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Originally Posted by Lady Reiha View Post
Tsk. Tsk.

Flirting with the ladies, and you can't even spell thing correctly.

Whatever am I going to do with you, Mr. Tenko?
*pounces Rei-Rei and pinches her bum*
I like your seals of approval....I approve
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Lady Reiha
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Originally Posted by Luna_Wolf72 View Post
*pounces Rei-Rei and pinches her bum*
◕ ◡ ◕

♫♫۞ Unlock the Mystery.. Click here..if you dare...♥۞ ♫♫
Originally Posted by Mr. Essex View Post
Noone mentioned LadyReiha. This thread is officially moot.

♥♫♥Yes, I'm a Girl >.<♫♥♫

I chronicle_tenko
Rei Rei's are notoriously known for stealing the desirable, delectable ladies of literotica and claiming them as their own. Beware! (Unless you want to take a Rei Rei on....♥♥♥ )
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We are a couple sharing a nick


Gender: Female, and I only play females.

Age: I play anything from 21 to 50, but I prefer to play woman in their early forties.

Orientation: I am straight and will only play heterosexual characters.

Power Exchange: I like playing woman with an attidude and I prefer dominant men.

Race: I like to play white, black or middle-eastern woman, ot so much interested playing asian. I will never play a blonde.

Bodytype: I am of average bodytype myself, but I have no problems playing skinny or chubby females.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm not so much into fanzasy and science fiction, but i would like to play gorgon..

Settings: i prefer realistic settings.

Likes/kinks: My favourite is non-consent.

Hard limits: scat, vomit, golden showers, blood

Availability: There are times when I have to stay away several weeks, but I always tell in advance if I have to leave for a longer time.

Gender: Male, and I only play males.

Age: I play anything from 30 upwards.

Orientation: I am straight an will only play heterosexual characters.

Power Exchange: I am dominant and like woman with some attidude.

Race: I only play white males.

Bodytype: I am flexible in that.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I prefer human characters, but I might play a demon or ghostly creature.

Settings: I prefer realistic settings.

Likes/kinks: Same as hers. I am not interested in blondes.

Hard limits: scat, vomit, golden showers, blood, homosexuality

Availability: Same as her.

EDIT: And we both prefer settings with multiple characters, although we can do one-to-ones.
We are a straight couple - male dom and a female switch.

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Originally Posted by sallythescorpian View Post
Gender: Female

Age I prefere mid twenties to late thirties, but anything from 18 - 40 is fine

Orientation Hetro - and will do girl on girl scenes as part of the story, but not an entire story on the basis of being lesbian

Power Exchange: Mmm I like this, and play submissive, although I have plenty of non BDSM threads too, I do like D/s with me as the s. I would make an utterly useless dominant!!

Race : white, although soley because that's what I am. I'd be happy to do other races, as the story demanded, but I'd be wary of being sterotypical

Bodytype: Left to my own devices, my character will be small, petite, d/dd breasts, small waist, dark eyes, and long dark hair, cos that's me, but I'm open to whatever my rp partner likes, although please dont make me too tall!

Alternate Species/fantasy races/furries/ I'm open to most things, but they have to hold my interest. It would be unfair to an rp partner (IMO) to write on something that wasn't of interest to me, and by the same token, if someone loses interest in writing with me, please just drop the thread!! It's supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not a chore!! That said, furries do nothing for me, nor does anime etc. Nor do I like writing based on a comic / or tv show, vampires are fine, and any humanoid type character.

Settings: I am most comfortable in contemporary, or historical settings (I really, really like historical). I like some futuristic Sci fi settings, mythological settings. I'd consider anything really, providing that I thought I could write it.

Likes/kinks: first and foremost, I like a story line. Other than that, my taste pretty much run the gauntlet - some very vanilla type roles, and others heavy on the nasty side of BDSM. I really enjoy non-consent / rape / gangbang type stuff, torture, humiliation, body mod, total subjugation etc.

Dislikes: In addition tot he alternate species etc, as outlined above, I do not like age play, nor do I enjoy incest.

Availability: I write a lot of threads, and I like variety. I post on most threads, most days, although that is not something I can guarantee. Sometimes RL will get in the way, although I always let people know.

Well thats it in a nutshell!
very nice indeed ...
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Gender: I am male, and thus only play male characters

Age: I will play up to about 45 for human characters. Whatever the equivalent is for nonhumans.

Orientation: Heterosexual only.

Power Exchange: Dominant, ranging from the caring, sensitive Dom to the abusive, harsh, strict Master.

Race: Typically white, though willing to try other races if someone has a particular kink.

Bodytype: I am open here, depending on my cowriter's tastes.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am fine with playing fantasy races such as elves, dwarves, orcs, etc. If it exists in D&D, I will likely be fine playing one. Not much on aliens, as I am not much on scifi settings in general (see below).

Settings: Modern day or dark fantasy are my favorites, though they are not the only ones I am willing to play. Historical, modern scifi (Think Fringe), post apocalyptic...these are all settings I would be willing to explore as well.

Likes/kinks: I am a Dominant, and most of my characters will be. This is not an exhaustive list, but nonconsent, coerced, rough sex, biting, spanking, slapping, golden showers, spitting, impregnation, cheating spouses, anal...these are things I know I enjoy writing about. If its not in my hard limits list, I am willing to give it a try. Don't be shy about asking about a particular kink.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, necro (Not counting vamps or similar sorts of undead), beastiality, gore.

Availability: Typically Monday through Friday, daytime hours, Eastern Time Zone.
My kind of girl:

Look, if you want to torture me, spank me, lick me, do it. But if this poetry shit continues just shoot me now please.
~ Lori Petty in Tank Girl

My SRP Profile
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Gender: Female, I've never been very good at playing male characters.

Age[/b]: 21 and up with an age limit of elderly

Orientation: Bisexual, heavily leaning toward women

Power Exchange: Submissive. I can write dominant characters, but I don't think I pull them off that well.

Race: Um, I don't really have too many limits there. I love to write, so I'm open to most ideas.

Bodytype: My characters are usually a bit taller, usually athletic.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations
: Not too picky here either. If the story is good, I'll fly with it.

Settings: I can write in most settings. If I'm unfamiliar with it, I'll do some research on it, historical ones for example.

Likes/kinks: Bondage, d/s and everything that goes with it. I'm open to the light and dark sides

Hard limits: Children, necrophilia, bathroom play

Availability: I'm usually available to post at least once a day, if not more.
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Gender: I only play male characters.

Age: I can do anything from 18-50.

Orientation: I'm sticky heterosexual. I live in the deep south and often write with a southern accent and sometimes use southern expressions or idioms if they fit.

Power Exchange: I am able to play submissive, to dominate and any degree in between. However, sometime I get a little too sadistic and prefer to play plain vanilla roles.

Race: I've only played white men so far, being white myself I think it would be difficult for me to play anything else..

Bodytype: Average build, can be chubby or muscular makes no difference to me.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm not really into the whole futuristic, gene mutation scenarios, nor am I drawn to nuclear fallout zones. I will play a vampire or warewolf.

Settings: I love historical settings, and the American south and southwest but, I am alsocomfortable in contemporary settings as well..

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals/furries/whatevers, necro, vomit, drinking piss, foot worship, graphic gore, atrocious SPG, rushed/unedited posts and finally - switching*.

Availability: I work full time and have an active life besides SRP. However, if I make a commitment to post once a day I'll find the time but, don't be alarmed if I fall off the earth for a day or two its just RL taking control. If I'll be unavailable for a longer period I've give the reason and the time length to my co-writer(s).
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My Gender: Male and proud of it : )
Character Gender: Only thing I'll play as is a male.

Age: Not too picky on this, generally 18-35 is where I stay, though i prefer the younger ages. When I RP, i like the characters to be of the same age group, however there are exceptions I'll explain in a bit.

Orientation: Completely straight, I have no wish to RP with a male.

Dom/Sub: I can only play the part of a Dominate male, and it is something I do greatly enjoy. I like dark RP's that involve me abusing the woman, raping her, choking her, insulting her ect. I do also very much enjoy consensual sex and will gladly do either.

Race: Another thing that I will happily do is play a variety of non-human races. Depends on the setting and story of the RP. The race depends on my partner and I do enjoy furries if thats the case.

Appearance: This is completely up to my partner, as long as its a male : )

I am into many many things. One of my favorite scenarios is incest involving brother/sister or father/daughter. This is where the age thing comes in. With father/daughter stories, the age is quite broader and far more acceptable. As said before, I like dark rape stories with me as the dominant. That also includes consented dom/submissive. I also really enjoy fantasy stories, and this can range to damn near anything.

Only stuff I'm really not into is scat play and bleeding

Availability: I'm on my lap top most of the day and I can pop in pretty often to check on my threads and stuff. Some times my posting is chaotic but there are nights where i can dedicate myself to a great RP. There are also times where I may be gone for a few days, and I'll do my best to give you a heads up : )

So, feel free to PM me about starting a thread and we can throw some ideas around and get started on this fun : )
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Gender. I'm male, happy to play male, female, hermaphrodite or anything else

Age. In reality43, will play any age legal.

Orientation. Straight but will roleplay any. Never played gay/bi male yet and probably wouldn't join a gay male only thread but would try my hand at writing a gay encounter if it came up in a storyline.

Dom/Sub. Will play either way for any gender.

RACE. Again most anything imaginable.

APPEARANCE. Whatever fits the character.

DISLIKES. Really hate playing alongside god mode characters, spent a lot of time on a roleplay on another site and two players really soured it for me. Roleplay where people seem more concerned about the canon of the setting or genre than whether it's fun, sexy and well written.

LIKES. Good sense of humour. Bad boys and Girls, much more interesting to play and to play off of.

GENRES. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi, but not exclusively. BDSM, non consent. Not interested in incest unless it's incidental rather than pivotal

HARD LIMITS. Peado, scat ,

AVAILABILITY. Very available at the moment unfortunately.

ANYTHING ELSE. Fairly new to the SRP board, but I have been writing in interactive stories for years and can write to a reasonably good literate standard.
[http://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php...dby=17259]Link to popular Roleplaying site Elliquay![/url]

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Gender: I generally play as a male, but can write female for secondary parts but once in a blue moon I will write as a primary female character.

- Opposing Writer: Female, exactly 100% of the time.

Age: Any age (allowed by the site)

- Opposing Writer: Any age, not as important as physical looks.

Orientation: Just straight.

- Opposing Writer: I'm guilty of a little hypocrisy here. I like all bi-sexual, hetero and lesbian characters for the other writer.

Power Exchange: Giving just about everything. I don't mind my characters being outwitted, outplayed, or overpowered occasionally, but they are not submissive.

- Opposing Writer: Taking everything I dish out mostly, hehe, but every once in awhile i like them on equal or slightly better footing. Depends on my mood i guess, but back and forth is fun too.

Race: Just about anything. I've got a pretty diverse life experience and have seen plenty of different cultures, races, and ethnic groups. I love adding to the story from different places and times.

- Opposing Writer: Likewise. Anything goes, love experiencing new.

Bodytype: While i TRY to be diverse most of mine fall into the Matt Damon/Jason Statham mold, but sometimes I go older and leaner or a bit heavier set.

- Opposing Writer: This is a very important aspect of my SRP Profile. I'm quite particular about YOUR characters looks. I absolutely love the following types; small, short, petite, tiny, cute, and especially cutesy. I don't mind women with curves or big bones, but in a story i view them more as a plot device then love interest or desirable conquest. While i don't care about the color of the skin I do like the creamy, shaven kind much better than anything else. Small breasts are a BIG bonus unless your character in the thread has some sort of motherly aspect to her. And now this is quite a contrast... Flat or Pregnant tummy's are awesome. Flat and taunt is the best description though. Little ears, little nose, small hands, small feet, if these details are included in your post it's a lot of tiny bonuses.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I like classic fantasy characters. Think Tolkien, Greek, etc. Vampires too. Pretty much anything goes.

Settings: Everything goes as long as it's interesting. Historical, Modern, Futuristic, Western, Roman, Greek, Fantasy, etc etc... I love setting, sometimes it will carry the story for me.

Likes/kinks: forced orgasms, pain, blood (not gore), tears (sad and happy), tickling, innocence, over stimulation, teasing, edging, domination of almost any kind. Verbal, physical, emotional, mental.

Hard limits: Scat, gay (mm), golden showers. <- that's really about it. everything else is at least 1% chance that i might rp it

Availability: On and off all the time... I come and go like the wind, but generally post every three days at the LEAST.

Everything is subject to change at any point or time.
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I found a few Adult Roleplay Profile sites, although the one I'm currently using was originally from a furry site. If anyone recommends another site, especially one with a "matching" feature, do let me know. I'll update this entry when I have some time.

* Found at: Literotica, Blue Moon, YM
* Other Preference, Switch, often dom
* Modern time period preferred.
* Preferred fantasy level: Some Fantasy

Character Notes:
I`m a male writer, but prefer writing female characters, for some odd reason. (: I have an SRP profile and ideas thread on Literotica (see signature).

Profile on Rabbit Hole:

Scribe's Retreat on Literotica
SRP Blog, Profile, Ideas, and Archives

F-List SRP Profile
Introduce yourself to me on YIM and let's play.
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My SRP Profile...

For prospective co-writers here on LIT I have compiled the following list of kinks and limits in order to give you some idea of what I might be interested in role playing. This list may change or be added to I expect over time.

Gender: I only play female characters.

Age: I can do anything from 18-35 easily. Not against trying older, ask if interested.

Orientation: I prefer playing heterosexual characters, but I can play bisexual as well.

Power Exchange: I like to play submissive women for the most part. They usually start out rebellious and stubborn because I love non-consent. I do not Dom or switch, I have tried and I just canít get into it.

Race: I've only played white girls, being white myself. Iíve never really tried to do other races.

Body type: I have blonde hair, 38 B bra size, green eyes, about 5 feet 5 inches in height, well rounded and spankable ass (or so Iíve been told), and have a plump curvy figure. I tend to enjoy writing characters of a similar type because I can really get into the character. With that said, however, I have no aversion to playing other physical types. A shorter height works well for me because I like to have the guy tower over me and make me feel small and weak. If you want a more busty type gal I can do that too. I'm not really interested in playing a really skinny type though. (Who wants to play with a breakable tooth pick when they can play with a curvy...wooden spoon? ;-))

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I will play fantasy races such as elf, fairy, vampire, witch, sorceress, angel/demon or anything in the Tolkein vein. I have no problem with the Star Wars or Star Trek them of characters either, but if you are looking for a specific type you may need to give me a little time to research so that I feel like I am prepared to write. Tentacles are not something I would look for, but I am not against exploring that realm further if it is done well.

Settings: I like historical, fantasy, medieval, futuristic/sci-fi, or modern day. I could try other specific eras, but no guarantee that I will know all about them.

Likes/kinks: My sexual nature is submissive and/or romantic. I really enjoy RPs featuring non-consent or dark storylines. My kinks include coercion, blackmail, abduction, captivity, rough sex, rape, sexual torture (denial of orgasm, etc.), teasing, spanking, light bondage (especially the tying of my wrists and ankles), gags, blindfolds, psychological/mind control, anal sex, being told I'm a good girl, being treated like a beautiful princess but fucked like a dirty little whore, discipline, hair pulling, handcuffs, tearing off of clothing, the sound of the zipper on a manís pants being lowered slowly (This one really gets me horny.), slapping or hitting, collars, whips.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, golden showers, animals/furries, necro, vomit, drinking piss, giving foot worship, graphic gore, one liners, and waiting for long periods of time for a posting without notice.

Availability: I enjoy writing and try to check in often, but Iím also realistic and know that life, and sometimes even work, happens to us all. So if I get pulled away for a while I try to alert my co-writers in an OOC post or a quick PM message to explain my extended absence. I appreciate the same from those I write with when possible as well.

Big thank you to others who posted to this thread before me, I stole many great ideas from several of you.

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figure this could be useful for my prospective co-writers so here goes.

Gender-I play guys, but when playing multiple characters I have no problem juggling a girl as well.

Age-18-35 I guess, I really haven't thought about it much.

Orientation-Heterosexual though conditional if in threeway where the women is the center of attention or the ringleader where its still me and the girl and the other guy is just extra-does that make any sense?

Power Exchange-I usually like to play submissive, but I've recently done a thread where I played a dom, and people said I was good at it-though it was a loving dom and not the sadistic kind-if that means anything.

Race-white, I can't stand when I try to write other races, it just sounds so lame.

Body Type-alot of the girls here, play really sexy characters with sexy bodies to match. I think its only fair that I try to play characters with hunky or sexy bodies for them too. Unless I'm specifically going for a character with a specifically un-hunky body type that's the general rule of thumb I go for.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations-yes to all generally save for furries-they usually just creep me out, I'm not sure why.

Settings-Generally gothic fantasy, epic fantasy, scifi, mythology, or modern day.

Likes/kinks:-my nature is submissive, though as I said above, I'm exploring my dominant side, so I guess I'm a switch. My kinks include empowered women, dangerous women-women who know what they want and won't take any shit over it until they get it. I enjoy bondage, rough sex, being ridden cowgirl style, and threesomes.
Also a theme in alot of my threads I like playing the average guy with the more-than-average woman...whether a vampire, succubus, vampire slayer, or dominant woman I like the juxtapositioning of pairing them with the everyman sort of guy.
That's by no means an exhaustive list, but enough to get what I like across.

Hard Limits-Minors, scat, golden showers, animals/furries, necro, vomit, drinking piss, foot worship, graphic gore, one liners, and going by the seat of my pants. I don't do my best work improvisationally-I need collaboration with my co-writer to really shine.

Availability: I am online alot and can post atleast two or three times a week if not everyday. That's not a promise of posting everyday, it's a statement of availability.
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Gender: I am female and am most comfortable playing female roles but I have been known to try my hand at the odd male one now and thenÖ

Age: For human characters, I can do anything from 18 upwards...

Orientation: I am bisexual and can play heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian characters as necessary

Power Exchange: I tend to play the more submissive/more masochistic roles (mainly because I enjoy writing non-consensual scenes Ė I like the psychological side!) with a defiant streak (naturally!) but would like to think Iím diverse enough to try other variations. Am not all that brilliant at being Domme but who knows, one dayÖ
I don't do doormats.
Give me a strong female lead with an equally strong male counterpart any day!

Race: As far as I know, Iíve only ever played white roles. This isnít conscious so, again, Iíd like to think Iím diverse enough to try and portray other races

Bodytype: In real life, Iím fairly tall, rather curvy with a generous bust. (See my pic thread for a better idea!) when it comes to SRP I play whatever is best suited for the character!

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have played a Ďfurryí once and loved the challenge but would need a good co-writer (the only reason I stuck with it originally!) and story line to tempt me back! Vampires, mythical races etc. are all good. I get a little lost when it comes to aliens etc.

Settings: I love historical settings/fantasy style settings/contemporary settingsÖbasically anything that goes along with a compelling storyline! Futuristic/sci-fi stuff is not really my cup of tea as I get a little lost in the technical details of such settings and worrying about those means the story suffers for me personally.

Likes/kinks: I like stories with story. I like characters with character. I love a good involved saga that happens to have sex in it, rather than a thread that uses a flimsy story line simply to jump from sex scene to sex scene.

My sexual nature is submissive and slightly masochistic and as such do enjoy SRPs with darker storylines. My kinks include (but are by no means limited to) coercion/blackmail/abduction/slavery/captivity, rough sex/rape/sexual violence, domestic violence/battery/torture/knives/cutting/implements/spanking/etc, tattoos/branding/marks/collars/bondage, humiliation/objectification/psychological torture/etc, choking/asphyxia Öthat being said, there is nothing wrong with a good romantic storyline and all the lovey dovey romantic stuff that goes with it!
These are not must haves. I have written and have enjoyed many threads with absolutely none of these things in them!

Dislikes: Minors, incest (just creeps me out!), scat, animals, necro, vomit, drinking piss/golden showers, foot worship, graphic/unnecessary gore Ė biggest turn off though are posts with little or no effort (there is no excuse these days for bad spelling with the plethora of spell-checking options out there!), partners who donít read back to maintain continuity, heowge plot changes without prior discussion !

Availability: Usually around evenings and weekends (based in Europe so keep that in mind!) Always open to suggestions for new threads so PM if you have a story in mind...one liners will be deleted without response so please bear that in mind

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Gender: Female

Age: I'll play anywhere 18-early 30's.

Orientation: If I can lick it or suck it, I'll play with it. (I'm bi, so I'll play with anyone.)

Power Exchange: Submissive. I like a guy/gal who can control me strongly. I may fight you, or I may give in completely with difficult streaks. But all in all, I love to be controlled... and if I do fight, I love the punishment that follows.

Race: Whatever seems to fit the story or my co-writers preferences.

Bodytype: Again, whatever fits or cowriters prefer. If left to my own devices, usually petite and busty.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm a lover of darker stories, so vampires, werewolves, and the like are all very interesting to me. Furries are a possibility, but the story had better make sense. I'm also into Futa, so I guess that fits into mutations? Maybe?

Settings: I'm not picky on this. It can be modern day, futuristic, set in the past... But I'm not good with historical settings.

Likes: Abduction, Slavery, Captivity, Petplay, Bondage, asphyxiation, light blood play, tattooing, branding, piercing, spanking, torture, nonconsent exhibition, humiliation, group sex, light watersports, bukkake, tribadism, titfucks, futanari, tentacles, and, above all else, cowriters who can create sentences that leave me a whimpering puddle in my chair.

Dislikes: Minors, scat, Necro (Only thing that might break this is a zombie char? But please don't leave your dick behind inside me, Rotting Corpse Man.)

Availability: I'm usually around most of the week. Weekends I'm away. There are times due to health that I need to be missing a number of days from the week, but I do try to check in via phone to see if I'm needed.
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Gender: I only play female characters.

Age: I can do anything from 18-35.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Power Exchange: I'm not interested in extreme domination or submission. I like plots that incorporate emotion and demonstrate character growth along with the sex, so the power exchange kind of depends on the situation in the story. I would say I prefer the woman to be the more submissive of the two.

Race: I'm open to playing different races, but thus far, have always stuck with what I know--white.

Bodytype: Whatever I create for the character I imagine for the story. It can vary. I'd be open to considering my writing partner's preferences when making decisions about my character's looks.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm not really interested in any of this aside from fairy tale type settings/situations. I might consider slight paranormal or magical elements in a mostly realistic setting (ie: a sexual curse or spell, a scientific anomaly, etc.)

I like modern day, realistic settings. College campuses are great. I'd be interested in some historical settings if I'm at least somewhat familiar with the time period. I love the idea of giving fairy tales an erotic twist.

Likes/kinks: As mentioned before, I like realistic, one on one, heterosexual role plays with plot and emotional development for the characters as well as well written sex. I love lots of attention to the breasts, oral, fingering. Toys can be fun. Light consensual bondage and spanking (female receiving) can be very sexy in the right context. I like stories with a public twist--not outright voyeurism or exhibitionism, just the thrill of the threat of possibly being caught doing something naughty in public. I like playing an inexperienced girl (virgin or close to it) who's discovering sex and 'learning' from a more experienced man. I'm pretty open as long as it doesn't fall into the categories below.

Soft limits: I'm not interested in the 'typical' blackmail type plot. I'm not saying I'll never write it, but it would have to be an idea with a real twist to entice me to do so. It will also take an exceptional idea to get me to write adultery, swinging, or multiple partners/threesomes or more/swinging/etc. That said, my Never Again thread has adultery and I adore that thread. I'm just warning you that I don't gravitate to these subjects and most ideas pitched to me along these lines will be rejected. Most, but not necessarily all.

Hard limits: Violence, non-consent, incest, underage, humiliation, non-human, anything involving human waste. I'm not really interested in writing anal penetration.

Availability: I can typically post at least a couple times per week--often more. If I have to disappear for a while, I will let my writing partners know that, and I'd appreciate the same.

I am an articulate and detailed writer with spelling and grammar skills who will always reply with at least a few paragraphs. I don't expect perfection from a co-writer, but I do expect my partner to make an effort to post at least a couple paragraphs in replies. I don't want to work with someone who only gives one line replies, who writes in text speak, or who doesn't move the story forward.

You should also know that I'm a plotter. I like to have at least a loose plan of where we're going to take the story before starting because I think it helps prevent aimless rambling, and I like to keep communication going via pm throughout the SRP to make sure both of us are still on the same page with the story.

If you think you'd like to write with me, then send me a PM with a description of what you have in mind.

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Gender: I'm female, and don't really have a want to play male characters.

Age: Umm... let's go with 18-35.

Orientation: I'm bi-curious, sooo... if the scene is right, i'd play bisexual or lesbian. I have barely any experience with other girls though.

Power Exchange: I'm a submissive woman. Again, exploring that side of me sexually is something i've not touched upon much, but I would like to try. I do play women with attitudes a fair bit too, mostly because it's fun I highly doubt i'd be able to Domme another person I'm also perfectly fine with vanilla.

Race: I'm fine with playing any race. I'm biracial (Caribbean and British) so I guess I have an experience of different cultures? Also, if we're going in terms of non-human, i'm open, long as I can research and get a general idea.

Bodytype: I'm slim built, and 5' 8'', and prefer playing girls of similar build, though playing petite women is fine with me too.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Aliens, elves, fairies, demons, ghosts, witches, all good. Furries are a no, and i'd definately rather keep species I play humanoid (as in, two legs, two arms).

Settings: Hoo boy... i'm open. Historical is fine by me, as long as I know something about the period, otherwise i'd be feeling out of my depth. Futuristic, also fine, specially since that's open to interpretation. Also fantasy. If anyone wants to roleplay to settings from a book or anime I know, i'd be signing up.

Likes/kinks: Seduction, majorly. It's the thrill of the chase, if you will. I'm a sensual person, being touched, massaged in the right way turns me on. I like the thrill of acting innocent, but being very naughty. Kinks from a D/s point of view are still to be explored, methinks. I have a curiousity about non-consent and rough play.

Hard limits: Underage, scat, blood, vomit, racial slurs, furries/beastiality. Anything overtly violent.

Availability: Pretty much daily during weekdays, once the next week is out of the way. I work all day, both days at weekends, but often check messages and so on during my breaks. I'm a student who's starting lessons again in October.

Other Notes: I'm open to receiving PMs with suggestions or feedback. My writing is something i'm always nervous about, since I know i'm not the most eloquent writer ever. One thing I try never to do is rush a post. I like to write detailed and long roleplays. If you like what you read, feel free to message me.
My SRP Profile

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

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Gender: Female characters

Age: At least 18 (usually 18 to 40)

Orientation: hetero or bi-curious

Power Exchange: Light Master/sub play is acceptable.

Bodytype: I can play either slim women or voluptuous women

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Ailens of a humanoid body type, almost any race from the Star Trek universe. No furries, mutants, vampires, etc..

Settings: Western (regular or a steampunk setting), Sci-fi/futuristic, Star Trek universe (preferably with original characters)

Likes/kinks: nipple play, light bondage, light master/sub play. erotic or romantic scenarios

Hard limits: no scat/urine play, whipping/flogging, cruel treatment

Availability: If I begin an RP I will do my best to see it through to the end and hope you do to.
Lit Profile

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current RP's
Stuck in L.A.

on hold:

30 Days and 30 Nights on Risa

completed RP's

Twilight of Innocence ; Surprises come in small packages ; A Blast From the Past ; Nurse? Are you there

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I am Ike and after a long period of being out of the country I am back and want to start writing again.

GENDER: I like to play only male characters

AGE: My characters can be anywhere from 20 to 45 years old, I feel I can write accurately in those age ranges.

ORIENTATION: I will play both straight and bisexual characters.

RACE: I will only play the white male character, but have no problem with an interracial story line.

BODY TYPE: I prefer my characters to be athletic and fit.

ALTERNATE SPECIES: I have no idea how to write that, and if anyone can explain furries to me it would be much appreciated.

SETTINGS: This is my big thing. I like rich, detailed and, descriptive settings with at least some technical accuracy.

LIKES/KINKS: I am a leg man. If another writer doesn't want her characters feet played with and toes sucked, I am probably not the best addition to the thread. However, that will never be the main focus.

HARD LIMITS: Minors, scat and golden showers....any bodily fluids.

AVAILABILITY: As I mentioned before, from time to time, my work carries me away to places where internet service is sketchy to non existent. I will always advise if/when I am leaving so arrangements can be made to find another writer.

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Gender: Female ONLY

Age: At least 18. I'm not sure how the oldest would be to play--maybe 28?.

Orientation: Hetro ONLY

Power Exchange: Vanilla to Heavy Bondage

Bodytype: Curvy, Toned--depends

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Furries? oh fuck no. That's kind of gross. I'll stick with human ONLY.

Settings: Modern day to future settings. Perhaps others with the right partner.

Likes/kinks: I like incest stories (daddy/daughter, uncle/neice, etc.) and I LOVE stories with older men (in character). Hit me up, and I'll elaborate.

Hard limits: No killing my char and fucking her, that's a little gross. Cutting up is OK to a limit.

Availability: Well as airheaded as I am, I'm going to stick with just 2 stories but I love reading others' stories! I think now, with posting I can do one story a day. For example if I have 5 stories going then I can only answer one at a time each night.

I think my right is that if you don't answer a story (one I CAME UP WITH) with in 7 days then I have a right to declare that thread dead and start it with a new partner. The same goes for you, if I don't answer with in the time you want, do what you will. I'm here to have fun, not become a slave to the stories.
DJ by night, good girl by day
Also, I'm not accepting any job offers or productions.
Thank You.

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Hi, everyone. My nick, Commendatore, means "Commander" in Italian, which I speak IRL, along with French, Spanish and German. I'm new to Literotica, but not to SRP. I've written a fair amount of erotica and porn outside RPing as well. Here's my profile info:

Gender: I'm a male, I will play any gender character.

Age: 18 and up

Orientation: Het or Bi.

Power Exchange: Primarily dominant, happy to switch or submit for a great story. The play's the thing, as Shakespeare said.

Race: Any. I grew up in some very ethnically diverse areas, and have a broad base of familiarity with many cultures (travel).

Bodytype: Most any. Usually tall, leanish. But it's writing, and I can write any damn thing.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: All fantasy races are great. I love evil and conflicted supernatural characters especially. Furries, not so much.

Settings/Styles: Any. I adore lush romance periods, anything decadent and corrupt. But my style is terse, laconic, harboiled. I'm not averse to any setting, and am pretty facile with most. Supernatural, historical, modern...I'm up for all, though my posts are sometimes just short cinematics that look for a response. I tend to conjure images and emotions, drive the pace tirelessly as a real sexual encounter that's laden with fantasy usually is, and say little else. I like to tell a story, but I like the sex to be the meat and the story the potatoes and gravy, if that makes sense to you. That's not a set-in-stone rule, but I'm not looking to write a Harlequin Romance, either. I am very flexible with the right writing partner. I get energy and creativity from smart collaboration.

Likes/kinks: Wow. Too many to list. IRL, I have many, many kinks, and enjoy writing ones I don't really possess, too. BDSM, D/s (I top 99% of the time, the other 1% is because of an amazing partner), nonconsent, blood, and torture to sexy clothes and shoes, sweetness and light. I'm a dualist.

Hard limits: Children, necrophilia, pointless toilet stuff. Anything else I'm 100% on board with, regardless of how fucked up it might be.

Availability: I can usually post 2 or more times per day, depending on the level of detail in the story.

Some threads I'm writing in, which show a good bit of my range and interests:

Fright Night

New Nurse at Arkham

Chateau de Loire

The Runner

Shadows of Sherlock Holmes

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Posts: n/a
Gender: Female only

Age: From 18 to 26 (I like to stick close to my age) For supernatural characters I can go into the few hundreds.

Orientation: Mainly heterosexual but always willing to experiment, I have no problem playing bisexual characters.

Power Exchange: Primarily submissive, masochistic and bratty, I love the struggle and the chase, I love non-consensual scenarios. With occasional switch tendencies depending on the type of play, I can be a bit of a sadist if the story calls for it and is really good. I couldn't Domme a completely submissive guy though, I like challenges.

Race: I play mostly white or mixed races. Latin/white, Asian, Italian etc.

Body-type: Curvy, Tall, similar to my own body type.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Definitely not furries, Not really into the whole mutant/alien type. I mostly go with your average human and your fantasy-type humanoid, vampires, magicians, demons, etc.

Settings: I like contemporary fiction, I'm not very much into the whole historical or mythical settings but perhaps if a story caught my attention and mixed settings I'd give it a try. Also I'm a big sucker for post-apocalyptic and post WW3 scenarios, World at an end, wastelands etc, if its dark and evil, all the better. I've never done anything in a cyberpunk or steam punk setting but that would definitely be fun to try. I'm not very much into sci-fi, but I don't mind a bit of futuristic elements in semi contemporary settings.

Likes/kinks: I like pushing limits, since I'm naturally submissive, I enjoy masochistic situations and sadism, I love non-consensual with a lot of struggle I'm a challenge and I like being stubborn and putting up a fight but in the end, I want to be subdued by any means. Evil, dark and violent story lines and plots are my favorite.

verbal humiliation
public humiliation (can be discussed)
gang bangs
group sex
hair pulling
psychological abuse
fear play
rough play (rough sex and rape)
mild violence(we can discuss this)
pet play
being used by several men while my Master watches (in D/s scenarios)
knife play

I like D/s, but the story doesn't necessarily have to be focused on that, I can play an independent character as well. I have no problem with graphic violence, blood or gore as long as its not way over the top. I don't mind romance, I don't play lovey-dovey but perhaps in a twisted sort of way.

Dislikes: Children, bathroom play, god modding, needles, insects, animals and single paragraphs. I try my best to keep my spelling mistakes to a minimum and its okay if you have a mistake or two but I will not play with someone who doesn't know the difference between you're, your and doesn't care about punctuation. English is not my first language and if I'm making an effort to write a more than decent piece, I'll expect you to do the same.

Availability: Fairly available. I'm actually very new at this here but I role played for a while a few years ago and I figured I'd give it a try again, some of the stories here are really interesting, maybe I'll come up with an idea of my own pretty soon. If anyone has some tips or suggestions about getting started on roleplaying I'd really appreciate it

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Gender: Now I only play females. In an attempt to broaden my horizons, I tried writing males. Yikes! It was very funny but not intentionally.

Age: 18 to 40.

Orientation: Heterosexual and bisexual.

Power Exchange: A little Dom, a little sub. A little top, a little bottom. Occasionally, a lot of sub. With the right story, anything goes.

Race: I have no racial preferences, not in characters to play or in characters to play with

Bodytype: I am willing to adapt to the taste of my fellow writers, although I tend to keep my characters small and bouncy like myself.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Earth girls are easy but still some guys like to try new things and I am not adverse to fantasy races, vampires, werewolves, angels/demons and realistic aliens (humanoid). Iíve never tried furries, Iím not against them, it has just never come up.

Settings: Period pieces in historical settings are something Iíd like to try. I'm really into sci-fi and fantasy settings but I am still waiting for the perfect Zombie Apocalypse story. Contemporary settings work just fine too, if the characters are interesting.

Likes/kinks: I like a good spanking when Iíve been naughty. A little bondage, a little coercion, a little rough...just bend me over the table and have a go.

Hard limits: Messy. I just hate things that are messy and belong in the bathroom. Otherwise, if it isnít against the rules, Iíll consider it.

Availability: When I am busy at work, my time is limited but I can usually give my partners a heads up. Otherwise, I am available most evenings.

"I'm not short. I'm fun size."

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Posts: 3,140
Gender: I am male and I am interested in playing male characters. (I'll play secondary female characters as needed.)

Age: I am well past the age of consent and well before the age of retirement, so I'm content playing any character within that age range.

Orientation: Heterosexual. (I have occasionally portrayed futanari, but only with a female co-author.) I have zero interest in any male-on-male sexual activity.

Power Exchange: My default is to write someone thoughtful and conscientious, so usually it's a balanced exchange to mildly dominant. For example, my character might direct the action with verbal instructions, but he wouldn't expect that she would require his approval for her to take action.

I will be more dominant if my co-author requests it or indicates a marked preference for being submissive. However, I prefer to discuss her concept of submission in detail. I very much prefer to stay close to my partner's boundaries. I don't want her to be offended for crossing the line any more than I want her to be bored for being too milquetoast.

This particularly applies to the use of physical pain. If you want a light spanking or a fierce beating, just specify. If you like the guy to nibble a little or to leave bruises with his teeth, just say so.

I also need to know the motivation for the male's use of force. I don't mind if it stems from affection, e.g., she enjoys the pain, so he hurts her because he enjoys her happiness. I don't mind if it stems from indifference, e.g., he only cares about his pleasure and doesn't care if he hurts her a bit in the process. I am less a fan of hate, though, e.g., he hurts her because he enjoys making her suffer. Perhaps if there is something interesting behind it, e.g. he hurts her because he hates himself for loving her.

I've never had a co-author express an interest in my character being submissive, but I wouldn't be averse to trying it.

Race: I generally don't attempt to write phonetically in order to mimic an accent. I might vary my vernacular a bit to fit the setting, but generally all my characters sound the same, regardless of their race or ethnicity. Subject to those caveats, I will play whatever race seems appropriate.

Body Type: I honestly generally prefer to be guided by my co-author. If a particular body type appeals to her in the male character, I'm glad to play it. Absent that, I tend to default to a guy around 6', swimmer's build, clean-shaven, reasonably handsome, decently endowed, etc.

Alternative species/furries/vampires/etc. I tend to have difficulties understanding why an ancient creature (vampire/demon/etc.) would be particularly interested in a 20-year-old mortal; I'd expect they'd be rather disdainful towards such a clueless youth. But aside from that, I don't really care whether the characters have pointy ears, fur, tails, etc. if my co-author is so inclined.

Settings: I don't care for heavily magical settings. Mythical creatures, races, locales, etc. are fine, but if a wave of a wand makes anything possible, the whole setting seems to lack substance. I shy away from mind control and virtual reality as well. Aside from that, any historic, pseudo-historic, modern, or future setting is fine.

I don't care for zombies. I find the whole "decaying corpses that move" imagery to be a disconcerting backdrop for sexual role-playing.

I shy away from SRP in pre-existing fictional worlds, like Star Trek or Harry Potter. I might craft a character inspired by another author's work, but having to emulate another author's character is not my preference.

Likes/kinks: I like co-authors who don't mind being specific about what they like, either IC or OOC. The highest praise I can receive from a co-author is for her to tell me that my words turn her on, so it helps if I know what stories she most enjoys.

I like descriptive co-authors who go into detail, particularly during the sex scenes and especially when describing the female character's perspective. A well-written oral sex scene is a particular favorite.

On occasion, I just want to write a simple sex story where the characters are naked and fucking one another's brains out within the first few posts. But generally I prefer characters with a back story and personality that realistically affect their actions, which often means that you have to tell a story explaining why they ended up in bed together.

Absent a strong aversion from my co-author, I prefer my female participants to be extremely busty with thick nipples and round butts. (Her cup size hails from the middle of the alphabet, not the first 4 letters.) On a related note, I find pregnant women sexy, so I don't mind threads that feature breeding and/or pregnant females. Lactation and breast growth are also minor fetishes.

Dislikes/limits: I'm not into scatological or male-on-male material. I have very limited tolerance for blood. I have no interest in anal.

I don't care for co-authors who have only vague concepts of grammar and spelling. The occasional typo or mistake is fine, but regular misspellings and grammatical errors set my teeth on edge.

I generally write in long, multi-paragraph posts that generally give you a multitude of avenues for a detailed, thoughtful response. I expect the same in return. If your response wouldn't even max out the limit on a Twitter post, I will despise you till the end of your days. I don't expect Shakespeare, but if your sentences can't make "See Jane. See Jane run." seem erudite, you need to stay the fuck away from me.

Don't post in the present tense. Just don't.

I don't like co-authors who expect actions from my character that clearly clash with his personality and/or back story. My characters tend to behave in ways consistent with their motivations, so I dislike expectations for them to act inconsistently absent some powerful countervailing motivation. This is usually a result of a co-author not being specific or up-front about what they want in the story. (I can play the incestuous father, the abusive lover, the disloyal friend, the arrogant bastard, the heartless extortionist, etc.; just tell me that is what you want before I create a character that is kind and gallant.) Occasionally it's a result of a co-author who hasn't thought the story through, e.g. wants the male lead to be a sweet, nice guy while simultaneously having no reservations about doing something immoral, illegal, or just generally unwise.

The foregoing doesn't mean that my characters never make poor choices; just that they will have a reason for ignoring their better judgment. Lust, anger, greed, hate - all can be powerful motivators for doing something my character would ordinarily consider wrong.

I don't like co-authors who provide no interior monologue for their characters. Don't just react on the surface. Give me some clue as to what your character is thinking.

Availability & Response Times: Usually at least a couple times a week, occasionally more, but sometimes less. Also depends on how many threads I'm juggling. And to be honest, it also depends on how interested I am in our thread; I post more frequently when I'm motivated.

NOTE: If you have to be away from Literotica for awhile, I'm almost always fine with putting the thread on hiatus until you return if you ask me first. However, if you disappear for weeks/months without notice, please don't post out of the blue and expect me to resume posting without so much as a by your leave. At the very least, message me that you're back and tell me you'd like to resume the thread.

Similarly, if you generally develop a temporary hankering to RP that only lasts a few weeks, after which point you disappear for months on end, don't bother with me.

Venue: I prefer to RP by forums. My messaging inbox fills up too fast to make that viable for long.

I'm generally not fond of doing threads via instant messaging. Lol speak isn't usually sexy and too often the session ends when the action is heating up.

I am amenable to threads by email when the subject matter treads too close to the boundaries of Literotica.

This is my profile
This has come up lately with a couple of times with new writers, so let me set it out here. The above is my profile.

You will note that I do not post on the Literotica Personals board. I am not looking to find and make real world connections with anyone I interact with here. I am here to write fictional sexual escapades encounters with other similarly anonymous writers.

There are only two bits of real world information I'm sharing with you. I am male. Given the sexual nature of my writing, I personally would care whether my co-author in the scene was male or female. As such, that is knowledge you should have.

I am also an adult older than 18. I have no desire to engage in sexual role-playing with anyone underage and neither should you. As such, that is information you should have.

As for the rest, I am whatever my character is.

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Posts: 2,129
Gender: My main characters are male. I can write female characters if they are needed as supporting characters. Not adverse to writing a tentacle monster.

Age: Humans, 18-40ish?

Orientation: heterosexual

Power Exchange: Generally tend to be dominant. But it depends on the story we're trying to tell. I'm not really into the BDSM scene, so this is probably moot.

Race: i'm white, so i typically play white guys. Perhaps with a little native american blood. Am open and capable of writing characters of other ethnicities if the story calls for it.

Bodytype: I can be a skinny hipster rocker guy, athlete, big biker dude, whatever. Too much fat gets in the way though.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: i'm open to sci-fi and fantasy, certainly. Furries do nothing for me. Mutations can be interesting and i'd be willing to give it a try.

Settings: Historical stuff i tend to shy away from, due to my general lack of knowledge (though late 1960's san francisco i'm pretty good with and open to a thread in that space in time). D&D type fantasy i would love to do. Sci-fi is good. My stuff generally tends to be contemporary and gritty, often looking into seedier sides of things.

Likes/kinks: bro/sis and daddy/daughter incest,
Choking/beating during rough sex, nonconsent/rape, teacher/student, rock n roll, high school/college type settings, tentacle monsters, dungeons and dragons fantasy, sluts, whores, certain light bondage but not the full on BDSM thing, alcohol, drugs.

Here's my thing about illicit drugs: america is the world's largest consumer of then. Millions of people use them. Many of those people like to get high and fuck. Alcohol is an incredibly powerful drug. I have a long history of having used drugs but have been clean for two years. I like writing about it though. I'm not trying to glorify drug use here, but characters with addictions and issues are more interesting to me to write about. Drugs i prefer to write about: alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD-25, mushrooms, and pharmaceuticals (typically uppers, downers, and dick-stiffeners).

Hard limits: poor spelling and grammar, glaring inconsistencies within the story, having details from my posts being completely ignored, one-line posts.

Availability: Typically able to post a few times in a given day.

Writing style: i tend to write at least two paragraphs per post, often as many as five or six. I won't make you read a novel on every post, but i will try to pack each post with relevant information. I will carefully read your posts and take them fully into account when i write mine. Also, i will not put words in your mouth or have your character do anything without getting permission, and i expect the same courtesy in return.

I'm generally not interested in jumping right to the sex. Sometimes it happens but i'd prefer to build a lot of tension between characters first so as to make the sex scenes truly memorable.
My Profile
Heavenly Bodies
Living In Sin (Idea Thread)
Always happy to chat on google
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