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Best MMF story?

Wondering what people think is the hottest one out there on Literotica. Links anyone?
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This one is not bad


Hope I did that right
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And 0 stories? I think I placed this in the wrong location.
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Best stories...

No no no i think This the right place, just give people time. There are LOTS of incredibly hot mmf stories here on Lite. Saw this this morning - dont have time right now to go back and list some favorite authors and their stories - will try to bi the weekend. Butt there are stories here that Definitely are articulate and extremely arousing. Think this Will become a very hot thread; I look forward to seeing others posting their favorites here. Sorry i cant post any now, I will!
Funny Literate Creative Caring GGG & Kinky. The Mind is THE MOST important sexual organ; Being tuned into & onto the ideas that generate Lust in your Partner is the best aphrodiasic in the world.
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or this one

Karen and I had been living together for about six months when
she told me her ex-boyfriend Adam was coming back to town for a
visit. I told her I was cool with that, and even agreed to let
him stay at our apartment on the couch.

He is a big guy -- about 6'5" and 285 lb., with thick black hair and
huge legs and arms. He and I got along right away. There was none
of the tension I expected.

In the middle of the night I was awakened by movement in the bed.
I was shocked to find Adam on top of Karen right there in the bed
beside me, screwing her slow and deep. They had kicked back the
covers and both were completely naked. Karen's nightgown was
wadded at the pillows and her knees were spread wide to
accommodate him, his big ass rising and falling as he plowed her

I was pissed. I demanded to know what was going on, and Karen
just panted that she was sorry, but that his cock was so big she
just couldn't resist a reunion with it. Her fingers were digging
into his muscular ass as she wheezed. I could see the shaft of
his cock as he withdrew it and was amazed by its girth. I could
only imagine its length.

Adam looked over at me and asked if I was jealous. I said I sure
as hell was. He caught me completely off guard when he said he
could fix that. Before I knew what was happening he had flipped
me to my stomach like a rag doll and was stripping my briefs down
to my thighs while straddling the backs of my legs. "I don't want
you to be jealous of Karen, so I'll let you have some of this big
old dick for yourself."

I fought fiercely as he gripped his big wet cock in his fist and
wiped it between my ass cheeks, aligning the fat head against my
butt hole, but I could not overpower him. His strength was
unbelievable as he gripped my hips and firmly forced his fat
flesh up my fanny. I screamed in pain and begged him to stop,
trying to grip my ass closed to prevent invasion, but still it
slid deeper into me.

It seemed like it took forever for him to hit bottom, but finally
I felt his big, hairy balls pressing against my ass cheeks. I
felt like I had a telephone pole crammed up my butt as he lay on
top of me like a wrestler.

When he started to work it in and out I tried once again to fight
him off, as I panicked at the awareness that I was being raped.
He rode me like a horse, translating my insolence into vigorous
participation. "I just love it when they fuck back," he told

My tortured butthole began to grow accustomed to the thick
intruder, and soon he was thrusting into me as easily as a cunt.
As numbness set in and the pain flared less bright, I found
myself beginning to submit to him. My opposition slowly turned to
cooperation as I met his deep thrusts by pushing my ass back
against him. "You like that big cock, don't you?" he asked.

"Mmmmm...," was all I could answer as my hard cock rubbed against
the sheets in rhythm with his thrusts.

"I believe we got us a closet boy here," he told Karen. She just
giggled and told me she was glad I was finding out how great it
felt to be fucked by a horse dick.

Adam and I sweated together for more than thirty minutes as he
fucked me into oblivion. His staying power was incredible. He
maintained a vigorous pace, driving his big meat in to the balls
and only paused twice to stall an imminent orgasm. He explained
that he wanted to break me in right. I, on the other hand, came
twice, squirting a puddle of jism on the sheets.

He finally pulled me up to my knees so he could fuck me like a
dog. I bounced against him as our balls slapped together until he
unloaded a torrent of hot cum deep into my sore ass. He continued
to pump me, forcing the sticky juice out my ass and onto my balls
and down my thighs. I fell asleep with his hard cock still up my

Over the next several days Adam continued to break me in, fucking
my ass several times a day and teaching me how to deep throat his
enormous tool all the way to the balls, something that Karen had
never mastered. I discovered that I loved the salty taste of his
thick cum and craved it often. Luckily he seemed to have an
endless supply. At the end of every meal he would stand and move
beside me, his always-hard pole bouncing in my face. He would
smile and say, "Time for dessert, buddy," and I would greedily
coax the delicious cream up from his huge eggs.

After cumming down my throat he loved to go straight for my tight
ass, using a little fresh cum I had saved to lube that monster
dong of his. We both knew that so soon after cumming he could
last much longer. Lifting me like a little boy, he would lay me
on my back on the dining table with my eager ass hanging over the
edge. Holding my ankles high in the air with one hand, like
changing a baby's diaper, he would push his hard pole into my
trembling body like a freight train slowly entering a deep dark
tunnel. With his knees bent he would work his long dick from the
ridge of the apple-sized head all the way to the beer can base,
banging his big balls against my blissful butt. He never touched
my throbbing cock because it wasn't necessary. The pounding of
his pole against my prostate brought me more intense orgasms than
I'd ever known. He could fuck the cum out of me three times
before filling my fuck chamber with his hot sauce.

Karen grew jealous of our constant coupling, complaining that she
never got any dick anymore. She loved to watch us fuck, saying it
turned her on to see my dick erupt without being touched, but she
wanted that big dick stretching her cunt too. When Adam consented
I would feel my own jealousy rise, surprised that it bothered me
to share this wonderful man. I would insist that they fuck doggy
style so I could crawl underneath and lick the underside of his
beautiful tool as it slid in and out of her expanded beaver. He
rarely came inside her, preferring my hungry mouth, but when he
did I sucked out every drop from her steaming cavity, determined
to swallow all of my lover's tasty goo.

When the three of us went to a movie Adam sat in the middle. A
half hour into the movie he whispered that he had some hot butter
for my popcorn if I was interested. Karen was shocked to see me
bend over and suck his luscious sausage right there in the
theatre. She knew that I didn't even like to kiss her in public.
It wasn't long before my mouth was filled with the hot squeeze
butter and I neatly tucked the softening dispenser back into his

I never took a shower without a large cock buried up my ass. Adam
could lift me in his powerful arms and fuck me flat-footed, my
arms around his strong neck and my legs wrapped around his waist,
working short, deep strokes with his pelvis slapping my wet ass
cheeks. We could fuck like that till the water turned cold before
getting out and finishing with me bent over the sink.

I had called in sick to work for a week so that Adam and I could
make more use of our time, and we wasted none of it. When Karen
would leave us in the morning my ass would be stuffed with cock,
and when she returned in the evening she would find us the same
way. "Didn't you even take it out today?" she would tease, but I
sensed a growing animosity in her voice.

One afternoon I returned to the den after a trip to the bathroom,
stopping in the doorway with a strange new feeling in my stomach.
Adam was sitting on the sofa with his head thrown back and his
eyes closed, exhausted for once following a long lunchtime fuck
on the kitchen table. We had no need for clothes and I stared
hungrily at the heavy penis lying across his muscular thigh. That
powerful appendage had been the center of my universe for the
past week, and it stirred my limp organ back to life. But before
I moved closer to it, I paused to admire the rest of his gorgeous
body. God, he was beautiful. With a sudden ache in my chest I
began to realize that something inside me had changed.

I had never before been attracted sexually to another guy. For
the last week I had willingly submitted to Adam, worshipping his
cock with my mouth and eagerly welcoming it into my body,
consuming his potent seed with either end. But I done so because
it was so physically satisfying to me. I had experienced
countless anal orgasms more intense than any feeling I had ever
known, and even taking his meaty member into my mouth and
drinking his savory semen had been for my own pleasure. But now I
realized with illogical surprise that I had fallen in love with
this man who had forcefully taken my cherry and taught me how to
quench his vast sexual appetite.

I wanted him. Not just his dick, which I had had in abundance, I
wanted all of him. I wanted him to want all of me. I didn't want
to fuck, like we had so many times. I wanted to make love.

Tears leaked from my eyes as I crossed the room and quietly knelt
at his feet. Taking his long, flaccid cock in my fist I gently
fed it into my mouth, working it in deeply with my wet lips and
tongue. The talents I had honed in my short cock-sucking career
quickly brought the steel back to his wonderful organ. He moaned
his approval, keeping his head back and his eyes closed. My salty
tears mixed with his salty pre-cum as I efficiently soaked his
tool with slippery spit.

When I stood and began to climb onto him, straddling his lap with
my knees on either side of his warm thighs, he chuckled and
quietly asked, "Again? You trying to wear me out?"

"Shh...," I whispered. "Just lay back and enjoy." The words
clogged in my throat as I allowed my emotions to escape their
accustomed restraint. I reached behind me and took the thick
shaft in my fist, feeding it slowly into my hungry ass. My
tingling ass lips sweetly kissed the blunt head before spreading
into a wide yawn to swallow the bloated python. With my hands on
his broad shoulders I lowered myself onto my lover, savoring the
amazing sensations as his huge cock opened me up. This was the
first time that he had entered me slowly, and I relished the new
feelings. I could feel the progress of the knob as it bored
deeper into my expanding channel, squeezing past my sensitized
prostate, and the sizzling burn at the junction where his wide
shaft once again stretched my tight anal sphincter. It seemed
that the air was pushed out of me as the flesh was pushed in,
leaving me dizzy and breathless.

We groaned together as I settled onto his large balls like a mama
bird on her nest, completely engulfing his mammoth meat inside
me. With my eyes tightly closed and my body still, I concentrated
on massaging his cock with the muscles of my ass. "Oh, yes," he
purred indulgently as I gently squeezed his erection. His hands
were still at his sides, and I eased my hands lightly to his
sides, sliding them slowly around his back as I leaned forward
into him. Our sweaty chests pressed together and my aching
erection pressed against his abdomen as I held him in a warm
embrace. Without hesitation I brought my lips to his throat and
delicately kissed. He suddenly stirred, obviously confused at the
tenderness of my actions.

Before he could respond further I tightened my bear hug and
buried my wet face into his neck, snuggling and kissing as I
shivered against his warm body. He felt my tears on his neck and
quickly brought his big hands to my sides and raised his head.

"You're crying... What's wrong?" He tried to push me away to look
me in the eyes, but I held fast, stamping light kisses along his
neck, jaw, and ear while sobbing openly. His wonderful hands slid
down my damp back and cupped my round cheeks with a gentle
squeeze before returning to caress my back. "Baby, what's wrong?"
he asked again.

He had never called me "baby" before, and I sobbed even harder,
lost in my emotions for this marvelous man. I brushed my lips
against his ear and whispered softly, "Oh, Adam, I love you so
much." He remained silent as I wiped my tears against his cheek.
His long fingers enclosed my ass cheeks, and he turned his face
slightly toward mine. With our eyes closed we both exhaled, our
hot breath mingling around our noses.

His hands moved to my face, caressing the path they traveled, and
he wiped away my tears with his thumbs. "Don't cry, baby," he

"I can't help it," I answered. "I'm so happy." There was pain in
my heart, though, as I considered that his feelings for me did
not exceed the lust we had so often and eagerly sought to
satisfy. I suddenly felt it necessary to apologize for loving
him. "I'm sorry," I breathed.

"For what?" he asked, pulling my face in front of his, locking
our eyes for the first time since I had climbed upon him. I
didn't answer. I didn't need to, for in his eyes I saw the sudden
realization that I had discovered in myself as I stood in the
doorway looking at him moments earlier. An hour earlier our
entire relationship had been based on the sex act, but now there
was so much more.

There was love. Real love. Something neither of us had ever
expected, nor experienced before, with either gender. He had seen
the love in my eyes and had reflected it right back at me. We
stared in amazement for long minutes, seeing each other for the
first time. I broke the silence.

"I want you," I whispered, our noses touching.

"You've got me," he smiled sexily, his big hands returning to cup
and squeeze my ass cheeks to remind me that his entire erection
was *****ded inside me.

"I love it when you fuck me, but right now I want you to make
love to me." The hunger in my eyes was clear. I wanted to prove
my love to this man as much as I wanted him to prove his for me.

He tilted his head slightly and moved forward, bringing his lips
close enough to touch mine as he spoke, "I'm going to love the
shit out of you." I inhaled his hot breath as our lips faintly
danced. And then his lips pressed against mine and we began to
kiss in earnest. Our tongues found each other at once, and we
fell into a ritual ceremony of kissing unlike anything I had ever
experienced with a woman.

I raised myself up on his column of flesh and eased back down
again with excruciating lethargy as we devoured one another,
hands on faces and tongues rolling like tangled eels. Adam's big
hands returned to my ass cheeks, pulling then wider apart to
admit him even deeper. He met my every stroke as I rode him in
slow motion, pulling and squeezing with the muscles of my ass,
transporting our passion to undiscovered realms.

We had struggled long and hard to express our immense passion
when Adam sought a new position. Still cupping my ass to keep his
cock buried inside me, and never breaking our fiery kiss, he
lifted me with him and laid me down on my back on the sofa. He
quickly pulled my legs up to rest on his shoulders and continued
our beautiful lovemaking. I thought he might revert to the
brutal, rapid fucking pace we had practiced and enjoyed so much,
but his speed was languorous and loving.

With more room to move he could work his long cock fully, often
pulling from balls-deep all the way to the tip, popping the wet
bulb completely past my anus and allowing my ass lips to contract
with a smacking sound. He never broke contact, both of us loving
the feeling as my nether lips kissed and nibbled and sucked at
the pink, puffy knob of his manhood. I worked my man-pussy
expertly to suck him back into me, groaning into his mouth as he
filled me with cock and I met his balls with my widespread ass.
The heat from his beautiful penis radiated to my very core as I
wallowed in the ecstasy of being totally stuffed full of it.

My own throbbing cock was squeezed tightly between our sweating
bodies, rubbing deliciously against the rippled muscles of Adam's
abdomen. After making love for almost an hour, my cock suddenly
erupted, coating our heaving chests with hot cum. The wild
contractions in my ass triggered Adam's own thundering climax,
making him jab my roaring prostate as he flooded my bowels with a
huge, hot load. His unleashed passion caused him to lightly bite
my tongue, which had never left his wonderful mouth.

Keeping his softening cock buried in my twitching ass, he finally
broke contact with my mouth. He brushed my hair back while
searching my eyes with his. "I love you," he said suddenly,
blurting it out like it was a surprise.

"I know," I smiled broadly.

"No, I mean I really love you." He sounded like he was trying to
convince himself that it was really true, looking past me at
something far away. When he noticed my puzzled expression he
tried to explain. "I've never said that to anyone and really
meant it."

"I haven't either."

He could see that I was uncomfortable still folded in half, so he
gently pulled his thick, limber cock from my ass and pulled us
both up until I was sitting across his lap, our arms still
wrapped around each other and my head resting on his big
shoulder. "I've never even wanted to love someone before," he
went on. "I was always just looking for a good fuck. I never
cared whether I hurt someone's feelings. I never wanted a
relationship. I was too cocky for that."

"With a cock like that, who could blame you," I joked.

"I'm serious."


"Damn... ," he whispered, still trying to believe it. "I love
you. All I was after was a good fuck. I love to buttfuck." I
smiled, thinking I was the last person on Earth he needed to tell
that. He went on, "And God, were you ever a good fuck. I've never
been with anyone like you before. I've fucked a couple of faggots
before, but they couldn't hold a candle to you. You sure you
never took it up the ass before me?"

"Positive. I think I would know. I've never even been in the same
room with another guy who was naked."

"And the blowjobs... God, after the first couple of tries you
were incredible," he flattered me. "Nobody could ever do my big
cock justice. You were a natural. You're the only person I've
ever been with that could keep up with me. Every time I wanted it
you were ready. I haven't cum so many times in my life."

"Neither have I," I returned. "I've been horny since that first
time. It's like I can't get enough of you."

"Me too," he echoed. "I miss you when you're in the next room. I
can't imagine not waking up next to you. I love you," he stated

"I love you too," I whispered, pulling his mouth back to mine.

That was the night he left.

As soon as Karen came in from work he said his good-byes and
quietly walked out the door.

I didn't mind, because that afternoon I had packed my bags as
well. They were already in his... our car. I kissed Karen
goodbye, and went with him, not knowing or caring where we would
end up, so long as his wonderful cock and my hungry mouth and
willing ass were together.
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or this one

This must predominately me my interest.

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4 star rating

Out of the stories posted thus far, I would give 4 stars to the One with the girlfriends ex boyfriend.

Hopefully some more people can have time to post their favorite story...
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I can say from experience, this one is hot hot hot.

The Fortunate Slave
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Mutt Stuff
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Not bad at all
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here's one.

Tina walked into the room and filled her glass and then set down in a chair across from me. After some small talk Tina got up and left the room. After a few minutes she came back in dressed in this black see through crotch less cat suit. Her tits were awesome. Small but well rounded and appeared to be very firm. Nice light colored nipples that looked hard as a rock. Her pussy was closely trimmed and my cock was starting to get hard. “So, you want to watch us have sex “, she asked? I was speechless. I looked over at Sean who was sitting there grinning. “Well”, he asked? All I could do was nod my head. Tina then came over to the couch where Sean and I were sitting.

She stood in front of us and turned in a circle letting us eye her all over. She turned her back to me and bent over slipping her hand between her legs. She laid her middle finger in her slit and I watched her finger disappear inside her cunt. As she pilled her finger out she turned and touched my lips. I licked the wetness from her finger and she cooed as I sucked her finger into my mouth. After a few minutes of modeling for us she then kneeled between Sean’s legs and begin to rub his crotch. She unzipped his pants and pulled them off along with his underwear and his cock sprang to half-mast. “Ooh”, she purred. She then took his cock in her hands and kissed the head of his cock. Looking over at me she smiled and winked. She then licked the underside of his cock all the way from his balls to the head. He was completely hard by now and I wasn’t far behind.

She then slid his cock into her mouth and began to suck it so slowly up and down. As I watched her sucking his cock I must have been mesmerized by what I was seeing. I saw her look up at me and as she pulled his cock from her lips and again she smiled and winked at me. She leaned up towards me and kissed me and pulled me down to the floor with her. She took my hand and placed it between her silky thighs and slid it up to her sweet cunt. As I slowly rubbed her clit she whispered “Now watch me closely”. Her eyes turned back to his rigid staff and as she slowing slid her hand from the base to the tip a large amount of clear fluid poured out the tip. She deftly licked up most of it with the tip of her tongue. She then moved towards me and as she kissed me again, this time she opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I could taste the fluid that came from his cock as she ran her tongue inside my mouth. I sucked on her tongue to get as much as possible from it.

I couldn’t believe I was so turned on by this. I had never thought about having any kind of a bi-sexual experience but I had a feeling that she had other plans. She smiled and winked at me again as she repeated the whole process. As she feed me his precum again she pulled me closer to the action. She began to rub the tip of his cock between our lips and as we pulled apart she began to rub his cock on my lips. Her hand held me behind the neck but I offered no resistance. She began to lick the tip as she rubbed it on my lips and as I opened my mouth she slid the tip of it into my mouth. As I closed my lips around the hard member she slid her hand up and down the shaft. I heard Sean moan and another large amount of fluid poured out onto my tongue. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock, savoring the taste.

She then gently pushed the back of my neck and I took the lead. I reached up and wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and began to jack him off as I sucked up and down. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. On my knees sucking this hard cock while this gorgeous girl watched and to top it off I was enjoying it. I liked the way the head would swell inside my mouth and the way the veins would pulse against my tongue. As I became more at ease I began to suck his cock deeper into the back of my throat and would slowly slid it out sucking firmly until the head would just about slip past my lips. I swirled my tongue around the head and then I would bury the shaft in my mouth until finally my lips came all the way to the base. I could hear his breathing getting heavy and knew I must be doing something right.

Tina began to nozzle her way back into the action so I took one last long suck and tried to retrieve all his cum I could. She took over and then after a few moments she offered his cock to me. I sucked him in again and we took turns sucking and watching. As I took another turn sucking him she whispered in my ear. “ Want to go all the way”, she asked? I slid my mouth off his cock and nodded my head. She smiled and winked again this time going at his cock with a new vigor. Sean was really breathing hard and I knew he was close to cumming. She then pulled me close and stuck his cock into my mouth once again holding me by the back of my neck. A hot shot of cum hit me in the mouth and I swallowed it. She knew he was cumming and let me up and took a load herself. I was surprised by the pleasant taste of his cum. She then offered me the next one and I took it whole heartily. I pumped his shaft and sucked each drop from the tip of his cock until to my disappointment he was dry. Tina then pulled me up and kissed me again running her tongue all around my mouth as we swapped his sweet cum.
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again very hot

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I like almost all of Danielblue's bi mmf stories. His stuff is super hot.
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shameless plug

for one of mine.


link might be in my sig too.
D'orr's Story about a female attorney who takes on a second job

D'orr's - Ch. 2 Liz expands the client base of her second job

Remember? contains some m/m sex, so if that bothers you skip over this one

Thank You
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I don't mean to be pretentious but I think that I write some of the best bi-sexual MMF stories out there. Just look me up and you'll see.
Bad to the bone.
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Bad to the bone.
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Hot Story

That was a good one...

Really like the stories where first time for guy, girl encouraging...
I really just have to write one myself..
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How about the woman not just encouraging but practically insisting upon her husband sucking cock??!!

Check this one out.

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Great stories guys. loved each of them. Made me fotter than a hotcracker!
The reason congressmen try so hard to get reelected is that they would hate to have to make a living under the laws they've passed.
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nice ones again..

Not big on the Cross dressing thing but still hot..

I wonder if we have one from a female author?
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I have written some

Mostly real life experience, but no bi sex - more of the "I'm greedy" thing..If you're interested I'll post one of them
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Man - that's the 3rd time today!

Sorry, didn't realize where I was -
No offense meant at all..sorry to intrude..
Have a good one folks!
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I've read stories by Ken James. "CowBoys Don't Kiss" was highly erotic. He's great !!!! Someone else wrote "The Art of Compromising". It described my life story, except it's Medieval instead of modern times. Good fics !!!!
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found one

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Stories by TexWiller are hot. They have bi-male content.
Bad to the bone.
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Why, thank you !
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