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Thumbs up How to Search Literotica Stories Using Google

*Copy and pasted with permission from Hotcappucino*

[Also - please read Laurel's message below re: Lit's search capabilities]

Originally Posted by Hotcappucino
If you've ever tried to look for a specific story using Literotica's Story Search function, you've probably found the experience fairly lacking. The major shortcoming of Story Search is that it only scans through the keywords that the author has provided, not the entire text of the story. However, you can simply use Google as a very capable and powerful search tool. The key is to use the site: operator to restrict the search to only those pages that are a part of Literotica. For example:
If you want to search only in a particular category, include the string "index : category name" (make sure you include the surrounding quote marks, and there's one space on either side of the colon). For example, to search in the Mature category, you might use:
site:literotica.com "index : mature"
Why does this work? If you take a look at the upper left hand corner of any story, you'll see a string starting with "index : " and the name of the category. If you think the story might be in more than one category, you can use the OR operator (Google's Help page says OR must be uppercase):
site:literotica.com ("index : mature" OR "index : incest")
For searching forum messages, include the string "Literotica Discussion Board" instead of "index : category name":
site:literotica.com "Literotica Discussion Board"
If you know one or more words in the title, you can use the intitle: operator. For example, if you think Happy Birthday is in the title, you can use:
site:literotica.com intitle:happy intitle:birthday
The more unique and exact words or phrases you can include in your search, the more refined your search will be. The names of characters, places or things will give you the best results.

If you're finding that your search is returning too many hits, you can exclude the ones which have a certain word or phrase by putting a minus sign (hyphen) in front of it. For example, a search in the Incest category with the name Jake returns 88 hits. You remember that the story didn't have the word "sisters" in it, so you can refine the search by using:
site:literotica.com "index : incest" Jake -sisters
Here are some sample searches:
Search for stories in the Incest category where the name Heather appears.
Search for a story with a babysitter and New York in the story
Find a story in either the Group Sex or Interracial categories where the word Japanese and girlfriend appears
Search the forums for messages containing Japanese and girlfriend
Look for a story in the Lesbian Sex category where a character is a widow

Google only looks for single pages that contain all of the search phrases. This can be a problem with some of the longer stories on Literotica that span several pages. For example, if you're looking for an Incest story where the main character has sex with his mom and his Aunt Jenny, Google won't return a hit on that story if the scene with mom is on page 1 and the one with the aunt is on page 3. Likewise with multi-part/multi-chapter stories.

Sometimes when you click on a link to a story, you'll get redirected to the Literotica story index instead of the actual story. Usually that's due to the story no longer being posted (possibly the author has asked Literotica to take the story down). You can sometimes see at least one cached page of the story by clicking the Cached link.

Try synonyms if you can't remember the exact word used in the story. For example, if you can't remember if the story took place on a boat, ship or yacht, you should try all three:
Search for stories where margaritas are served. The story takes place on a boat, ship or yacht.

Along the same line, be careful to avoid generic descriptions. For example, suppose you vaguely remember that the story involved a woman giving the main character a blowjob. You could try searching on the phrase "she gave him a blowjob," but if that's not the exact phrase used in the story, you won't get a hit on it. It could have been written "she sucked on his cock" or "she took me in her mouth" (if it's a story told in the first person), so you may need to try many different variations of the phrase.

Happy hunting!
A regular reader suggested this sticky, I'd give full credit to her. But, since the communication was in PM I won't post her name unless she gives me permission.

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We also have a search function on the site itself. Try it at:

Click the "Advanced Search" for more options.

Additionally, you can browse stories by tags here:

Try 'em out, and let us know what you think!

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