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WriteAwayHoney: Writer Profile

WriteAwayHoney: Writer Profile

(Last updated 19 Feb 2011)



West Coast US

Current Literotica hours: Very flexible; my job is on call.


Re-joined Literotica Feb 2011 after a hiatus of a year; started new ID.

Considerable writing experience outside of Lit'. Am a screenplay writer (unsold, unfortunately, but have two spec scripts in the pipe line).

Sexual writing style can be summed up as follows. (This is not an original quote: I saw it here on Lit' and liked it; and even that Writer told me he heard it somewhere else):

I write erotica, not porn. What's the difference? Erotica is a lot of story with a little sex; porn is a lot of sex with a little story.

Current Threads Of Mine:

**** STRIP Rock-Paper-Scissors: An SRP Writing Game

**** "She's a Beauty" -- An SRP"

**** Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

**** "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves"

"Caught by big brother"

Other Threads I Am Involved In:

**** Return to Thunderdome: Bartertown Reborn

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a lecherous old bastard
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My active threads can be found in A Scorpio Story Stash

PMs are welcome.

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Tiger on the Inside
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Posts: 3,423

Gender: female

Age: 18 and up

Orientation: Straight

Race: Depends on the role

Bodytype: Muscular and athletic

Alternate: My main character I fall back on is a werecat (any species, such as panther, tiger, etc). I like vampires as well or any supernatural female character. Will play human as well of course

Settings: Any

Likes/kinks: I prefer to play a dominant character or an equal. I have no interest in playing a submissive, I just cannot get into the mindframe to do the character justice

Hard limits: all the usual, underage, scat, etc

Availability: haven't been around as much as I would like to be, but hoping to be around more

Want to check me out, here are some of my current threads:

Amazon's Valley

A Slave's Mistake, a Peasants Downfall
SRP Profile

My Stories.
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Gender: I only play female characters.

Age: 18-40

Orientation: I can play heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian characters.

Power Exchange: YES!

Race: I'm a melting pot of latin, caucasion and raised in the ghetto so I'm cool with anything human or supernatural (vampire, lycan, shapeshifter type roles)

Bodytype: I'm short and fit so would tend to write that but open for discussion.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm not really into furry bunny stuff. Sorry I just don't get it so I doubt I could write it. Other than that human or supernatural would be more my style.

Settings: I'm sooooo not a sci fi girl. Everything else could be discussed.

Likes/kinks: I'm pretty submissive but pretty bratty and spoiled. I like to push the limits and try new things. Spank me, pull my hair, fuck me like a whore, tie me up and make me your bitch. If you're not strong enough, dominant enough I will run over you and make you my bitch instead. Just fyi So on that note, yes I can switch and do a fairly good job at it too.

Hard limits: No whips or cat o' 9 tails. Not into heavy blood play, minors or your usual no no's.

Availability: Post a few times a week at best, weekends are family time so I'm never around then. Will be getting married in a little over a month so I will be gone for a couple weeks at that time. By the way, if you only give me a one or two line post, I'll probably get bored and not reply, I have to have something to work with. Other than that I'm not terribly picky.
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Posts: 75
Gender: i only play female characters.

Age: i'm 18, i can do anything from 18-30ish and try to stay more or less within my experience

Orientation: bisexual

Power Exchange: pretty submissive, though im not into bondage

Race: i'm white, so I tend to play white women, but i could try others

Body Type: I'm 5'6" and i'd consider myself a bbw. im a uk size 18 with 36F breasts

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: never tried it before, willing to try anything

Settings: preferably modern day, realistic. but i also like fairy tale settings

Likes/kinks: kink wise im into humiliation, incest and anal. other than that im pretty vanilla

Hard limits: erm, im open minded but no toilet play please

available most mornings and evenings
My SRP Profile
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My Gender: male
SRP Genders: Male or Female I can do both though I donít have much experience writing female Iím always willing to give it a go

My Age: 23
SRP Ages: most really it depends how creative or interesting the settings are though I donít often play to the extremes

My Orientation: I guess Iím bi especially looking at how I was in the past
SRP Orientation: Iíll try playing any though I donít have much experience playing bi/gay guys Iím always willing to learn

Power Exchange: My female characters tend to have trouble in their past that has them hardened against relying on anyone else, even to their detriment. Most of them view themselves as having been victims in the past and hate to be seen as such now. My male characters tend to be very dark normally with some kind of hero complex, and a lot of emotional baggage though they may not talk about it easily. Both my male and female characters tend to be dominant personality types, though my females tend to long for a romantic partner that can lavish them--instead of them doing all of the work.

Race: I typically take on Caucasian roles. My girls are often very common "wrong side of the tracks" style. My males may well have been born into money or status but dislike how their family got it, and strike out on their own.

Body type: My ladies tend to be average or more plus sized as personally speaking I donít like what I call "stick insect" women they often have very long hair. My males tend to be average or toned (more martial artist than pro wrestler) again with long hair typically. I find long hair is often a staple for my major characters at least.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am a total geek, like seriously, if you saw my personal book collection it is almost totally fantasy/sci fi type novels so Iím definitely willing to try most fantasy races both whole and Halflings (for example Dhampires) Iíd try mutations but Iím not really into the whole animal/human or furry kind of thing to be honest.

Settings: Any really though I often like to research my facts cause lets be honest a bonny Scottish lass from 2011 will act nothing like the same girl back in the middle ages (for example) so just give me a heads up first so I can figure out at least approximate speech patterns/actions

teacher/student, school type settings, I love the feeling of risking getting caught so anything like that is fun

Hard limits: very poor spelling (I can deal with some errors spelling as I am rather dyslexic but Iím totally not into the whole Ďtxt tlkí), extreme ages (like under age/ extremely old), random unnecessary scene skips, plot gaps (I.e. suddenly being able to do something they couldnít with no explanation why) bathroom stuff and sex at the beginning of the story at least give a reason for it or it ay as well be a trashy dime store romance novel

Availability: I am available most days as Iím between jobs at the moment. Days will vary though in the amount Iím on but if I know its going to be a while before I can get back on Iíll let you know. Iíll typically be on longest nights and weekends though I never really know myself.

Writing style: I can be extremely descriptive especially when I get interested in a storyline. I tend to get extremely into my characters mindset when I do any kind of role play so I tend to be able to carry on deep conversations as them as well as the basic flirtations. I tend to be quite wordy though of course not to the detriment of the story. I do tend to use big words where I can.

Additional Info:
I live in the United States (EST), but I was born in Walsall, England.

In real life, Iím rather shy until I get to know you like, so Iíll likely not make the first move, but if youíre interested feel free to tell me what weíre doing/where to start! I tend to be very flexible (despite my hard limits), and I am definitely open minded in real life.

I change tense on accident and I have been known to make some small spelling/grammatical errors but thatís mostly on account of my dyslexia, I just donít get commas though I do try to use them in the right place. While I say I am dyslexic it doesnít affect my reading or creativity its mostly screwing up my handwriting and grasp of grammar.

My friend ObscureInsanity recommended me to join this site because she enjoys Role Playing with me.
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Gender: I play only male characters, but would am not opposed to playing an occasional extra female sub-character. Such as the RP is an affair with husband and wifeís best friend, I can do a dialogue or two for the wife.

Age: I play anything from 18 to 40. my partner's character can be any age up to 40. These are not hard numbers just guidelines in pencil easily changeable. I am actually 42 but feel a lot younger at heart. I tend to enjoy my characters early to middle 20ís.

Orientation: I play only straight characters. I am not even one that enjoys girl on girlÖman and women only please.

Power Exchange: I write dominate I guess you would say. I like to lead but not necessarily control the action at all times. The more I have to write toÖthe greater the experience. If I am writing to myself to be bluntÖthen the RP will get boring. That is why I RP and not write stories. I need my partnerís imagination to keep things spiced up.

Race: I am white so I tend to write white characters. I donít care to play with any race issues or sterotypes so I will keep it what I know.

Bodytype: I write 5í11 and tend to do between 190-215 pounds. My characters are usually pretty physically fit as I add they run 3 miles a day. I fit into those categories and have since I was in my early twenties. I am not picky as to my partnerís choice of body type, women are all attractive in their own way.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have a fair amount of experience RPing but never have I done supernatural or anything from normal. I am not sure I would be the best partner in those type RPs. Sorry just being honest.

Settings: I can work with anything, although I prefer modern times settings.

Likes/kinks: nonconsent, reluctance, seduction, impregnation, incest ( sister/brother, mother/son, father/daughter, uncle/niece, , aunt/nephew also steps in these categories work for me.), romance, best friends, Relationships in most cases of any kind for force or seductionÖ

Hard limits: no kids, no snuff, no scat, I like some rough and even would do a small bit of torture but am not into true BDSM.

Availability: I am on almot daily. My goal is at least a post a day if not more. I will PM if something comes up.

My #1 Request: Please communicate with me if there is a question or if the storyline goes in a direction that you(my partner) doesnít like. This is for fun and entertainment. I want my partner to enjoy as much as I do. I donít want hurt feelings or someone upset because they didnít like my post. This is fantasy not reality. If it isnít fun or the RP has run its course then we can mutually type the End. and move on. Not to be a jerk but it is not polite to just abandon the RP without communication, IMO.

Lastly, I have done MSN and Yahoo messenger RPs. Some not bad but I prefer this forum. Sorry I just want to write and not be literally tied to one thing like in that setting. Its tempting at times but it is a decision I have made. No RPing on any kind of mesenger.

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Posts: 95
My Gender: Female
SRP Genders: Female

My Age: 30
SRP Ages: 18-45 (Not really into older or younger roles.)

My Orientation: Iím bi in a lez relationship
SRP Orientation: I mainly play lesbian characters with either other lesbian characters, or bi-curious characters. RARELY will the mood strike to play a straight role.

Power Exchange: I love to play the seductress. Nothing better than seducing a confused woman and sating her lust, leaving her limp from our ministrations and still drenched with desire.

Race: I typically take on Caucasian roles.

Body type: My characters are usually the same. 5'8"-5'11", curvy, but not in the overweight sense of the word and somewhat busty. I don't play ultra-skinny anorexic girls or even overweight, since I don't know how to write those kinds of roles.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am a bit of a geek, in that I love Star Wars and Star Trek. As such, I have played a Twi'lek, a Hapan noblewoman, Deveronian, Romulan and Betazoid.

Settings: I like to tailor my setting to the RP at hand. Mainly, I find that a hotel bar, the gym or other group social settings work well for a seductress. ^_^

Likes/kinks: Sisters, in-laws, certain incest doesn't bother me.

Hard limits: Poor spelling or grammar, extreme ages, plot gaps, scat/piss and no build up. I need a LITTLE story before we get to it.

Availability: I am available late night (central time) but I can write a paragraph or 3 before I go to work in the morning. Sometimes, it'll be a day or 2 before I reply, as I DO have real life things to do.

Writing style: I can be extremely descriptive especially when I get interested in a storyline. I tend to get extremely into my characters mindset when I do any kind of role play so I tend to be able to carry on deep conversations as them as well as the basic flirtations. I tend to be quite wordy though of course not to the detriment of the story.

Additional Info: I live in the United States (CST)

In real life, Iím rather outgoing, but quiet when necessary. Iíll likely not make the first move, but if youíre interested feel free to tell me what weíre doing/where to start! I tend to be
Don't be confused. This mistress won't hurt you! Just leave you limp with desire.

I'm only looking for RP with another woman. Sorry, guys, I'm just not interested.

My SRP Profile
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Gender: I only lay male characters.
Age: My characters are only between the ages of 18 to 25
Orientation: I only play straight characters.
Power Exchange: I like my character to be submissive, but will be dominate in need be.
Race: My characters are white.
Body Type: My characters are usually around 6'1" and weigh 141 lb. They are lean and wiry. Usual hair color is black and eyes are usually blue.
Alternates: Fantacy species (lycanthropes, half-fiends), anything with some Human in it.
Setting: Modern and Future time settings, and fantacy worlds (D&D world)
Likes: Non-consentual, romance, interspecies (Mass Effect is best example)
Limits: No kids, rape, violence, gay, bi, beastiality, or torture.
Availability: Every day (except some holidays and possible busy work days)
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SRP Profile

Gender: Male and play males

Age: I think I do better from the thirties on up

Orientation: Heterosexual

Power Exchange: I'm not much into this but open to new experiences

Race: It's never been a focal point of any of my previous writing.

Body type: I'm flexible and go with contextually oriented characters based upon the theme and storyline of the thread as agreed to with my partner.

Alternate species/fantasy races/etc.: I'm not into futuristic or horror scenarios. I've done a wizard once and a shape shifter but that's the extent of my experience to date. I'm not opposed to being in a thread with others who are ghouils, vampires, etc. though I'm not so much into playing those roles myself.

Settings: I am open to contemporary, mythical, and historical themes

Likes/kinks: I like a story line to develop and I like characters to develop as the writing moves the thread toward erotic and romantic scenes. I have no especially strong 'kinks' that come to mind other than perhaps my enjoyment of oral sex...I may come back to this after more thought.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals, incest, golden showers, rape, torture, gay sex

The length of my posts varies to accomodate my partner's style and I try to post daily depending on R/L constraints. I live in the US and the CST zone and tend to post in the evening. I'm open to longer-term and shorter-term threads.

If anyone needs clarification of the above or has an interest in pursuing an idea for a thread please PM me.

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Dream Eater
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I figured I might as well stick one of these up, so here it is:

Gender: I only play male characters, as attempting to enter the female psyche would be damaging both for me and any person in my vicinity were I to choose to do so.

Age: 18+

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Power Exchange: If it comes into play, I'm open to both sides of the coin, as it were.

Race: Whatever is relevant to the story.

Bodytype: Again, whatever is necessary for the character I'm playing.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm fine with alternative ideas so long as they've got a good reason for being used.

Settings: Anywhen, anywhere. I like variety.

Likes/kinks: Sensory deprivation, power struggles, various methods of restraint...the list could go on and on, but there are few things I won't try once.

Hard limits: The usual; generally excessive blood, bathroom expulsions of any variety, obvious illegal age differences.

Availability: Varied. I'm on as often as I can be, and if taking a leave I will notify any co-writers.
Lequel loup gagnera? Celui qui vous nourrissez.

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Gender: I generally play male characters because I'm a woman with a woman in real life. (Variety!) I'm not opposed to branching out, though, and I've had some transexual characters in the past. I'm interested in playing against any gender.

Age: Generally my characters, if not artificially defying the human normal, are between 18 and 45. A few of them have been older than that as well.

Orientation: Personally, I'm bisexual. I've been in a committed lesbian relationship for many years. But my characters go all over the place.

Power Exchange: All over the place, but it seems that all most all of my men are submissive to women and women vary. I myself am I switch.

Race: Generally white or Asian, but it's not that important to me.

Bodytype: I really, really don't care. Asthetics are not that important to me, although I adore scenery porn. Probably not interested in chubby chasers scenarios, but who knows? I have a thing for slender and dark haired, thin blondes, and people who are so interesting looking they blow right through ugly and into exotic.

Alternate species: Non-human and fantasy races are fine with me. I'm not that interested in furry things, but a butt plug with a tail or even a tail itself isn't going to bother me.

Settings: Historical settings are great but so also are dark modern or futuristic ones. Just a few decades into the future stuff is also very interesting. I like alternative universes above all.

Likes/kinks: I'm very interested in power exchange, especially magical or otherwise enforced. Potentially dangerous people as submissives interest me very much. But I'm also into bondage, humiliation, noncon, objectification, breathplay, psychological punishment, breaking the character to someone else's will, and so forth. Make it appealing and I'll probably go for it. Precocious young people are very interesting to me, because they tend to get in a lot of trouble in their pursuit of power or idealism. Magical creatures as submissives also interest me, because I'm interested in the reprecussions and pleasures of controlling something like that. Also the head job it must do to the creature involved.

Hard limits: Scat, vore, and snuff. And people who can't write a decent paragraph or two. A one line answer can be beautiful or suitably concise, but use it sparingly! I make the occasional misspelling and I don't mind being called on a post that doesn't seem to make sense; we're only human. But come on, guys, you probably went through twelve years of school, how did you come out of it not being able to write?

Availability: Note my time zone-- it's GMT +9. Unless you're an early bird, you might not catch me online the same as you that often unless you also live in Asia. But that's okay, we can RP by post or messenger if we happen to match up our schedules. I'll post once or twice everyday, but just a few times a week is okay also.

Last edited by TheYoungAzreal : 03-06-2011 at 11:06 AM. Reason: Hard limit disgust, in real life, rarely leaves you wanting to throw a style manual at the offending material.
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Gender: I'm a guy so that's probably just an easier default, thought I'd NPC a female to advance a scene depending on the story.

Age: 18 and up. I've played mature 20-somethings and immature 30-somethings as well as anachronistic 300-somethings.

Orientation: As a Male I can only do Heterosexual because there is just a style that homosexual men have that I cannot seem to recreate. Writing as a female I tend to write attraction to both, but default to being as equally attracted to women as I am.

Power Exchange: I like strong female characters. I'm not into Master/Slave stories as those women tend to be too submissive for me. I like conflict and challenge, even if I'm the dominatior. Any submissive character I write will have a lot of emotional context. Either way character strength and continuity is important to me regardless of who's on top.

Ethnicities: Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, European (British, Celtic, Italian, etc) and Asian are about the only cultures I have a good grasp on.

Body Type: Varies. My characters have looked like everyone from Jack Black to Zack Braff with all the Jared Padaleckis in between. I typically just like to play someone who at least "cleans up well"

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No furries (unless werewolves count)! I've done elves, vampires, demons, X-Men, and Time Lords.

Settings: I'm not a history buff so I avoid settings that are very specific like "World War II", "The Industrial Revolution", "Wild West" and so on. I'm too detail oriented so I don't like to think I'm getting the details wrong. Other than that, I don't care. Fantasy, High Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi - the more freedom I feel I have with the setting details the more comfortable I can be with the story.

Likes/kinks: I'm a dichotomy. I'm a hopeless romantic but I can really get into non-consent/reluctance with no interest in Master/Slave stories. Confused yet? I only like fluids or discharges that are naturally related to orgasms with blood for vampires probably the only exception. Really turned on by the dangers of not using protection, exhibitionism, and nameless stranger.

Hard limits: nothing that relates to is associated with a toilet or blood relatives. No Daddy/Daughter scenes but Step-daddy/daughter scenes are fine. See 'dichotomy' above.

Personal Style: I like to write, and I'm not really into one post sex scenes. I write in stages and like it when my writing partner gives me something to work with. I like character or plot development and love it when I get both. I like to have a plan before I introduce my character and some kind of story line that leads up to sex so expect a lot of PMs before the story actually begins.

Availability: best times are late evening at -6 GMT aka CST.
SRP Profile
There's a man made of tin
With an oil can grin

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I'm adding to the SRP Profiles. The only thing different is the posting sample. This I think would be a good indicator of how one person prefers to write. You either post a sample (3 paragraph max) or a link to a sample of your writing. Just a suggestion

SRP Age (min. 18 y/o):
Sexual Orientation:
Power Exchange:
Body Type:
Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations:
Hard limits:
Posting Sample:
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Gender: I only play female characters.

Age: For human characters, I can do anything from 18-25.

Orientation: I can play heterosexual or bisexual characters

Power Exchange: I play very submissive woman...but i also have an independant and rebellious side

Race: I'm white myself
Bodytype: I am a moderate body type...basic states are 5'4 120lbs 32c brown hair blue eyes

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not interested

Settings: I enjoy historical scenes, but am willing to play most any

Likes/kinks: I like being submissive to men or women with humliation, punishment, but with some gentle romance thrown in. I also enjoy pure romance stories as well.

Hard limits: Minors, scat/pee, animals, blood, and anything illegal/ just plain gross

Availability: going to school so it varies by day.
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Posts: 25
Smile My Profile

My Age: 18
Ages I date are: 18-28
Will Play Only Male
Power Exchange: The Nice Guy Who Gets Rewarded for being a good friend and protects them from harm
Race: White
Body type: Skinny, 5-5 120 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes
Settings: Home, College, Wrestling Ring, Wrestling Arena, Mall, Music Studio, Prom
Likes/kinks: Student/Teacher, Romance, Wrestling for my attention, Making Music, Crossdressers becoming cheerleaders, Shower/bath sex, oral sex (giving and receiving), Lots of foreplay and teasing, tickling, making out, hugging, ass grabbing, Dirty Talking, lesbians making out in front of me.
Hard limits: MILFs, rough sex,Insest, Gay Male, blood, Rape, Erotic Horror, Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Mind Control, Non-Human, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Abuse in the relationship, Domination, pee,crapped on
Maybes: Lesiban Female/Student
Writing style: 1st Person
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(Any new ideas I come up with will be edited onto the bottom of this post, with a bold title above them.)

Sorry for not following the regular format, but I already had this posted up somewhere, and I'm moving it here because it's fairly long. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything... and I apologize for this being so long!

My writing has been very lacking lately, so I'd love to find someone who can somehow jump start my imagination. I'm very open to a lot of things, so here's a quick run down of a few things.

- I expect someone who is able to write. I'm not asking for a novel-length post. I really don't care about quantity. It's all about quality, trust me. I also hate being bugged about having to reply every day. I do have a life outside the internet, and sometimes it gets carried away. I DO make it a priority to try and alert my partners when I might be busy for a day or two and won't be able to reply, however.

- As I said, I'm open to a lot of things... but I will not do anything involving fluids or actions that are meant for the bathroom. I'm sure everyone gets what I mean. (: Also not into baby-play, vore/cannibalism, heavy bondage (light is fine), necrophilia, etc... you know, normal stuff. (:

- I honestly love to get to know the people I'm role playing with. I'm not looking for some magical online relationship to pop up, or for us to make plants to see each other off line or anything like that, but I love having relaxing conversations with the people I'm role playing with about hobbies or just whatever!

- Please do not tell me what type of character to play, and I will try to do the same for you. I don't mean you have to keep from telling me you want me to play a "witch" or a "secretary" or something like that, I mean, don't give me a character you've already made up in your mind to play. If you want an example of the characters I like to play, look in my signature.

- On that same note, yes, I have certain physical attributes I like when it comes to characters, but I would never dream of completely creating a character for someone to play. I will make a list of the attributes I like, and you can feel free to pick and choose. Trust me, I like a wide variety of things.

Okay, now that that's out of the way... I don't really have any full plots, but I'll throw out some things I like, in genres, settings, characters, etc, and any ideas I might have.

I love medieval fantasy/high adventure, but I love "magical realism" even more so. Magical realism is taking medieval fantasy creatures and races, and putting them in the modern world, where it's treated as normal. I'm usually not too heavily into "normal modern" unless you have a good idea. I'm okay with sci-fi, but I'm not great at it, my main knowledge coming from the Enders series of books, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Mass Effect 1 and 2. (: I also just love throwing characters from one setting into a completely different one that they aren't used to - like ancient Romans or or a pirate into the very modern world, or vice versa.

As for characters, for women... it may sound strange, but if I'm going to be doing a bi/lesbian roleplay, I'd love to play next to an older, dominant, butch woman. Like, a good-lookin' biker grandma. Call me crazy, but that just makes me a little giddy. However, I don't usually do bi/lesbian role plays, so you might have to talk me into this.

As for men, the possibilities are almost endless. I love big, hairy manly men, or non humanoid races - so girly blonde elves are out, but give me a stocky dwarf, or a troll or orc, or even a sneaky little goblin, and I'll be all over you. Reptilian races are some of my favorites - I'm a huge tentacle/tail fangirl.
I'm also way into greasers/Rockabillies (Elvis Presley, anyone?); cowboys/Southern boys; chubby boys (don't judge, but paunches, beer bellies, spare tires... I don't mind 'em at all); lumberjacks (probably goes without being said, but what I mean by this is, men that are basically BEARS); and even the sneaky, kind of sleazy types of guys (think Steve Buscemi in any movie he's ever been in, and if you're curious, yes, I'm a huge fan of the man). However, my likes aren't just limited to those, I'm just throwing them out there. (:

I love love love height difference (I'm willing to play a smaller girl or even a tall one, hell, I'm willing to go up to giant if you're into the "human dildo" thing); and I can't even begin to explain how much I love age difference (I prefer playing a younger 18-30 year old woman next to a 30-60 year old man, and yes, you read right, 60... don't mistake this for me being into the wrinkly old grandpas, but I love older men who have taken care of themselves). I'm also cool with pregnancy happening in the RP.

And I'd just like to say for the record, that I'm into a lot of things on paper/in writing that I would never be okay with in real life (except maybe as a game between two consenting adults). With that said, here are the few ideas I've had running around my mind:

I don't know where this would go or how it would start, but I've been into the idea of a man who has, for some reason or another, become a complete and utter shit - abusive, demeaning, etc. My character would be someone who has started to do little things for him about his home, clean here and there, buy things for him, but is a woman who either refuses to take his crap after a while or refuses to even let him start with her, but instead of leaving him, helps him out of his bad habits.
Another version of this would be a live-in maid for an older man who was a soldier and maybe has some slight symptoms of PTSD (nothing serious!), which causes him to need someone to do the small things around his house for him, which maybe frustrates him. I'm not really sure, these are just hazy ideas that've been floating around my head, like I said.

Maybe something to do with a high-class callgirl getting involved with one of her clients... I don't really know, hahaha! (: And yes, I'm a very very romantic young lady.

But, there you have it. Sorry it got so long! I'm willing to do these over a messenger, through PMs, or on a board, and don't be afraid of sending me some ideas you have. (: Thanks for reading and it's nice to be here.

The Loan Shark
A simple idea, but basically, a woman takes out a loan, thinking she'll be able to pay it back. The RP would start somewhere around where she comes into the loan shark's office telling him that she can't pay him on time. Thus, they get to work out a new way for her to pay. (;

Also, kind of a long shot, but wondering if anyone would be interested in a Fallout: New Vegas (potentially 3) 1 on 1. I'm so into Fallout it's not even funny. I'm a huge sucker for ghouls and super mutants, but a regular human would be fine. Don't really have any concrete ideas, but might as well throw it out there... as for characters I love from the series, they'd be (from 3) Charon, Gob, Butch, Fawkes, (from Point Lookout DLC) Desmond, (from New Vegas) Raul, Benny, Boone, (the) King(s)... but you're welcome to play your own character, that's just me being a fangirl. (:

And I'd always be open to a Mass Effect 1 or 2 role play as well. Krogans and salarians are especially loved. Wrex, Grunt, and Mordin are my favorites, though, like above, your own character is fine.

Ŗrunette Ŗespectacled ŖubbleŖooty Ŗombshells

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Location: Eastern coast, US.
Posts: 602
Gender: Male

Age: (open, please do read into that)

roles: male, but depending on my "mood" I may be open to playing female.

Orientation: Straight, sometimes open to other

Power : I am usually in control and dominant but there are a couple scenes I like where I am not dominant

Far out roles, scenes: I'm mostly into real, modern scenes I'm not against playing in a fantasy/sci fi scene (especially if the sci fi scene involves time travel. That has intriguing possibilities.

Likes/kinks: incest, coercion, blackmail, humiliation, sleep sex, hypnosis, slavery, bondage, forced nudity, bathroom control, romance, rough sex, spanking, slapping, abusive language, forced pee play/drinking, degradation, involving groups (the burden of representing them would be shared or fall on myself)

favorite scenes/roles: incest, mother/son, aunt/nephew, daddy/daughter, dad/son, brother/sis (in that order) If that sounds limiting remember those are my favs not requirements!

Hard limits: scat, death, oatmeal

Availability: I'll probably be logging in a few times a day.

Communication: I look forward to taking part in some fun roleplay threads on literotica but I'm open to moving to aim or yahoo for more "rapid" gratification.
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Gender: I only play females, because I am utterly useless at playing a male. Sorry!

Age: For human characters, I will play anyone from 18 to about 30. I'm better with the younger end of this spectrum, though.

Orientation: I will happily play lesbian, bisexual or straight characters. I particularly enjoy female on female scenes <3

Power Exchange: I'm much more interested in playing a submissive woman, because I am one. I do not have the understanding to play a domme, but maybe one day. I like the idea of being controlled and played with. Teased.

Race: I'm caucasian, and that's what I will play, because I don't think I'm 'qualified' to play anything else.

Bodytype: I haven't got a set body type that I play. I'm willing to create a character to suit the needs of the scene and the person I'm writing with.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm willing to try most anything. In particular, I like humans, X-Men-style mutants and fantasy races such a elves and vampires. I've neer played a furry, so I'm not sure about that one.

Settings: Again, I'm willing to give most things a go, but I mainly play in a modern or fantasy/medieval setting. I've not had much experience in futuristic RPs but I am willing to have a go. Specific historical setting such as "Wild West" or "1960s" I am not good with because I don't feel I know enough about them.

Likes/kinks: Rough sex and sex games (such as a dominant character teasing my character to the point of begging/not allowing her release) are hugely appealing to me. Also, humiliation, bondage, tying me to a bed or a table so you can play with me without hinderance and teasing. I might even try certain incest situations or student/teacher employee/boss relationships if you ask me. I will happily try most things, just make sure you look at what I've listed below. Don't intend to kill my characters and I'm pretty much easy to please <3

Hard limits: I'm not a big fan of heavy physical abuse (some hitting, etc is fine but not beating me to a pulp), scat, pee, minors/kids, heavy blood play (unless this involves vampires, of course), mutilation or heavy knife play. I can't think of anything else, but if I think of something else I will add it ^^

Availability: I'm in Australia, so I have odd times according to most people. I'm on almost every day, though, so hopefully we'll be able to have some wonderful fun together!

If you're interested in RPing with me, please don't hesitate to PM me <3 I'd love to play with you.
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Gender Male - 99% but open to a role change.

Age I play anywhere from 18 up. Not very good at being a grandpa, but I can do it better than most. I am in my later 30's

Orientation Straight to Bi.

Power Usually in control, but like a woman who knows when it's time for her to take control

Race White and Human. I like to be human

Body Type I like playing a fit 6 footish. Open to all else, including changing that.

Likes Petite, small breasted women. Incest, blackmail, romance, development of characters... that is the most important.

Limits None. I've done it all in roles. There are a few things that might turn me off for a brief period in the role, so long as the role is not based around it. OK, one limit. REALLY BAD ROLEPLAYERS

Settings Anything Realistic, can be the 70's the 50's, current day. As long as I can relate to it.

Availability I am on during the day, during the week at work.

Anything else... Just ask, I don't bite unless the role calls for it.

To read my story, if it's successful, I'll add more stories
SRP Profile
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swordandsandle's Writer's profile

Greetings world! If you're here, that means that you've etheir heard from me, or heard of me and would like to start a roleplay with me. Having been on here for about a year and putting this off for so long, I thought it might be a good idea to put just who I am, and what I do, all in one conveint location.

Gender- I am a male. I only play males. I'm flexable nearly everywhere else, but this is one rule I refuse to bend on. I can, however, play female NPCs, although they tend not to be "participants" so to speak.

Age- Rule of thumb. I am confortable portraying anybody from 18 to up to twice my age. Since I am currently 19, that puts the top end at 38. If it really fits into the plot, however, I can play an older gentleman.

Orientation- I am a hetrosexual male. While I have no problem with homosexuals, I simply can't participate in a convincing homosexual scene. I am, however, comfortable with my character having homosexuals in a group, so long as I don't need to participate.

Power Exchange- I do not concider myself dominant or submissive in real life, or in my writing. While I am at my best in situations of equal power or with power slightly slanted to my side, I can convicingly write as a dominant.

Race and Species- Usually, I tend to favor the Middle-Eastern or Caucasian race, when playing as a human. I can play any species under the sunm, although in accordance with forum rules I will not portray mindless animals.

Bodytype- I can play anything under the sun. My characters are varied, although I do not particullarly enjoy the muscle-bound brute.

Settings- Anytime, anywhere, anyplace, except in female-dominated alternate realties. Sorry, but this the second and only other thing I won't budge on.

Likes/Fetishs(in decending order)- DRAGONS (LOVE IT), Romance, Foreplay, Cuddling, Incest, Furries (semi-human or lycan), and Historical Fiction

Dislikes/Turnoffs(in decending order)- Female Domination, bodely fluids (other then minor bleeding), excessive violence, senior citizens, and anything involving high heels in any fashion (it's a long story)

Favorate "Base" ideas
-Stranded on a Planet
-Brother/Sister Reunion
-The Dragon takes a Rider
-When Woman went Extinct (And managed to be brought back)
-The Prince's State Secret
-Father bought a werewolf for her birthday
This signature is the sole property of swordandsandle and may not be duplicated in part or in whole without the express promition of swordandsandle. Violation of this rule is punishable by law. Resiricitons apply, results may very.

My Writer's Profile

Geez, time just never seems to show up. Happy Thanksgiving! Good thing I don't have to celebrate Christams.

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Hey there! 'Ve been around, RPing, so I thought to give you guys a brief info on how I write, and my kinks...

Gender: I'm male. I only play male characters. That's what I do best, provided that I am one!

Age: For human characters, I can do anything from 18-40. I may also RP someone older, but that requires discussion between me and my partners.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Power Exchange: I usually find myself in the dominant position, be it as a more experienced man, or as an enforcer. I also enjoy playing situations in wich both sides excert control over each other (say... Summoner and Demon, that kind of stuff.).

Race: I'm white, but I am open to play anyone!!! I'm a huge fan of fantasy, so if you're into that, just drop me a line! Huge nerd here!

Bodytype: I'm tall, broad-shouldered, but not too muscular, bearded. I do tend to adapt myself into my partner's wishes, for to me the RP must be rewarding both ways. You know what I mean!

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I love trying stuff. Also, I'm a huge tabletop RPer, so I do enjoy bringing fantasy stuff to my SRPs. A minotaur, a werewolf, an orc... I got really aroused by that kind of interation. Also, I'm curious about furries, but I need some compelling to do it.

Settings: I love historical settings, specially the Middle Ages. That's what I study, so I do bring some historical in-depth to my RPs - as long as my partner wishes. I'm open for other periods, but all History is pretty much arousing to me! I also love Fantasy settings, even the most generic one, so if you need that lusty Bugbear, or a fierce dwarf, I'm your guy! I'm somewhat into SciFi, but we can always discuss other settings.

Likes/kinks: I love nonconsent/rape RPs. But I really like elaborated storylines, so anything that you'd want, I can adapt myself into! My kinks include coercion/blackmail, rough sex/rape, and incest (uncle/niece ; aunt/nephew...). I love getting some oral or anal doing, so if your not into that, just say it and I'll skip away. I also enjoy age-play (younger man/older woman or younger woman/older man), prefeering to be the younger man when playing it. Also, I've found out that I do like somewhat Romantic SRPs as well, so I can be your lover as well, dear! And if it ain't be clear, I really REALLY LOVE MILFs. Kinda lame, some will say, but I can't shake off my attraction to older, wiser women.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals, necro, vomit, watersports... that kind of stuff.

Availability: Several times a day, if my partner can or wishes to keep up. The more you post, the more you develop your tale, eh?

Another thing - I love rushing to sex - but I also love delaying it. It all depends on my partner. If you wish smaller posts, like two paragraphs, please tell me! Or if you'd like a more elaborate description of everything, please tell me! I'm really adaptable into other's fantasies - it happens that most of them are mine as well!!

Thanks for reading!
SRP Profile

My Tales of Delight

The Queen's Consort
Beyond Darkness
Courtly Love
The Bassilissa
Morgan Manor

I really wish to expand these! If you have an idea, and appreciate my style, please, drop me a line and we'll talk!

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What makes me tick? That's hard to answer, but I'll try. Here's the quick scan list followed by more detailed explanations. Ultimately we're simply going to have to talk. Ask me. I'll certainly ask you. I have been playing and writing since 2001 in various media: IRC, bulletin boards, e-mail, etc... I'm also a solo author and have written a fairly wide variety of stories. I tend to write dominant male characters who are attracted to female characters. Usually, but not always, submissive females. I write a wide range of supporting characters.

Hard ons:
  • Women (God, do I like women.)
  • Plot/Context (I want stories, not porn clips.)
  • Details (Are the depth of a story.)
  • Romance (I'm a romantic at heart.)
  • Control (I'm also something of a controlling prick. See control below.)
  • Oral Sex (Giving and receiving.)
  • Giving Vaginal pleasure (Penile penetration, Fingering, Cunnilingus, etc...)
  • Breasts (Not tits, not boobs. I like breasts.)
  • Harem (MF+, complete fantasy and I enjoy it.)
  • Reverse Harem (One woman shared by multiple men, again, fantasy but so much fun.)
  • Light Body Modification (Piercings, tattoos, haircuts, usually as a means of demonstrating control.)

  • Non-Human (Monsters, Tentacles, Bestiality)
  • Anal (doesn't do anything for me but I can write it when the story or my writing partner needs it)
  • Impregnating another (I have found this to be difficult to sustain in writing and it's generally the end of a scenario. I have no problem with it and can find it a pleasant detail in a romance.)
  • Humiliation (When this is done respectfully as a story element designed to highlight the loss of control on the part of one character then it's an enormous turn on. When it's emotional violence where someone is delighting in hurting another then it's an off.)
  • Sex Apparel (I like sexy apparel but usually find sex apparel doesn't really fit in to most contexts. If you can write it well then I'll appreciate the hell out of it.)
  • Squirting (In moderation, please.)
  • Excessive Cum (Central to one of my stories. Not needed in most contexts.)
  • Non-Consensual (Is the woman experiencing some pleasure? Reluctantly coming to enjoy it? Then that's an enormous turn on. Is it anything approaching a real rape? No. This is a big one for me but we have to discuss it beforehand.)

Hard offs:
  • [li]Vore (Ick.)
  • Scat (Everyone poops. I have zero sexual interest in this act.)
  • Incest (No.)
  • Necrophilia (Dead bodies. Vampires are ok, Zombies are not)
  • Pedophilia (No. No. No.)
  • Fisting (Violence, no thank you.)
  • Futa (Leaves me cold.)
  • Mentally diminished capacity (Nope, nope, nope.)
  • Dry sex (AKA violence against women.)
  • Menses (A part of the cycle of life, completely natural, and not something that I find sexually appealing.)
  • Watersports (Insert Trump joke. Not my thing.)
  • Male X Male Sex (Sorry, this is entirely my shortcoming. That said, because the story demanded it I once wrote a brief scene in which a male character was raped. Pretty sure I made a poor job of it, too.)
  • Snowballing
  • Torture (I've written very vague, very light physical and psychological torture in stories that needed it. It did absolutely nothing for me. If you need your characters to be tortured as an integral part of sex? Move along, citizen. Move along.)
  • Cervical penetration (Requires me to suspend entirely too much disbelief.)
  • God-Moding (Attributing thoughts, emotions, or speech to my character. The perception of what those things are, however, is fair game.)

I like strong, intelligent women. I like them bound and forced to serve. I like them resilient enough to survive when forced into bad situations. I like them clever enough to manipulate their situations. I like them crawling willing across the floor in pursuit of their dark desires. I like them crying joyfully because they've found someone they can trust with their imperfect heart. I like them moaning in the throes of passion. I like them finding peace in defeat. I like them finding triumph against all odds. Women are the heroes in my stories, the focus. Pretty much everything is set up to give them the opportunity to suffer, crawl, submit, triumph, and generally shine.

I like plot/context. Almost all of my stories are inextricably bound up with sex and love in some form or another. But the sex is integral to a story, not just excuses to write sex scenes. I like interesting plots and I like interesting characters. I'm quite willing to cooperate with a story and suspend disbelief, but I don't want a story to make me work at that.

I like control. I will generally take the lead in advancing the storyline. I will suggest story-arcs and details in PMs before and during the writing. I'll write characters that like control and seek to assert it to varying degrees and in varying ways. I don't control you and won't seek to. You tell me how much you write and when you write. If you need a break then you need a break. You are not the characters you write any more than I am and I am quite capable of separating reality from fiction. I like writers who talk about plot with me. And stick to the plot arc. Or PM me with excited suggestions about how the plot arc can be modified to be made better in light of what we've written or a new idea that has sparked. Give and take with a co-author is why I write here.

I like romance. I like imperfect characters that find peace/happiness in each other. I like happy endings, for a very wide definition of happy. Perhaps satisfactory endings is a better term. I like stories where the bad guys/gals get what they deserve and the good guys/gals get what they deserve in messy and imperfect worlds.

I don't like violence against women. Which is funny, in a sense, because I'm fine with writing stories where they are tied up, beaten, and raped. Where's the line? Does it make me feel ill? That's the line. We need to talk about the story and find the line for that story. Violence against women for the thrill of inflicting violence upon women leaves me nauseous. Ditto for extreme sex acts. In stories I write and/or help write sex is about pleasure. Forced, stolen, shared, inflicted, found, and etc... It's never about hurting someone. Confused yet? Let's talk about specifics of a story idea and see what we find.

I write in the third person, past tense. I am a multi-paragraph poster in most cases. Sometimes a short response is what the story needs, but I tend to err on the side of the verbose. I tend to write dominant males attracted to women but I'm perfectly capable of stretching myself when writing supporting characters. I will warn you that I've found myself incapable of writing a proper villain as a main character. If you're looking for an entirely self-serving villanous bastard then I'm probably not your guy. I will warn you that I am a world-building geek. I will build worlds just to imagine the stories that might take place within them. I've drawn maps and even created languages. I am an annoying dork but you should never lack for details to play with. If you like world-building as much as I do then we might have tons of fun without ever writing a single story.

I really enjoy writing partners who mirror the strong, intelligent female characters that turn me on. And can write well. I am a fairly good writer and can provide samples upon request. If you want to write with me, let me know. I don't write with everyone. Sometimes I don't have the time and sometimes I'm just not into the story and sometimes I think we won't write well together. If any of those is the case then I won't waste your time. Sometimes I will want very much to write with you but can't. I'm available to play by forum post or email. I'm not going to do Discord, Skype, IM, phone chat, or meet with you in real life

I prefer to play in original settings rather than trying to fit into a canon scenario. What does my character look like? Why don't you tell me? What works for you. The great appeal of the written word is the way it intertwines with our imaginations. Given sufficient framework our minds fill in the gaps, personalizing the story and making it uniquely ours.

Don't see what you're looking for? Ask. If you can cast the act in a way that I find appealing then I'm probably up for it.

Thank you for reading this. Seriously. Whether or not you elect to write with me I very much appreciate that you took the time to really look me over.
Yeah, club soda will get anything off.

Some of my stories can be seen at:
Literotica Stories


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Gender: Female.

Age: no preference/flexible. I prefer my male writer to be in his mid 30's -40's or older in real life. More life experience.

Orientation: Heterosexual, light bi-sexual if that makes sense. Also willing to include an additional female into the mix if it suits the storyline.

Power Exchange: Generally submissive, but have also played (and enjoyed) all different dynamics. I'd just like to create two interesting characters and a situation in which they are drawn together.

Race/Ethnicity: Flexible

Body type: For myself, any attributes except BBW. (Sorry, just being honest, here.) I won't be attracted to a male "gym" body, unless it is appropriate to the story (i.e. a stud). Toned, yes. I prefer unique physical and character traits versus a stereotype.

Alternate species/nonhuman/fantasy: Probably not. I donít even know what a ďfurrieĒ is! I may be open to the fantasy genre.

Settings: Prefer modern. I tend to be drawn to offices or intimate spaces.

Likes/kinks: Power or ďtabooĒ dynamics- i.e. patient/doctor, student/teacher, younger woman/older man, boss/employee, etc. Breeding, Pregnancy, Lactation. Exhibition. Voyeurism. Threesomes. Intimacy, emotional and/or physical. Massage. Being told or given garments to dress in a certain way. Being examined and embarrassed. Being milked and suckled by men or women. Being out my comfort zone.

Sidenotes: I'd prefer if we talked about our characters and our plot and reviewed our preferences and limits before beginning the story.

Hard limits: Nonconsensual violence. Anal penetration. Hardcore BDSM. Iím sure we can clarify any other hard limits that Iím not aware of when we present our story ideas to one another. Iím open to being challenged.

Other dislikes: People who have frequent misspellings and poor grammar.

Availability: Every 1-3 days.

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Corrupting the devil
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Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Kneeling at Mistress's feet
Posts: 2,670
Gender: Female

Ages I'll play: pretty flexible (18 to 50 comfortably)

Orientation: Heterosexual, Bisexual and/or Lesbian.

Power Exchange: By nature I am naturally submissive, so that is most natural for me, but am open to just about anything

Race: I am Caucasian and am most comfortable playing what I know, but I am always up for a challenge (though stories where race is a key plot component don't particularly interest me)

Body type: Again, open to just about anything

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Although I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi is just not my thing.

Settings: Open to just about anything; modern or historical, real or fantasy (again, sci-fi is a stretch for me)

Likes/kinks: I love pushing boundaries and love to play the reluctant ďvictim.Ē I love control and manipulation. I enjoy being taken advantage of due to my innocence or naÔvetť. Also, intelligence, confidence, and a sense of humor will make me the president of your fan club.

Hard limits: No scat, no golden showers, no minors, no snuff

Writing: Please put thought into your posts. Quick, brief posts are going to bore me quickly. I do prefer proper writing skills. Please donít use text-speak. To see a sample of my writing, check my sig for the link.

Frequency: I should be able to post at least every 2 days or so. Often more frequently than that.

A Note: I am a bit timid before I get to know someone. Some people read that as bitchiness which couldnít be further from the truth Ö just an FYI
PenIsMightier1's obedient, mindless, docile cowslave

Originally Posted by PenIsMightier1 View Post
Then again she's the perfect partner for me, she's like a kink doll. Whatever fetishes I have she picks up and makes them hers
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