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The Massage to Climax Providers for Ladies Registry

Well, I've noticed that we have threads listing providers of NSA oral services for both genders. I wonder, however, if there isn't still an erotic need out there that is waiting to be met...

This is a thread where ladies can find guys (or girls) who are willing to come and rub them the right way, then go home without commitment, drama, or medical worries.

Providers, please post enough info about yourselves to let the girls know roughly where you are, your gender, and why you, personally, are the one who would leave them lying in a post-orgasmic puddle as you slipped back out the door.

If this thread gets too many extraneous messages, I'll edit this post and add links to individual post-profiles. My own follows immediately below.


Ladies, have you ever had a massage that went "too far"? You know...It was nice, felt good... then suddenly...

Hey, that's just a little too... Wait, that's my...!! Can he DO that?! Oohhh...

The above is meant to give you some idea of both the way I think about eroticism and the way I treat women.

I value a certain subtlety. I relish the sight and sounds of your pleasure.

And, oh yes, I mean to have my way with you.

If you've just been picturing yourself as the girl in my little scene and part of you said yes without being asked, PM me and let's talk.
My personal thread, for chatting and playing: Blase's Beach House

My personal ads, for ladies who:

think they might be submissive,

just like the idea of running around naked,

or would really like to be rubbed the right way.
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Hey add me to the list..I love a good massage all over....
Like Colonel Sanders says its finger lickin' good..- Madonna

A pleasuredome erect
Moving on keep moving on-yeah
Moving at one million miles an hour
Using my power
I sell it by the hour
I have it so I market it
You really can't afford it-yeah
Really can't afford it

Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Moving on Keep moving on
I will give you diamonds by the shower
Love your body even when it's old
Do it just as only I can do it
And never ever doing what I'm told -FGTH


Visit my thread....

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Really Really Experienced
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Siempre En Mi Mente
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Mmmmm. Sounds wonderful.
Psssst..... I don't cyber. Don't ask.
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Red face Youre pleasure is my business AND Pleasure

This Thread sounds like the perfect opportunity for all interested parties! It certainly is for me!

I'm a 44 Married WM and just love to ensure that a woman gets exactly what she wants.

A little oil can go a LONG way to providing the ultimate in relaxation and pleasure.

A LOT of oil can ensure that tight muscles get run over and eased without causign any (unwanted) pain.

I travel around the middle of the country and enjoy a warm chat when I'm on the road.

I'm quite interested in escalating that a bit and providing massage "services" is a great way to address some womans needs as well as mine in a safe and enjoyable environment!

These hands are golden for the purpose. Strong, Gentle and with skin that is just a little rough.

ahhhh, let me please your body. for in doing so, I am fulfilled...
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Hold your licker
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I'll perform a amassage with my fingers tongue or anything else you might want. Check out my profile or PM me if you want to know more...
I LOVE thee not for sacred chastity.
Who loves for that? nor for thy sprightly wit:
I love thee not for thy sweet modesty,
Which makes thee in perfection's throne to sit.
I love thee not for thy enchanting eye,
Thy beauty, ravishing perfection:
I love thee not for that my soul doth dance,
And leap with pleasure when those lips of thine,
Give musical and graceful utterance,
To some (by thee made happy) poet's line.
I love thee not for voice or slender small,
But wilt thou know wherefore? Fair sweet, for all...

'Faith, wench! I cannot court thy sprightly eyes,
With the base viol placed between my thighs:
I cannot lisp, nor to some fiddle sing,
Nor run upon a high stretching minikin...
Not I, by cock! but I shall tell thee roundly,
Hark in thine ear, zounds I can **** thee soundly.

Christopher Marlowe
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I'm sorry

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I could suppply a NSA massage

I am an amateur massage artist.

I give great massages and find that they can really be theraputic. With the additional orgasm I am sure that they will be welll received.

I am professional by day and live in Knoxville, TN. 37 and in great shape.

Please contact me.

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I have magic fingers and my services are available.
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dave's thing
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Originally Posted by HoldYouDown View Post
I have magic fingers and my services are available.
jeeeeez you had to go waaaay back to dig this one up.
This is a record ... over 5 years
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Originally Posted by dave's thing View Post
jeeeeez you had to go waaaay back to dig this one up.
This is a record ... over 5 years
He had help: I linked to it in a recent post.

And the purpose of the thread is still valid. How many people are out there who'd be glad to have more physicality and eroticism in their lives, if only they could find it in a safe context, with a congenial partner?
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Watch out for that tail!
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I sure would, but it's been tough to find a partner in NC.
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