pretty eyes.

Alternate species/fantasy races: Elves, Centaurs, Witches, Nymphs, Vampires, Werewolves, Humanoid Aliens and etc.

Settings: I like fantasy and realistic settings equally so it’s harder to find a setting I don’t like. I’m open to any setting. I'm very fond of Mafia stories, Victorian stories, and Royalty stories thanks to my research for some of my old stories and watching the news and old documentaries and movies. I'm a sucker for romantic stories as well.

Ideas: Girl gets blackmailed to preform sexual services. Woman has her house getting burglarised when she's all alone and she gets assaulted as a result. Bored and lonely housewife falling for the young stud who comes to take care of her house. Young woman willing to do anything for a corrupt cop after getting threatened by him. Maid providing more 'services' to her master despite deep reluctance though she ends up enjoying it. Little sister trying to eagerly keep her big brother's attention all to herself.

Likes/kinks: Domination, pregnancy, vouyerism, incest, romance, wax play, ice play, knife play, BDSM, lactation, dirty talk, interesting plots, happy endings, humor, degradation, needle play, seduction, paragraph roleplays, friendliness, power play, dub/non consent, toys, blackmail, masturbation, group sex and anything that isn’t under my Hard limits.

Hard limits: Scat, extreme torture, feet, rudeness, impatience to the player, bad spelling and grammar and vore.

Availability: My timezone is GMT+8 and I'm around for one post a day at the very least since I have free time on my hands these days and would like to get back into the thick of it. If I take longer than three - four days to get back to our line, please let me know via PM!

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Who I am

AGE: 25
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual


AGE: 18-35 I can play older if the role requires it or if Im in the mood.

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

NATIONALITY: I feel comfortable playing caucasian, as well as oriental characters namely Japanese.

BODY TYPE: I tend to play tall broad shouldered men though depending on the character I might play a small weasely type person.

SPECIES: Human, Vampire, Lycan, Demon, Angel, Elves, and DWARVES, and Aliens for scifi settings.

SETTINGS: High fantasy is my comfort zone, Modern and Sci-fi, Gor

LIKES/KINKS: I am a Dominate so enjoy the power play. Bondage, Dicipline, Breath play, Knife play, Blood play with certain character types not most.

DISLIKES/TABOOS: I am not submissive. SNUFF, Extreme violent sex (no hospitol visits afterwards thank you), Animals, Age play.

AVAILABILITY: Currently out of work so stopping in frequently to check the forums. Even once I have work I will be checking atleast once a day to post.
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being rewritten

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Hello! My name is Lottie and I'm new, so be nice.

Note: I don't want to disappoint anyone, but I'm not really interested in establishing a real life sexual or romantic relationship through this forum. I just want to write deliciously naughty stories with creative and naughty people. I like being friendly with my SRP Partners, but please don't press for a deeper relationship then that. Thank you for understanding.

Gender: I am gloriously female. I can play male background characters, but if any sex is involved, my character must be female.

Age: 18 to 27 generally. I like to play under-aged characters as well, but (understandably) it isn’t allowed on this forum.

Orientation: I am inflexibly heterosexual, and am not the least bit bi-curious. Sorry, but only men have what I’m interested in, and I am only interested in men as SRP partners.

Power Exchange: I love to be submissive! I also enjoy being an equal to my partner, but submitting is what really gets me exited. I LOVE non-consensual scenarios too! I will not be dominant.

Race: I am Caucasian, so my characters tend to be Caucasian, but I can also play Asian or Middle Eastern races as needed. My partner can be any color or race he prefers.

Body type: I am 5’5”, curvy and busty, and usually my characters follow suit. I dislike playing the "starving string bean" type, or the "muscly Amazon" type. I have no preference for my partner’s body type, but I do like men who are taller and stronger than me.

Alternate species/fantasy races: I can play lots of different fantasy races. As long as it is humanoid, attractive, and mostly hairless, I’ll probably try it. No furries please.

Settings: I prefer Fantasy, History, Modern, and occasionally Sci-fi settings overall, but other settings can be fun too! Some of my favorites are Medieval/Renaissance settings, Norse/Viking settings, D&D-like settings, castles, palaces, villages, old manor houses, the seaside, forests, dungeons, and many more!

Likes/kinks: I like: being submissive, being enslaved, being watched (voyeurism), romance, bondage, impact play (spanking, paddling, caning, etc.), vaginal sex, oral sex, nonconsentual sex, being forced to feel pleasure and orgasm, being abducted, Master/slave, Master/maid, Villain/damsel, Hero/damsel, Mage/demon, Mentor/protege, Husband/wife, humor, anime, hentai, h-games, being girly, cuddling under the covers, being playful, teasing, being teased, kissing of all kinds, chains, being chained, being deflowered, being an innocent. As my screen name may suggest, I also enjoy incest scenarios. When taking part in an incest scenario, I prefer that the male be at least slightly older than the female (such as Father/Daughter, Uncle/Niece, Brother/Sister, Cousins).

Hard limits: I refuse to participate in: being dominant (unless playing a background character), body modification, tentacle sex, necrophilia, bestiality, “toilet play”, homosexual sex or activities, being killed, “danger play” during sex (strangulation, etc.), being beaten (the occasional slap or hair-pulling is alright), Mother/son, Older Sister/younger brother, fisting, pregnancy (unless with the consent of both partners as a happy ending), cross-dressing (unless a disguise is necessary), anally pleasuring a man, mouth-to-anus contact, take part in one man/multiple women scenarios. If you aren’t sure, just ask!

Availability: I can usually post once to a few times a week, but please be patient because real life can (and often does) interfere with SRP life. If I expect to be absent for a certain length of time, I’ll do my best to let you know in advance.

Preferred Medium: I prefer to SRP either through Literotica's message boards or through email. I do not enjoy role-playing through Instant Messages and will not do so.

Miscellaneous: I love SRP partners who can write well, with vivid imagery, a good imagination, mostly-correct spelling, proper punctuation, good grammar, and can contribute at least a paragraph per post. I also prefer SRP partners who write in the third person. I’m not expecting perfection. Everybody makes mistakes or has only time for a quick post. If I feel like my partner isn’t putting any effort into his posts, or doesn’t “throw the ball back” to keep the story going, I quickly get discouraged. I prefer to look at samples of my potential partners’ writing before I commit myself, and I encourage them to look over my writing as well.

Story Ideas: Here are a few story ideas which appeal to me:

(^ Oldest-Newest v)

(1) A father/older brother drugs his daughter/sister's nightly glass of water so he can have his way with her every night for months. But the drug slowly loses its effectiveness, and the girl becomes more and more conscious of what happens to her each night. At last she only pretends to be asleep, "waking up" in the middle of her nightly ravishing, and from then on taking an eager part in their incestuous union.

(2) After his wife dies, a man decides that it is high time that his nubile young daughter earns her keep by taking her place in his bed.

(3) A king promises his dying wife that he will only marry again if the woman is as beautiful as her. But only one girl fits that category: his daughter.

(4) A brother and sister (possibly twins) were married when they were children, according to an ancient custom, and years later are finally allowed to consummate their union.

(5) A young Princess fell in love with a Prince from another kingdom. Her father did not approve of the match, so she broke off their engagement. A few years later the Princess becomes Queen, and her former betrothed has conquered the surrounding lands, becoming an Emperor. With her kingdom surrounded, the young Queen is given a choice: she can either marry the Emperor, essentially giving him control over her kingdom, or she can watch as her people are enslaved and butchered.

(6) A girl is accidentally summoned or transported to another dimension ruled by mages, and is captured by slave traders. Intrigued by her lack of magical powers, a powerful mage buys her and makes her both his housemaid and "pet", frequently performing sexual experiments upon her. Their relationship becomes more romantic as time goes on.

(7) Modern Japanese setting: A girl is fondled and/or raped while in a crowded subway car, but she never sees the perpetrator's face and no one else seems to notice the incident. From then on, every time she is in that train car, she is molested by the stranger. Soon she quite willingly yields to his pleasurable predilections, falling in love with her mysterious unknown rapist.

(8) A sweet, kindhearted girl who works as a waitress falls in love with her employer. Terribly shy, and convinced that he would never feel the same way about her, she contents herself with watching him from afar and leaving anonymous gifts at his doorstep. He is also in love with her, but mistakes her shyness for a wish to avoid him. He never suspects that she is his secret admirer, until he finally catches her in the act of leaving another gift for him. She is horribly embarrassed and tries to flee, but he catches her and brings her back to his apartment so they can talk. After learning that their feelings are mutual, they become a couple, and consummate their love in the way they always wanted to.

(9) Step-siblings fall in love, and at last surrender to their mutual passions.

(10) A young, newly-wedded couple are happy and in love, but have been unable to consummate their marriage because her vagina is too tight for him to enter. Though they can satisfy each other orally and manually, they still long to make love like a true husband and wife. One day he comes home with a bottle of magical lubricant which solves all of their problems, and the happy couple proceeds to have a wild second honeymoon.

(11) A more adult version of the fairytale "Bluebeard", but with a hopefully happier outcome.

(12) A retelling of Sleeping Beauty in which the princess is awakened by the prince ravishing her. He then takes her back to his kingdom and makes her his love slave.

(13) Two lovers are forced to elope to escape her tyrannical father.

(14) [Sci-Fi Setting] The young queen of a peaceful and prosperous planet announces her engagement to a distant cousin. The night before the marriage is to take place, the planet is suddenly attacked by a rogue empire which has recently conquered several worlds. The queen is captured, and learns to her horror that the emperor is in fact a man she had once loved, but who she had rejected under the advice of her father. Believed to be dead, he had nursed his anger and thirst for revenge, conquering worlds and waiting for the perfect time to strike. He gives her a choice: either she can yield all power to him and become his slave, or she can watch as her beloved planet and all its inhabitants are destroyed.

(15) A modern, romantic, and erotic retelling of The Little Mermaid (not the Disney version).

(16) A young girl is walking home at night through a deserted public park when she is suddenly attacked and raped by an unknown man. Though at first frightening and painful, the girl unexpectedly finds the experience very pleasurable and satisfying. The man disappears into the night, and the girl finds herself wanting more. The next night she once again walks home through the park, and is once again raped by the same stranger, but this time she yields to him eagerly. From then on she and the man meet every night in the park, eagerly slaking their lust for each other.

(17) [Fantasy Setting, Norse Mythology] A warrior so pleases the gods that he is given a beautiful valkyrie to aid him in his quests and satisfy his desires.

(18) [Fantasy Setting] An virgin priestess is abducted and enslaved by a warlord who forcefully schools her in the art of sexual pleasure.

(19) [Historical Setting] A man marries a young girl who lives in his house until she is finally old enough for their marriage to be consummated.

(20) A man who works on advanced technology for a large company inherits a project from his uncle, who has died of mysterious causes. The project is called "Pygmalion" and seeks to create a "Galatea Doll", a perfect female android with a living soul. The body of the android is complete, and enough of the uncle's notes are left for her to be activated. Once "awakened", the android girl becomes deeply attached to the man, and acts and feels exactly like a real, living girl. The company gives him permission to experiment with her and test her abilities, which soon leads to lovemaking. As the man and girl begin to fall in love, the question remains: is her ability to love the result of a true, living soul, or simply the product of sophisticated programming?

(21) A young girl's parents are killed in an apparent robbery, and she is adopted by a wealthy man, living with him in his vast estate. Years later she has become his housemaid, willing sex slave, and assassin in training, groomed by her Master to be his eventual successor. Together they must carry out their contracts while staying three steps ahead of the law and those who would like to assassinate them in return.

(22) A warlord succeeds in conquering an entire continent, becoming its first Emperor. He demands that his new subjects provide him with an exquisite beauty of noble birth to serve his pleasure, and they have no choice but to obey. A princess is sent to him, and must thenceforth submit to his every whim. If she succeeds is pleasing him, he might, someday, make her his Empress.

(23) An erotic, romantic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood (ABSOLUTELY NO bestiality involved).

(24) A man finds a girl passed out in a snowstorm and takes her home, only to discover that she is a gentle, submissive vampire who will do almost anything to repay him for a taste of his blood.

(25) In order to solidify a peace treaty between two warring countries, the prince of one and the princess of the other are to be married. Neither is exactly happy at the thought of being forced to marry a total stranger, but from the moment of their first meeting, the two fall hopelessly in love. But all is not happiness. Rebels from both countries attempt to break the treaty through violence, jealous ex-lovers are intent to make trouble, and the couple must try to hold the fragile peace together lest their marriage be likewise torn apart.

(26) [Fantasy Setting] The world is embroiled in war between rival countries, and has been for centuries. The gods reveal that a boy born in a certain place, to a certain couple, and under certain circumstances will at last bring peace, and when the boy is found he is blessed by the Holy Council as the destined Savior. However, things do not turn out the way the Council imagined. The Savior grows up to be a ruthless warlord, conquering huge swathes of land while raping, pillaging, and enslaving any settlements who dare to resist him. His image of world peace is for the whole world to be under his rule, and he is not afraid of crushing whole nations to achieve his goal. The Holy Council are outraged, sending messenger after messenger to the Savior demanding he stop his bloody conquest. He ignores them, angry at their interference, until they send a most unusual messenger. A virgin priestess and her entourage arrive, and the former attempts to persuade the Savior to abandon his warlike ways. Intrigued by the beautiful, gentle creature before him, and furious at the Holy Council for once more trying to control him, the Savior instead sends a message of his own by enslaving the women, keeping the priestess for himself. He makes her his sex slave, slaking his insatiable lust upon her and forcing her once innocent body to experience climax again and again. Despite her unwillingness, the priestess does not lash out at her captor or attempt to harm him, her nature as gentle as his own is violent. She tries to awaken the goodness within him, while he tries to corrupt her purity. Despite their opposing natures and his continual conquest of the world, the bond between them deepens, eventually becoming one of love. But the Holy Council is furious at this final outrage, and are now determined to put an end to the Savior's reign of terror by whatever means necessary.

(27) [Dungeons & Dragons setting] A powerful lich decides that he is bored with his skeletal frame and invents a spell to give himself a new living body. The spell succeeds, but with one serious flaw: his magical power has greatly diminished because his new body is unused to containing it. Desperate to regain his full might before his enemies learn of his weakness, the lich attempts to summon a demon familiar to aid him. But rather than the expected glabrezu or other powerful demon, it is a succubus with an innocent face and sinful curves who answers his summons. The lich is annoyed to be bound to such a weak and “useless” demon, but the demoness herself is quite happy to be on the material plane and takes a liking to her newly-fleshed “Master.” Playful, mischievous, and high-spirited, the succubus frequently interrupts his studies with questions and suggestions that they “do something fun… like have sex!” He eventually discovers that she has a vast knowledge of rare and ancient arcane artifacts, as well as the ability to roughly pinpoint their location. Using this ability, they set off on a quest to find these artifacts and use them to regain the lich’s power.
Though they hide their true natures from the people they encounter along the way, the succubus often gets them into trouble through her natural carelessness. However she is also quite useful at gathering information and at infiltration, as few can resist her charms. As can be expected, the two are hunted by all manner of do-gooders, evil-doers, and everything in between, including beings from both of their pasts. When they are forced to fight, the demoness boosts her Master’s magical ability with a kiss of pure arcane power which her body produces from the “essence” of his seed. It is this essence which she feeds upon, and together they make sure she is well fed. Despite their opposing personalities, the lich and demoness grow close during their adventures, though their loyalty to each other is often tested. Does she have an ulterior motive in serving him? Will he ever regain his former power? Only time will tell.

(28) [Historical/Pseudo-Japanese Setting] A clumsy female ninja is given one last chance to prove herself by slaying the heir to a rival assassin guild. She fails miserably and is caught by the very man she was meant to murder. The man, an assassin of great skill, is attracted to the girl, and knows that she will be killed for her failure if she ever returns to her guild. He offers her a deal: He will protect and train her in the art of assassination, if she will agree to be his personal sex slave.

(29) [Fantasy Setting] A nobleman’s parents died when he was very young, leaving him a vast estate and even vaster wealth. Most of his remaining family wanted nothing but his money, and over time he became distrustful of the motives of others. He came to prefer the solitude of his mansion, leaving only to conduct business or take part in the social affairs of his class. Besides his servants and few trusted associates, his only company and greatest joy is his personal maid/slave whom he has owned for several years. She is a sweet, loving, obedient, and beautiful girl with puppy ears and a short fluffy tail (or those of a cat if preferred). She is utterly devoted to her "Master," willing to do almost anything to make him happy. As she is the love of his life, his cherished pet, and his most precious treasure, the man is very possessive and protective of her, fastening a collar around her throat each morning and often keeping her leashed by his side. Their love life is passionate, and while she is innocent she is a quick learner and eager to please. Despite her obvious devotion to him, the man is terrified that she will somehow leave or be taken from him, leaving him once more alone and unhappy. He often makes her promise to stay with him forever, and will sometimes punish her if she does anything he considers dangerous (leaning out a high window, running down the stairs, etc). He hardly ever lets her out of his sight, and never outside the mansion without him. While she once had her own room, he now insists that she spend every night in his arms. He is also jealous of any man who might be attracted to her. He knows that she would never willingly betray him, but the mere thought of another man lusting after her drives him wild. He often pleasurably ravishes her soon after suspecting another man wants her, as if to reclaim her body as his and only his. Though other women might find his behavior suffocating, the girl is grateful that her Master loves her enough to be so protective, willingly yielding to his wishes, even if they are sometimes painful. She knows that he is lonely, and does her best to assure him that she loves him and will always be by his side. Many of his money-hungry relatives disapprove of the relationship, afraid that he will leave all of his riches to the girl. They begin to plot ways to be rid of her, such as accusing her of infidelity, or staging an unfortunate "accident." While slavery, particularly that of animal-traited humans, is common, there are also free and even wealthy members of her species who find the girl’s willing enslavement offensive and worthy of scorn. Also, the man’s jealous guarding of his slave is wise, as more than one man would like to have her for himself.

(30) [Modern Day/Fantasy Setting] After a string of bad relationships, a man finds a pamphlet in his mailbox advertising what seems to be a phone sex line called “Infernal Inc.” Feeling that he has nothing to lose, he calls the number, and the voice on the other end asks him if he would like “to have sex with a succubus.” He answers yes, and in the next moment a real, living succubus appears before him. The beautiful young woman is curvy, scantily-clad, and with the horns, wings, and tail of a devil, and she begins to cheerfully explain herself to the startled man. All succubae are required to undergo a year of sexual and mundane training on earth before becoming licensed soul contractors. The man has been approved, and may keep the succubus for one year to teach her about sex and human culture, with absolutely no peril to his soul, should he accept the offer. As crazy as the situation is, the man cannot help but grow rock-hard at the thought of being able to deflower and have sex with the girl for an entire year, and he eagerly agrees. From then on the succubus lives with him, eagerly serving his every sexual need. She is inexperienced, but also a fast learner, striving to please him in any way she can. The succubus is surprisingly sweet, loving, cheerful, and completely clueless about life on earth. While their sex life is incredible, the man finds her to be a bit of a handful in public, as she thinks nothing of public nudity and sharing graphic sexual details with strangers. Slowly she begins to acclimatize herself to the human world, and their relationship develops into something deeper than a year-long booty call. As the weeks pass the man begins to wonder: will he be able to give her up when the time comes?

(31) [Fantasy Setting] A retelling of Snow White, in which the princess is not cast into the woods, but kept by the huntsman to serve his pleasure.

(32) [D&D or High Fantasy Setting] A powerful vampire, while fleeing from his enemies, finds himself in the village of Idlebrook, a popular stop for adventurers on their way to the great city of Sephris. Accidentally caught out in the sun, he is barely saved from certain death by a beautiful village girl who wraps him in a heavy cloak and leads him to the safety of her home. She, a healer, assumes that he is merely a human who is susceptible to sunstroke, and he goes along with it, pretending to be a passing adventurer. She is kind, generous, and cheerful, allowing him to stay with her until nightfall, and giving him a special cream to protect him from the sun’s rays. In spite of himself, the vampire is intrigued by this innocent beauty and resists the urge to feed on her, finding another victim once he has left her home. He decides to remain in Idlebrook for a time, knowing that a pale-skinned man who rarely eats won’t attract much notice in a town where all manner of exotic humanoids have been known to pass through. Unable to forget the girl who helped him, he watches her from afar, trying to learn everything he can about her from observation and talkative village folk. He learns that while she is well-liked and a talented healer, she is also very poor, and was forced to take a loan from the local moneylender to pay for her grandmother’s funeral. This debt has weighed heavily upon her, and the moneylender’s son has begun to press his unwanted attentions upon her. The vampire begins to arrange “accidental” meetings with her, spending time with her until they are close friends. Whenever she is forced to pawn something to pay her debt, he buys it back and leaves it on her doorstep as an anonymous gift. As they grow closer, the vampire becomes more and more protective of her, maiming and perhaps even killing any men who harass or frighten her. At last they become lovers, the girl trusting him completely and never suspecting that he is responsible for the string of murders which has recently plagued the town. As more blood-drained bodies are found, the townspeople are desperate to discover the culprit, and it becomes harder for the vampire to conceal who and what he really is. Will he be discovered? Will his enemies succeed in hunting him down? Can he protect his love from danger, and most important, could she still love him after finding out what he truly is?

(33) [Fantasy] An erotic retelling of the Rape of Persephone.

(34) [Fantasy – (loosely based on the myth of Hades and Persephone)] Ever since the queen of Meredet found and adopted a mysterious baby girl she found in her garden, the kingdom has experienced a never-ending springtime. The land has become rich and fruitful, and all of its citizens age more slowly and are of excellent health. It is discovered that it is the mysterious child’s presence which has brought all of these blessings, and she is thenceforth known as the Springmaiden. The Springmaiden grows into a young woman of matchless beauty and kindness, her eyes as blue as the sky, and her golden hair shining like the sun even in complete darkness. The queen is extremely protective of her, keeping her in seclusion and forbidding any man to look upon her. The neighboring kingdom of Shaed is as cursed as Meredet is blessed, struggling under a necromantic blight which has haunted the land for many years. Cursed with barren soil and assailed by shambling undead, Shaed is forced to buy all of its food and aid from prosperous Meredet. After learning of the Springmaiden, the king of Shaed – known as the Wraith King in other lands – becomes convinced that she is the only way he can return his homeland to prosperity. He pleads for the queen of Meredet to allow him to entertain the Springmaiden as an honored guest in his kingdom for six months – the time that he believes will be needed to heal his land – but the queen refuses. Her reasons are not entirely pure, as she wishes to keep Shaed dependent on Meredet’s exports, and in desperation the king decides to abduct the Springmaiden. Using his powerful magic to spy upon the girl, the king falls passionately in love with her at first sight, spending his every waking hour watching her and allowing his obsession to grow. When watching from afar was no longer enough, he cloaked himself in invisibility and infiltrated the queen’s palace, basking in the fair maiden’s presence and occasionally allowing his fingers to run through her shining golden hair. At last he could bear it no more, and one day while she and her handmaidens were frolicking in the palace garden, the king revealed himself and abducted the girl, using his magic to transport them both to Shaed. Though he keeps her imprisoned to prevent her escape, often shackling a long chain to her ankle, he is a gentle master, showering her with every possible luxury and attempting to make her happy and keep her safe from the many dangers which stalk the land. Eventually she begins to yield to him, the two of them finding happiness in each other’s arms. Her presence does indeed begin to heal the land, but Meredet finds itself suddenly plunged into the first winter it has experienced in nineteen years, and the queen is desperate to reclaim the Springmaiden, no matter what the cost.

(35) [High Fantasy or Dungeons and Dragons Setting] The Elf and Human empires have been at war for many years. Captives have been taken from both sides as slaves, including a very young Elf (or Half-Elf) after she had been left for dead by her tribe. Raised among humans most of her life, she has become a passionate supporter of the Human cause, particularly since her newest master – a Human adventurer/soldier/mercenary/sorcerer/you choose – had suffered mightily at the hands of the Elves. Cheerful, sassy, mischievous, and borderline impertinent, she is nevertheless utterly devoted to him, doing everything she can to fulfill his needs during their travels, including aiding him in battle with her quarterstaff. Their adventures are exciting and full of peril, particularly when the Elven empire is involved. When the Elves learn that one of their own is willingly serving a Human, they become determined to kidnap the slave and “reeducate” her, possibly to turn her into a spy for their cause.

(36) [Fantasy or Mythology Setting] A story centering around the romantic and sexual relationship between a mortal man and a nymph.

(37) [Historical Setting] The widowed minister of an isolated colony (think Puritan times) begins to lust for his curvaceous young daughter Judith. He justifies his lust with the many accounts of incest in the bible, especially the story of Lot and his daughters. At last he reveals his desire to Judith, declaring that it is her God-given duty to serve him and satisfy his needs. Judith, who worships her father and sees him as a true prophet of God, eagerly and obediently yields to his wishes, and the two begin a passionate and thoroughly pleasurable affair. The incredible pleasure they experience during sex convinces them that their union is right and blessed by God, and soon they make no secret of their new incestuous relationship. They kiss passionately and even make love in public, and though the people are initially aghast, they respect the minister too much to make much protest. He begins to preach the virtues of incest in church, encouraging fathers to "make use" of their daughters.

(38) [Fantasy - Romance] In a time of fragile peace between humans and elves, a human hunter lives at the edge of a great forest which marks the boundary between the human and elvish territories. One day the he finds (or rescues) a beautiful elf girl, and while the two are at first apprehensive, they are also fascinated with each other, discovering that their races are not as unalike as they first believed. The girl is shy and sweet, as well as lusciously curved, and as the two become friends she visits him every day. They fall in love, and discover that their bodies are as compatible as their hearts. They enjoy a time of blissful happiness in each other's arms, but then a single deadly skirmish between humans and elves shatters the truce between their lands. As their people are once more embroiled in war, the lovers try desperately to cling to each other, pleading for peace as the world threatens to tear them apart.

(39) [Fantasy or Modern/Fantasy Setting] A man gets lost in a blinding blizzard, and stumbles upon an unexpected mansion. When he rings the bell to ask for shelter, a beautiful young woman answers the door, welcoming the man inside and seeing to his every need. She is gentle, kind, and caring, as well as lusciously curved, and when the man has eaten and recovered from his trials, she undresses and asks if she may "warm him" with her body. Who the woman is and how she came to the mansion are mysteries yet to be solved.

(40) [High Fantasy] A kind and caring priestess, concerned that the unreleased sexual tension she senses from the priests around her will do them spiritual harm, offers to relieve them by satisfying their every desire. It isn't long before she comes to thoroughly enjoy the sexual relief she gives them, discovering the physical and spiritual pleasures of her good deeds.

And many more!

Hope we have fun together!
Sweet, Submissive, and Utterly Addicting

Lottie's SRP Profile + Ideas (Updated 10/26/12)
Come Heaven or Hellfire Vengeance's Thrall

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Literotica Guru
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Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 662
Gender: male

Age: 18-50.

Orientation: straight

Power Exchange: Unless the story calls for it, when I play the role of a young man, I am usually a sweet, innocent virgin, just learning about sex. For older men, I can be assertive and somewhat agressive - not violent, I just know what I want and how to get it. Also as an older man, I am chivilrous and gentle; yet experienced

Race: white or hispanic

Bodytype: for young men, I am about average, not drop-dead gorgeous, and not puny and unattractive. For older men, I am well built, sturdy, and strong; with toned muscles, a broad chest, and a large penis. I always have light skin and dark hair (for older gentlemen, I mix in grey)

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm open to playing with women who play as fantasy races such as elf, fairy, vampire, witch, sorceress, or mermaid. I will not play wit furry characters and lycans. As for myself, I will play as an alien creature such as a Grey, lizardman, dragon, or possibly a tentacles thing

Settings: preferably modern

Likes/kinks: Large breasts and flat stomachs. Breast expansion. Being seduced by a woman with large breasts, MILFs, first times, pregnancy, incest, breast feeding, cuddling, kissing, having one partner clothed and the other naked, tit-fucking, innocent teens, motherly women, and stomach massages

Hard limits: Anal sex, non-consensual sex, ingesting bodily fluids such as cum or pussy juices, scat, animals/furries/whatevers, necro, vomit, foot worship, graphic gore, atrocious SPG, rushed/unedited posts and finally - switching.

Availability: Whenever my girlfriend, Esmeraldaflame, isn't hogging the computer

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The following may be added to at any time and my interests may change on occasion, so watch for edits to this thread. Most of this stuff's pretty standard, however.

I'll be editing this when next I get a chance; I have the form shelved for such occasion. Hopefully, I'll get to it real soon. Sorry, folks.
My SRP Profile
My Plots

About Me: Male, 31, Flexible Redhead; see SRP profile (above) for more details.
My Genres: 1920s-1940s, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Dark Fantasy (ask)

My Stories (all fiction):
Horror/Mythology: The Vampire's Goddess
Masturbation/Non-Consent: And she cried, "Oh!" (CHI)
Lesbian Sex: And she cried, "Oh!" (CHII), The Sex Doctor (CHI), The Sex Doctor (CHII)
Gay Male: Bi the Way (CHI), Bi the Way (CHII), Long Hair & Lace Panties
BDSM/Lezdom: The Architect’s Girl (CHI)
Trans/Cross-dressing: Party Favors

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Location: somewhere in the UK, over the rainbow and round the bend ;)
Posts: 427

I'm no longer new around here, and still enjoying the world of SRP very much, being able to explore several different sides to myself is interesting to say the least

GENDER: Always Female, I feel I would do a dis-service to all the men out there to write as a male having no idea how it feels or what its like. I don't want to get into a mans frame of mind ta muchly, it scares me to much!

AGE: 18(17 in the UK?)-30, I am more comfortable writing younger, innocent characters, but would be okay writing an older lady if needs be!

ORIENTATION: Bi-sexual in my writing, I can get a 'metaphorical' raging hard on for both males and females. RL I'm Bi-Curious, so if my writing of a female-female encounter turns out to be wrong, its because a lot of what I write is guess work and my experience is limited

RACE: White, British. Most of my characters have the typical English rose thing going on, including a very ladylike accent. Well brought up, innocent, polite and sweet.

POWER EXCHANGE: submissive and slightly masochistic... I am timid and shy to start with, characteristics that will come across in my writing, generally good little virgin girls! I love being dominated, but I can have a very stuborn 'spoilt brat' streak, that, as my character grows and becomes more confident will probably show up in her personality. Becoming defiant, mainly because I thrive on non-consent. I could never dominate anyone, so please don't ask :P

BODY TYPE/APPEARENCE: Medium height, long curly (Mostly) red, but I can do any hair colour really, fairly large breast's, curvy, pale ivory skin which does and will blush easily. I mostly base my characters on myself, mainly because I like myself and I find it easier to write what I know! They will all have differences, be it subtle or a little stronger and more defined.

ALTERNATE SPECIES/FANTASY RACES/ETC: 14weeks ago-Having not written SRP before, my first thought was I wouldn't be able to write fantasy etc. However I came across a thread, and had a go, and have found myself thoroughly enjoying it. I have now come to the conclusion that I would be more or less willing to write anything, providing the storyline has been written out in detail, so I can get myself started. I am slowly starting to realise nothing is out of my realm when it comes to my imagination.
NOWI LOVE LOVE LOVE writing fantasy!!!!!! I am now involved in two fantasy threads, which I adore.

SETTINGS: As mentioned above, If it piques my interest, and is set out in detail, I will consider just about anything.

LIKES/KINKS: Having realised I had a very extensive list of kinks is what brought me to Lit in the first place, and I am pleased to see I am not the only one with a disturbed mind anyway, here is my list of perversions(the bold italic ones are the favourites and mainly at the forefront of my mind and make me wetter than even I ever imagined possible)I have not tried many of them, so my writing might not be 100% correct!-Coercion, Blackmail, Abduction,Captivity, Rough sex, Rape, Sexual violence(Gentle!), Torture(again...gentle, I'm a wimp but I like it!), Vampires, Implements, Spanking, blood-letting, Bondage, Slight Humiliation, psychological torture, Choking, DR/Patient abuse of trust&sexual, Teacher/pupil abuse of trust&sexuall(our age of consent is 16 in the UK but for the purpose's of Lit...think College student/pupil)Police abuse..Catholic school/college girl&young hot new teacher.basically, anyone who is a position of trust, who then abuse's that trust.

As you can see, I am up for almost anything. But if there is something that is not on my list, that you would like to try just PM me and we can work with it!

HARD LIMITS: Minors, scat, animals, necro, vomit, drinking urine, snuff, basically most things on Lit's no-go list

AVAILABILITY: I am available most of the time unless I am sleeping. I am a kept women, and work limited hours so once my chores have been done I am all yours. I post several times a day, and it would be rare for me to go longer the 24hours without posting on here. If I go away for any longer I would let anyone who needs to know, know.

Sooooo If anyone wants to correspond with me, for a storyline idea or purely to talk filth drop me a PM and I'll get back to you...Oh, and the picture on my profile IS my own pair of supremely sexy breasts, so don't waste your time asking

My first Lit story, please go read, masturbate, and comment


Switch chapter 2 is now available!!! again, go read, masturbate furiously and send me feedback!

I am sorry to have been away, but I am BACK now! Loving my SRP's at the moment and I hope you are all enjoying them, feedback is very welcome!x

"Everybody loves you when they are about to cum"

It's been so long since I've had sex I've forgotten who ties up whom"
Joan Rivers

My Sex Map!

Sexual Role Play-

SRP Profile-Recently updated!

More than Human
MTH is a fantasy story which I am finding very enjoyable!

For the safety of the public
A Sci-Fi adventure!

The EastEnd Girls
A Tale of several girls who decide escorting would be a good idea

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Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 121
Gender: female

Age: 18 to 40

Orientation: straight

Power Exchange: hard to fake ... must come from the scene/situation

Race: as long as realism is not important, i'm up for whatever

Bodytype: it is fantasy, so i'm pretty flexible. if it's up to me, i'll be super sexy.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: yes yes yes yes yes, except leeches, mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers.

Settings: virtually any, though i'm all into medieval fantasy right now. (yes, I'm looking at you khal drogo)

Likes/kinks: i really like when a guy takes what he wants ... when what he wants is to fill me with cock. orally and anally as much as normally. or all 3 if he has a couple of friends. being slutty is hot. forced to be slutty is volcanic.

Hard limits: lesbian, kids, more to be revealed. oh, and vampires.

Availability: most days (US EST)
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Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 1,379
GENDER: Always Male

AGE: 18 to 45ish


POWER EXCHANGE: Generally balanced but willing to explore being a sub or dom

RACE: White

BODY TYPE/APPEARENCE: Athletic, Average or a little on the heavy side, hair and eye color as you prefer them, height 5'8 to 6'1, weight 150 to 200

ALTERNATE SPECIES/FANTASY RACES/ETC: Human or humanoid as the setting warrants it

SETTINGS: Modern, History especially middle-ages/renaissance, future/sci-fi, primitive and post-apocolypse, fantasy

LIKES/KINKS: Incest, group, interracial, oral, public, cheating, uniforms, authority roles, hookers

HARD LIMITS: blood, pain, urine/feces, non-fantasy beastiality, hard-core sexual violence

NEUTRAL/CURIOUS: Anything not listed in likes/kinks or hard limits

AVAILABILITY: Typically every morning and some afternoons/early evening
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Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Undisclosed
Posts: 106
Gender: I'm male, and I think I could only convincingly play a male character. I guess if the situation called for it, I might also be able to pull off a futanari ("hermaphrodite" or "dickgirl" to the less-nerdy), since I'd still have the same organ thinking for me.

Age: Somewhere in the 20's-30's would be my preference, but I'm pretty flexible up to around 50.

Orientation: Inflexibly straight. Not that there's anything wrong with the alternative, it's just not the way I'm programmed.

Power Exchange: I generally lean a little towards an even sexual playing field. However, that's always been my partners' preference, too, so I haven't had a lot of experience with stories involving dom/sub relationships. I guess I'd be willing to give it a try, I just can't promise I'll be any good at it.

Race: Caucasian. I'm a little scared that if I tried something else, I'd unintentionally start playing a stereotype and offending someone I didn't mean to.

Bodytype: I can be flexible on this to fit the needs of the story, but generally I like to play devastatingly handsome, overly-endowed studs in unbelievably good shape who can go all night and cum like a fire hose (if I wanted to spend time as an average dude, I'd walk outside). As for the female lead in the story, ideally I'd like my partner to play a character whose sex appeal similarly stretches the boundaries of believability. But again, I can be flexible on this, as it's not strictly necessary in order for me to enjoy the story.

Alternate species/fantasy races: I prefer playing (and playing with) humans, or something of similar shape, size, and proportion. I'm not all that into playing with anyone who has full-body fur, an animal head, or animal genitalia.

Settings: I'm game for almost anything, but I'm probably not a good candidate for a historical story if you're at all concerned with accurate knowledge of the subject.

Turn Ons:

* Dirty talk.
* Sexually experienced women - not necessarily "slutty" (though I'm totally cool with that, too ), but naivette just really doesn't turn me on at all.
* Confident women.
* Women who orgasm easily and often (at least when they're with my character. )
* Super-fit women
* Big breasts
* Big cocks
* Lots of cum
* Oral/deepthroat
* Multiple women/harem (if my writing partner's into playing multiple characters)
* LOTS OF DESCRIPTION - I can not stress this enough. The more the better. If you describe your character so much that it seems like you're bragging about her, that really gets me going.

Turn Offs:

* Heavy-duty BDSM
* Scat/watersports
* Bestiality
* Guy-on-guy
* Rape/Non-con (I might be okay with reluctant, depending on the story)
* Torture/snuff
* Underaged
* Second-person narrative - Please, never, ever use the word 'you' when referring to my character in the narrative portions of your posts, and don't expect me to do so for your character. I'm not involved in the context of the story in any way. You're interacting with my character. Otherwise it feels too much like cybersex to me. Like I say above, I'm me all day long. I come here to play someone else.

When I'm Available: On a work day, I usually turn on my home computer around 8pm Eastern Standard Time, and shut it down around 1am. On Fridays and Saturdays, my computer's usually on closer to 12pm EST, and I usually stay up until 1-2am. I'm very, very rarely online at any other hours, but it does happen from time to time.

Miscellaneous: I'm pretty much just here to write something fun and sexy. Interesting, well-developed characters and storyline are still very important to me, but ultimately it should be about the sex. I once read somewhere "If you can remove the erotic elements and it still works as a story, then the story isn't erotic fiction." (although in the quote the word was "science" not "erotic"). This is probably a pretty good guideline for what I want/expect in an SRP.

I am perfectly willing to RP either in a public thread, via email, or via IM. Email is my top choice, though. Even in IM, though, just a one or two line post won't do it for me, but a good, solid paragraph or two is fine.

Any more questions? I've probably left out a lot. Feel free to PM me. I'm actually a really friendly and personable guy.

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