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Kitty Mama
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Congratulations to August 2005's Category Nominees

Hello, Authors & Readers!

On the 15th of every month, we tally up the votes from stories submitted during the previous month. The story in each category with the best voting score compared to all other stories submitted that month is automatically eligible for the 2005 Literotica Author Awards voting.

At the end of the year, we will have 12 nominees in each category. The 4 stories in each category with the best voting scores at the end of the year will go on to the final voting. One will be selected in each category as the top story for 2005.

Congratulations to the authors below, whose stories were ranked top in their category for the month. These are August's eligible works.

Anal - Dr. V Does a Thorough Exam / velvtysoft
BDSM - Discovery / rgraham666
Celebrities - A Jedi's Training Ch. 14 / AgntSmth
Chain Stories - Greek Myths: Echo and Narcissus / Dar~
Erotic Couplings - Welcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 04 / xxistential
Erotic Horror - Seed and Soul / Moon Dragon
Exhibitionist & Voyeur - Learning to Love Myself Ch. 02 / Mountain Rider
Fetish - Horny, Pregnant and Dripping Ch. 02 / xxistential
First Time - A Woman in Summer / new forester
Gay Male - Naples / undergear37
Group Sex - Crossroads / dr_mabeuse
How To - Anal Orgasms / penbeatsword
Humor & Satire - About Parents & Sex / EgmontGrigor
Illustrated - A Week to Remember Ch. 03 / Chris Cross
Incest/Taboo - A Brother & Sister Ch. 08 / nikki_2021
Interracial Love - Willie and the Grand Dragon Ch. 02 / shooter3704
Lesbian Sex - Vera / Caroline Covington
Letters & Transcripts - Dear John / Belle_Ringer
Loving Wives - Lilies and Roses / Tail End Pete
Mature - Uninvited / LilyTigress
Mind Control - Latin Ch. 02 / Colleen Thomas
Non-Erotic - Wrong Side of Town / Tail End Pete
NonConsent/Reluctance - Changed Girl Ch. 09 / Varian P
NonHuman - I Call to the Abyss / Colleen Thomas
Novels and Novellas - The Life of Michael Preston Ch. 03 / ChaseQ
Reviews & Essays - My Wedding Vow To You / bearlee
Romance - You're the One That I Want Ch. 15 / madame butterfly
Sci-Fi & Fantasy - The Solitary Arrow Ch. 22 / mack_the_knife
Text With Audio - Watching You Masturbate / SexyBCVoice
Toys & Masturbation - Riders Wanted / LanceSapikowski
Transsexual & Crossdresser - Something For Everyone Ch. 02 / TwistedPlayr
Dutch - De Borsten van Vanessa / movies_maidens_n_manmeat
French - Ses Expériences 01 / goldcaesar
German - Zu Gast in Japan / Andy43
Italian - none submitted this month
Spanish - El Trasero de Angelica / Erotikid
Romanian - Vrgina Mea / rumburak1969
Other - Ortalik Mali Göknil Hn'min misafiri / lulukucu
Erotic Poetry - hidden in space / WickedEve
Illustrated Poetry - smoke / minsue
Non-Erotic Poetry - Shades of Grey / Tristesse
Poetry With Audio - My Window / lindiana
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Hi, Laurel
My story, "The Professor's Dildo" was ranked higher in the Toys and Masturbation category on Sept 15 than "Riders Wanted" by MaxSapikowski and it had enough votes. Another story, "Rachel Loves Her Rabbit" is now ranked higher than either but it didn't have enough votes on Sept. 15.
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Something else I noticed. The 2nd and 3rd place winners aren't even listed as category nominees. Aren't the winners chosen from the nominees, or am I confused about that?
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Kitty Mama
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Boxlicker - Because we can't tally all category votes at the same time, and because story votes will change every day, the final results are those on the day we tally that particular category.

TBKahuna123 - The top 3 stories are those the garner top votes on the site, regardless of category. If, for example, the top three stories are all from the Romance category, only one would be the Romance category nominee, but the other two would still be the second and third place winners if their scores were higher than all other stories submitted during that month/contest.

Hope this makes sense!
"A great future doesn't require a great past." - William Chapman
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